How to Find a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney

Not all motorcycle accidents happen the same way. Accident injury lawyer David Shiner and the trial attorneys at our West Palm Beach law office handle many different types of motorcycle accident insurance claims every month. The motorcycle injury lawyers you may consider hiring should be located in or near West Palm Beach and have experience representing people who have suffered from a motorcycle injury. The motorcycle attorneys you hire should be familiar with the roads near and around West Palm and the surrounding areas.

This is an important issue. While any person who was sworn into the practice of law after passing the bar exam technically can represent you, that is not necessarily a good idea. While there are plenty of good lawyers in practice today, you would not ask a corporate lawyer, a real estate attorney, or a real estate attorney to represent you if you want the best results for your personal injury case or wrongful death lawsuit. The wrong choice could cost you dearly. You only have one opportunity to pursue a claim for damages. Therefore, you must consider choosing a personal injury law firm that has vast experience handling various personal injury cases with a proven track record of results.

How To Find A Qualified Personal Injury Attorney

How Can You Tell If The Law Firm Has A Good Reputation?

Reputation is everything. Some say it is the only thing. A law firm’s reputation can be determined with a little research. Check to see if Martindale-Hubbell gave the firm their coveted “AV” rating, which is established by a peer review. You can also research the firm through the professional search engine AVVO for their rating. Look for personal injury law firms with a perfect score. Other Internet resources include Google, Facebook and Yelp. Those portals have places for customer ratings that you might find beneficial. Review Shiner Law Group on Google Reviews.

What Level of Expertise Does The Lawyer or Firm Have?

Lots of lawyers dabble in personal injury cases. It is fairly common, and an attorney who dabbles might do okay with a case in which liability and damages are clear but not terribly serious. On the other hand, that lawyer will not succeed if the stakes are higher because dabbling does not give you the experience you need to handle a wrongful death lawsuit against a trucking company or a catastrophic injury case where a young person suffered critical injuries that will take years to heal and recover, if at all.

One of the major questions is whether the attorney who does not handle significant personal injury cases has the resources to file a claim in severe personal injury case and see it through to completion. An attorney who handles medical malpractice cases would presumably understand the law relating to medical malpractice cases, have the ability to call expert witnesses, and have access to the resources necessary to successfully pursue a medical malpractice claim. The same holds true for other accident cases like trucking accidents and wrongful death lawsuits.

How to Know If The Attorney Is A Good Fit For You

That is a matter of personal preference. However, as was discussed before, not every lawyer has the ability, expertise, resources, and skill to deliver the results you need. Any given lawyer might be a nice person to speak with, but if they do not inspire confidence and competence in you that they will handle your claim professionally, then the personal connection is worthless. On the other hand, displaying arrogance and speaking in a condescending way to a prospective client is a display of insecurity.

Why You Should Choose Shiner Law Group

At Shiner Law Group, treat all our of clients with the dignity and respect they deserve. We are serious about our clients’ financial recovery while being mindful of their humanity.

Should you or a loved one suffered a serious injury or was killed in a personal injury accident, we are available to assist you with your legal claim. At Shiner Law Group, our experienced personal injury attorneys work hard to maximize your financial recovery.

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