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When you, your spouse, child or someone you love has been injured in Delray Beach Florida, it affects your health, well-being and your life in general.

Whether you were injured in a car accident on I95, a slip and fall in a large grocery store like Walmart or Publix, or you were injured while at work, it helps to have Palm Beach County’s Top Injury Attorney David Shiner representing you.

People you trust will urge you to contact a local attorney in Delray Beach, but you probably don’t know how to determine which lawyer in Palm Beach County is right for you and your injuries.

The truth is not all lawyers have the experience, passion or ability to represent your Florida Personal Injury Claim against large insurance companies.

To help determine what Delray Beach Attorney is right for you, you should consider the following –

Which Delray Beach Attorney Handles Personal Injury Claims? If so, what type of personal injury cases do they handle?

Personal injury is a general term as many types of claims falls under personal injury. Some attorneys are experienced in worker’s compensation to include slip and falls, injuries involving poor or lack of training, or faulty equipment these attorneys may not have the knowledge or experience necessary to handle a car accident or wrongful death case.

As you consider your options, Attorney David Shiner recommends these basic questions to ask a Delray Beach personal injury attorney.

  • What are the fees?

Your 60-minute consultation with Shiner Law Group attorney is free of charge. Most any attorney will not require a fee at this time. This initial meeting will involve an attorney, case manager or paralegal.

Most law firms require a contingency fee following an initial meeting. A contingency fee means you will not owe legal fees unless you are to receive compensation for your personal injuries. You could be subjected to pay an attorney from 25 percent to 40 percent of your settlement, depending on the predetermined merits of the case. Some attorneys may ask for less. Be sure to understand what costs, if any, will be required of you.

  • What percentage of your practice is personal injury?

Your attorney should have a history in representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases. That means the attorney has had experience securing compensation in cases that involve personal injuries – from slip and falls and defective products and services to traffic accidents and medical malpractice. As a specialist in personal injury disputes, the attorney should have a portfolio of information to verify the success of prior settlements.  

  • How will I communicate with the office?

Communication is critical to the success of your case. An attorney will want to know everything about your accident, injuries and medical treatment to date. At some point, your attorney will want to see accident reports and photos, and medical records and bills to assess your claims. If you have questions, you should be able to speak directly to your attorney by phone or email. Your case is paramount to you and should be equally important to your attorney.

  • How soon will you get started on my case?

Your lawyer will review the documents you forwarded and make a determination if your case should proceed. If your case is justifiable, your lawyer will make a demand of the negligent party in the accident or of the insurance company representing the party at fault. Keep in mind, only a small percentage of claims are ever filed. Most personal claims that do not involve permanent injuries are settled out of court. Severe injuries and impairment are likely to require trials.

  • How long will my case take? 

Cases vary in length, depending on the availability of facts, how much time is needed for you to reach a point of maximum medical improvement from your injuries and money involved in a settlement. The greater the potential monetary award, the longer the case is likely to stretch. As a general rule, as much as a year can pass before your case goes to trial.

What’s next?

An attorney will require updates on the status of your injuries and treatment. And you have every right to ask questions of your attorney as your case proceeds. But, for the most part, your role in a personal injury case is to provide your attorney with whatever information is needed to tell your version of the accident.  And then step aside and let the attorney work for you.

Call Delray’s Leading Injury Attorney David Shiner For A Free Consultation

Accidents never happen at the right time. But, you can make the best of your consequences by asking the questions that will help you to settle on counsel that will resolve your case effectively and efficiently.

The attorneys at Shiner Law Group have a long history of litigating personal injury cases in Delray Beach. You can trust that they understand the ins and outs of the Palm Beach County judicial system and will work to secure the compensation you are entitled to and deserve.


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