If you were in a car accident start a free chat now!


If you were in a car accident start a free chat now!

While many municipalities have relied increasingly on traffic cameras to prevent accidents and encourage safe driving, our Deerfield Beach car accident lawyers acknowledge considerable debate exists regarding the effectiveness of this roadway safety tool. Skeptics contend that the installation of cameras is more about generating revenue than preventing collision-related personal injuries and wrongful death.

Given the intensity of this debate, Shiner Law Group considers the available evidence regarding the effectiveness of traffic cams in affecting driving behavior and preventing crashes at busy intersections, such as:

  • Alton Road and Dade Boulevard
  • NW 87th and 36th Streets
  • The Brickell Avenue Bridge
  • South Flamingo Road

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Citations issued because of a traffic camera based on speeding or the failure to stop at a red light is considered particularly objectionable by many motorists. The violator is not notified at the time of the alleged offense about the citation. Notice is provided weeks later when the motorist receives a citation in the mail from a faceless accuser. By the time the ticket arrives, the driver might not remember traveling through the intersection let alone have an opportunity to gather evidence or locate witnesses to fight the ticket.

Motorists do not appreciate receiving a costly traffic ticket, so pundits contest the benefits of traffic cameras based on a number of studies. Research published last year in the Chicago Times involving traffic cams that were lauded by that city’s mayor’s office as having a positive impact on traffic safety concluded the safety devices were making vehicle occupants less safe. The report indicated that the cams provided a slight decrease in turning and angle collisions (15 percent), but these improvements were outweighed by a 22 percent increase in rear-end crashes. In other words, the number of total crashes increased by five percent at the monitored intersections after the installation of traffic cams.

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Based on this data, the researchers concluded that the cameras provided no safety benefits. They also indicated that the study revealed cameras can increase the number of injury crashes at intersections which have been the scene of accidents prior to the installation of traffic cams. Even more alarming, the Chicago Times study revealed that crashes increase by 19 percent after the installation of traffic cams when intersections with fewer than four crashes per year are considered.

While there are prior studies that have found traffic cameras do enhance safety, critics suggest the motivation of strapped government entities is to raise money to fill the public coffers rather than to promote traffic safety. The Times reported that the cameras generated approximately $500 million in $100 traffic tickets. Because traffic camera-generated citations are a big source of revenue for public entities, skeptics dispute whether safety or fiscal concerns constitute the primary grounds for using cams in the dangerous intersections of Deerfield Beach, FL and the surrounding areas.

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