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Working With Shiner Law Group

Shiner Law Group is a personal injury and business litigation law firm that practices throughout the State of Florida. Our team of attorneys and professionals have a depth of knowledge and actual trial experience in personal injury and business litigation. Our Firm is focused on delivering tangible results that are based on important policies and guidelines:

(1) Knowledgeable Representation: We do not hold ourselves out as a full-service law firm because we are not. We focus only on personal injury and business litigation to provide the most effective and knowledgeable representation we can to our clients.

(2) Communication: Regardless of case circumstances, we have a firm-wide policy of calling each and every client at least twice per month. In addition to telephone calls, we also send our clients contact letters and copies of every document concerning their case. Moreover, if we are referred a case, we consistently communicate with the referring attorney to make sure they are updated on case events.

(3) Relationships: We call ourselves Shiner Law Group for a reason. Within our office, we work together as a team to bring the best result possible to our clients. In addition, we form relationships with our clients built on trust, respect, and transparency. Applying that relationship, we provide our clients with an honest assessment of each circumstance so that they can make the most informed decision.

(4) Business Acumen: At Shiner Law Group, we approach each case with an “eye” on economics in order to ensure our clients get the best result, within the best possible time period, in the most cost-effective manner – even if that means thinking outside the box for less conventional methods of resolution. We use our business experience to analyze each case and explain to clients the costs and benefits of pursuing every legal avenue before deciding on a route to take.

(5) Vision: We do not compartmentalize each stage of a case. When recommending a course of action to a client, we consider how each decision could affect the client not only in the short term, but in the long term as well. For example, we use our litigation experience to recommend approaches to clients during the pre-suit process that put them in a position to succeed later. Furthermore, we use our appellate experience to craft litigation strategy in order to advocate for our clients in preparation for all scenarios.

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Personal Injury Cases

Our team at Shiner Law Group has experience in pursuing thousands of personal injury cases, including motor vehicle crash, motorcycle crash, trucking crash, premises liability, strict liability dog bite, defamation, civil theft, wrongful death, and medical malpractice, among others. We handle personal injury cases from pre-suit through litigation, trial to verdict, and possible appeal should the case not resolve before then.

Business Litigation Cases

The attorneys at Shiner Law Group are also heavily involved in representing clients in various types of business litigation which include, breach of contract, real estate litigation, non-compete litigation, employment litigation, and partnership disputes, among others. Shiner Law Group has been successful in representing individuals, partnerships, and large corporations and has also prospered by litigating against them.

Long-Term Relationships

We would like to build a long-term future with you in one of the following ways:

(1) First, in accordance with the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar, we honor referral fees on cases you refer to our office that we accept.

(2) Next, we are successful in co-counseling cases with other attorneys and law firms. Co-counseling is a mutually beneficial way to bring different minds together with a common goal of gaining a beneficial resolution for our mutual client.

(3) Finally, there are many times when potential clients call our office regarding legal matters we do not or cannot handle. In those situations, with the potential client’s permission, we refer the potential case to attorneys we trust that practice in the area of law the client needs.

Contact Our Office

We would love to speak with you about ways in which we can provide excellent service to your clients and your law firm. Please call us at 561.777.7700 to speak with one of our attorneys about how we can work together to help our clients and each other succeed.

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