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If your loved one was victim of nursing abuse or neglect start a free chat now!


If your loved one was victim of nursing abuse or neglect start a free chat now!

Did Your Loved One Suffer From Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect in Deerfield Beach?

If your loved one is staying at a nursing home in Deerfield Beach, Florida, then it is extremely important that you visit them frequently to ensure they are not being abused. Although not all nursing homes are engaged in abuse, nursing home abuse is a serious problem in the country. According to the statistics presented by the

  • Nearly 5,000,000 elders are abused annually
  • Approximately 24.3 percent of nursing home residents have experienced physical abuse at least once
  • Elder abuse complaints include:
    • 27.4% – Physical abuse
    • 22.1% – Resident-on-resident abuse (physical or sexual)
    • 19.4% – Psychological abuse
    • 15.3% – Gross neglect
    • 7.9% – Sexual abuse
    • 7.9% – Financial exploitation

Even though nursing home abuse is common in the country, most of the cases are not reported to the concerned authorities. In some cases, victims of nursing home abuse don’t want to talk about it because they feel shy or embarrassed. Since they are reluctant to share what they are going through with their family, they continue to put up with the abuse. As a matter of fact, many victims even believe that nothing can be done about it.

This is why you once you trust a nursing home with the care of your elderly parent or someone you love, you must keep a check on how they take care of them and how they treat them. Wrongful treatment, under no circumstance, is acceptable. You need to make sure that your family member is being cared for and treated with kindness, respect and compassion.

Deerfield Beach Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Alarming Signs of Deerfield Beach Nursing Home Abuse to Watch Out For

When visiting your loved one in a nursing home, look out for signs of nursing home abuse. Here’s a list of warning signs of nursing home abuse compiled by our team of experienced, skilled and qualified Deerfield Beach nursing home abuse lawyers:

Sudden Hospitalization without Any Serious Ailment

You are mentally prepared in situations when you know that your aged family member is ill and their deteriorating health condition can lead to hospitalization. However, unexpected hospitalization without any serious health condition is an alarming sign. This should ring a bell and you must investigate to find out how it happened and why.

If the caretakers at the nursing home fail to provide you with adequate and clear answers and they continue to beat around the bush in response to your queries, then it is quite likely that the nursing home staff has abused your loved one.

Unexplained Physical Injuries

Upon investigation, our Deerfield Beach nursing home abuse lawyers have found out that sometimes the staff at nursing homes may get overwhelmed and stressed out and lash out at their patients. They may harm the residents by scratching, hitting, pushing, pinching and biting them. A push from the staff member can make the elderly lose control and fall, resulting in broken bones and fractures. This is serious because according to the CDC report, nearly 1, 800 elderly individuals die from fall-related injuries annually.

No matter how stressed the caretakers at a nursing home may be, it does not give them the right to harm or abuse the residents. If you suspect physical abuse of your loved one at a nursing home, you must investigate the matter further and take legal action if they are found guilty.

Skin Breakdown and Bed Sores

Also known as pressure ulcers, bed sores develop when a patient continues to lie and sit in one position for prolonged periods. They are common in patients who are not repositioned frequently. However, they can be easily prevented by the regular rotation of immobile patients.

Thus, if your loved one who is staying at a nursing home develops bedsores, it may indicate that they are being neglected by the nursing staff and not given enough time and attention.

Although minor bedsores are not serious, they can become a major problem as they grow quickly and can damage permanent tissues, resulting in amputation, infections and even death.

Poor Hygiene

Since many seniors lack the ability to properly groom themselves because of their mental condition or lack of mobility, they have to rely on nurses and aides for assistance. However, if the nursing home residents are neglected, they may suffer from poor hygiene issues. Poor personal hygiene (like unwashed hair, the smell of urine from the clothes and body odor) is an indicator of physical abuse. It shows that the nurses don’t care about the elderly residents.

Also, nursing homes are required to conform to the federal and state laws associated with maintaining sanitary conditions and a clean environment in order to reduce the possibility of infections in patients. However, if this is not followed, then the nursing home staff and authorities can be held legally responsible for their negligence towards residents.

Psychological Damage

Individuals who are abused and neglected often start to experience sudden changes in their personality and emotions because of psychological damage. For example, your loved one may get agitated, upset, angry or fearful suddenly due to physical, sexual or emotional abuse at the nursing home. This problem is easy to spot when your loved one suddenly withdraws from their favorite activities and begins to show signs of intense emotions. It also indicates that they are silently suffering from nursing home abuse, which has impacted them psychologically as they can’t speak up about it.

Speaking With A Deerfield Nursing Home Beach Lawyer Near Me Today

If you can identify any of these signs, then it is advisable to contact our team of Deerfield Beach nursing home abuse lawyers right away. The life of your loved one could be in danger if they continue to be abused at the nursing home. Discuss your case with us. Our Deerfield Beach personal injury lawyers will investigate your case and determine the best course of legal action against the nursing home and their staff, thereby making sure that you and your loved one gets justice. Call us at (954) 999-9900 or fill out our online 100% free consult request form and an attorney will contact you immediately.

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