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If you were injured in a slip and fall accident start a free chat now!


If you were injured in an accident start a free chat now!

Many people injured in slip and fall accidents delay reporting their accident or obtaining medical attention because they presume the only serious harm was to their ego. This misconception about slip and fall accidents in Deerfield Mall or on the premises of other businesses held open to the public is effectively promulgated by the insurance industry. Insurers perpetrate this image of slip and fall injuries in the media as minor events that rarely cause debilitating injuries or wrongful death. This false impression that falls do not cause severe injury is reinforced by comedic depictions of fall victims removing neck braces when no one is watching.

The Heightened Dangers of Serious Slip and Fall Injuries Among Seniors

Our Deerfield Beach slip and fall attorneys recognize the harsh reality that slip and fall accidents constitute one of the leading causes of permanent disability especially among the elderly. Many 55+ communities are planned in ways to reduce hazards that cause a fall that leads to a broken hip, traumatic head injury, or other painful, disabling injuries. However, seniors often suffer injuries in falls while shopping in Pompano CitiCenter, Trail Plaza, or other locations. Our Deerfield Beach personal injury lawyers examine the factors that make falls such a serious threat to the safety of the elderly.

The severity of the risk to seniors posed by wet floors, unrepaired steps, defective flooring, and other fall hazards is reflected in an array of alarming statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • An elderly person is treated in the emergency room every eleven seconds for fall-related. injuries while a senior dies from .injuries experienced in falls every nineteen minutes.
  • One in four seniors falls annually.
  • Falls cause over 2.8 million injuries severe enough to send elderly individuals to emergency rooms annually.
  • Slip and fall and trip and fall accidents are responsible for 800.000 hospitalizations and 27,000 deaths.
  • Falls are the top cause of accidental death among older adults as well as the leading cause of non-fatal injuries among seniors that lead to trauma-related hospital stays.

While these statistics clearly reveal that falls have a devastating impact on the lives of millions of seniors each year, the financial toll of these slip and fall accidents also is staggering. During a recent calendar year, the cumulative financial cost of fall-related injuries amounted to $34 million. Experts have estimated that the financial cost associated with falls involving adults will skyrocket to $67.7 billion by 2020 because of the pace that the average age of our population continues to rise.

Deerfield Beach slip and Fall Attorneys

Common Factors That Increase the Risk of a Deerfield Beach Slip, Trip or Fall

The physical, emotional, and financial toll of slip and fall accidents on seniors who fill 55+ communities of Deerfield Beach and the surrounding communities makes it essential to understand the factors that contribute to falls involving the elderly. The most common factors that increase the risk of older people being involved in falls include:

  • Age-related decline in physical mobility
  • Declines in sensation like poor vision
  • Cognitive deficits leading to ill-advised risks
  • Tendency to take more medications which can interfere with balance and perception

Factors That May Impose Liability on Businesses Establishments in Deerfield Beach

Businesses that hold their premises open to the public can be liable for falls experienced by older adults who slip or trip. However, these cases typically require prompt investigation to discover evidence and facts that merit imposing liability on the business. Because of the fact-intensive nature of a slip and fall lawsuit in a Deerfield Beach grocery store or the commons area of a 55+ community, our attorneys gather evidence about such factors as the following:

  • Adequacy of lighting in the area
  • Maintenance practices of the company
  • Imperfections or defects in the flooring
  • Presence and condition of railing on stairwells
  • Existence and adequacy of any warnings or barriers
  • Statements of employees regarding prior knowledge of the hazard
  • Past incidents arising from a similar hazard

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These are just a few factors our Deerfield Beach injury attorneys will consider when gathering and analyzing evidence in a slip and fall lawsuit. The bottom line is that time is of the essence when retaining legal representation when your elderly loved on falls on the premises of another. At Shiner Law Group, we strive to help victims obtain the fullest recovery so that they can move past injuries or loss, so contact us 24/7 at (954) 999-9900 or online for a free case review to see how we can help.

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