10 Questions to Ask Your Lawyer Before You Meet

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Many personal injury lawyers offer an initial consultation so that potential clients gain an understanding of their legal options and legal rights. However, many clients are anxious about these consultations—what sorts of questions should they ask? What will the attorney need to know?

10 Questions To Ask Your Lawyer Before You Meet

10 Questions To Ask Your Attorney Before You Meet

  1. What items should I bring with me to my appointment? Your attorney may want to see accident reports, medical records, photos, and medical bills to determine what your damages may be and where your injury claim stands.
  2. What sort of fee arrangement does the firm have? In most cases, a personal injury claim will be handled on a contingency fee basis. However, you should ask about other costs that you may be expected to cover prior to retaining your attorney.
  3. Can I bring anyone with me to my appointment? Most attorneys do not mind if you bring a friend or family member with you to your appointment. However, it is always a good idea to check ahead of time in case there are any concerns about the attorney-client privilege.
  4. How long is the consultation? Some consultations are thirty minutes; others may be an hour. Ask in advance so you may plan to ask off work or to arrange childcare.
  5. Do you charge for a consultation? Many attorneys offer a free initial consultation. However, others may charge a fee and will expect payment at the time of the consultation.
  6. Whom will I be meeting with? If you schedule a consultation, you should know if you will be meeting a paralegal, an associate attorney, or a partner in the firm. Some firms have one attorney meet with potential clients, whereas other attorneys actually handle the claim.
  7. How soon will you get started on my case? The attorney should be able to give you an idea of when the firm can start working on your claim.
  8. Will you run a conflict check before I come in? Many attorneys will make sure they are able to represent you before you take the time to meet with them.
  9. What percentage of your practice is personal injury? Before meeting an attorney, you should verify that that attorney handles a large percentage of personal injury claims to ensure the attorney has broad experience in these cases.
  10. Who works on my case? Will the attorney you meet with work on your case, or will a different attorney? What role will paralegals and staff members have in your claim? You should be able to find out how the firm’s structure is set up prior to your meeting.

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