FIU Bridge Collapse – Negligence Likely A Cause

FIU Bridge Collapse Potential Negligence David I Shiner Law Group

Our prayers and thoughts are with the families and victims of the unfortunate tragedy that resulted when a 950-ton pedestrian bridge collapsed near Florida International University. The news of the bridge collapse is made worse since initial reports are claiming that at least two of the firms that built the bridge has been accused of prior “unsafe” practices. One of the firms that were responsible for the bridge design/construction, Figg Bridge Group, had another bridge project in Virginia collapse in 2012, that resulted in a $28,000 fine by the Virginia Department of Labor.

Bridge Collapse Under Investigation

Unfortunately, as a result of this bridge collapse, many people lost their lives, people were severely injured, and families will never be the same. There is no doubt that there will be lawsuits attempting to hold those responsible for this tragic incident responsible. We know that the developers and construction teams building the bridge will likely point fingers at each other in order to attempt to avoid liability; however, it is doubtful that anyone will blame the people and cars crushed by the collapsing bridge. Although we are not fully aware of the exact reasons why the FIU pedestrian bridge collapsed, investigations are underway by several Florida and US government departments such as OSHA.

This is just another reminder that unfortunate accidents can happen at any time or any place. However, if it is determined that any of the builders, management teams, or government “cut corners” the people responsible should be held accountable and pay for the unnecessary damage and loss of life.

Again, our thoughts and prayers are with those were affected by this avoidable and untimely horrible incident. If you have any information or insight into how this tragedy occurred, please share your thoughts and comments below and remember to keep the families in your prayers.

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