Attorney Shiner & Police Officers at Trump’s Lincoln Day Dinner

March 11th, 2016 marked Lincoln Day in Palm Beach County, which is a day that features fundraising events and organizations for the Republican Party. As the then-frontrunner Presidential candidate and now-nominee, Donald Trump hosted a Lincoln Day Dinner at his Palm Beach estate. As the General Counsel for the Republican National Party, Attorney David Shiner of the Shiner Law Group received an official invitation from Trump’s people and was allowed to bring honored guests with him. In order to raise awareness of the difficulties police officer’s face in the line of duty each day, he chose to bring his brother Palm Beach Police Officer Michael Shiner and Delray Beach Detective Gary Ferreri.

The night began with cocktails and meet-and-greets. Attorney Shiner and his guests were excited to meet local, state, and federal-level Republican politicians, movers, and shakers, including Dr. Ben Carson. They discussed their on-duty experiences, their concerns about losing support from many politicians, and how the police officers of America could be better protected while on-the-job. When Officer Shiner met Donald Trump himself, he proudly handed him a Delray Beach Police Challenge coin and a Delray Beach Honor Guard patch, which Trump accepted happily. Throughout his campaign, Trump has been openly supportive of law enforcement, something that Officer Shiner appreciated.

Towards the end of the exciting night, Attorney Shiner was able to get a seat at Trump’s table, where he continued to discuss his brother’s hard work in law enforcement and his unending gratitude for what he does. Some elected officials grew interested in the Shiners’ message and asked how they could help police in their own counties and states. The ideas presented were simple: talk to local officers regularly, support them in times of hardship, rally others to show their support as well, protect their benefits from diminishment, and even ask for a ride-along to learn what actually happens on the average beat.

For more information regarding the Lincoln Day Dinner hosted at Trump’s estate in Palm Beach, you can read a full article published by Florida Cops Magazine by clicking here. If you would like to know more about Attorney Shiner and the work he and his fellow Boca Raton personal injury attorneys do at Shiner Law Group, contact our office today.

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