Shiner Law Group Hurricane Safety Preparedness Checklist

Shiner Law Group Hurricane Safety Preparedness Checklist

Click Here To Download The Hurricane Safety Preparedness Checklist

Living in Florida, the threat of hurricanes come around every Summer. When it seems as though that tropical storm that was way offshore a week ago seemingly amounting to nothing, suddenly is a day away and a category two hurricane, you may find yourself potentially scrambling to prepare for what lies ahead. If you prepare now, you will be in a much better position later.

Prepare your hurricane kits by following the checklist below. *not a necessity

  • □ First Aid Kit (should have one in home and vehicle)
    • □ First Aid Guide
    • □ Bandaids
    • □ Sterile Gauze Pads
    • □ Wound Dressings
    • □ Elastic Bandage
    • □ Adhesive tape
    • □ Antiseptic (check expirations)
    • □ Scissors
    • □ Tweezers
    • □ Vinyl Gloves
    • □ Alcohol Prep Pads
    • □ Rescue Whistle

    Click Here To Download Your Evacuation Routes by county.

  • □ Cash
  • □ Batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, change out every year)
  • □ Water
  • □ Radio (check battery sizes)
  • □ Lighting (led, candles, glow sticks, lanterns) (check battery sizes)
  • □ Portable stove
  • □ Coolers
  • □ Canned foods (check expirations)
  • □ Can opener
  • □ Utensils
  • □ Hand powered or battery powered radio with emergency lights and alert noise
  • □ Water *consider BPA-free containers for long term storage
  • □ Personal sanitation supplies
  • □ Maps
  • □ Garbage bags
  • □ Lighter and Matches (should be waterproof or in waterproof container)
  • □ Baby necessities (diapers, formula)
  • □ Waterproof container for important documents
  • □ Feminine products
  • □ Portable battery charging devices
  • □ *Portable cooking device (stove, grill, etc.)

At Shiner Law Group we want you to be safe and prepared this hurricane season. If for whatever reason you become injured in an accident through no fault of your own, call Shiner Law Group for a free consultation at (562) 777-7700.

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