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If you were in a car accident start a free chat now!


If you were in a car accident start a free chat now!

Were You In A Car Accident in Miami?

Many people travel long distances to visit their families on Thanksgiving and enjoy a great meal together. This is the day of giving thanks, which is celebrated with zeal and fervor all across the US. On this special occasion, the last thing you want is to have a serious car accident or receive a phone call that your loved one has been severely injured in a collision.

Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in the US has been dubbed ‘Blackout Wednesday’ because the overall US mortality rate spikes around this day. In fact, it is recognized as the most deadly festivity of the year, out of all other holidays, as car accidents spike during this time.

It has been reported that in the year 2014, there were approximately 764 fatal automobile accidents and another 50,000 non-fatal car collisions over Thanksgiving break.

Reasons For Car Accidents In Miami

Unfortunately, there is no mystery behind the surge in annual car accident injuries and fatalities over the Thanksgiving weekend. According to transportation authorities, the factors that can lead to collisions, especially during this time of the year are:

Increased Number Of Drivers On The Road

During the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, nearly 48.7 million Americans plan a road trip traveling 50 miles or more to meet and greet their loved ones. Some people even travel to more than one place to enjoy multiple Thanksgiving meals.

As the majority of the roads are congested and everyone is eager to reach their destinations as fast as they can, car accidents can take place. Miami-Dade county is no different than the rest of the country when it comes to increased traffic accidents over holiday.

Poor Weather Conditions

The weather on Thanksgiving is mostly cold and most of the cities in and across the State of Florida experience rain and snowfall. Rain and snow not only reduce tire traction but also reduce visibility. Furthermore, the possibility of ice increases when the temperatures fall below 30. Such poor weather conditions make it difficult for drivers to control their vehicles, thereby making the risk of an accident higher than ever.

Drowsy Driving

When traveling by road on Thanksgiving, many individuals tend to get up early and hit the road. This is because they want to spend a long day with their family and friends while eating delicious meals, watching sports and enjoying their time to the fullest. But if you sleep late at night and wake up early to drive a long distance, then you are bound to feel drowsy and tired. This is scary because collisions due to drowsy driving are high and quite common.

When driving tired and sleepy, it is extremely difficult to notice hazards on the road. In addition to this, you’re also likely to drift into other traffic lanes as you fall asleep behind the wheel. If you think that you may be tired or sleepy – especially during heavy travel times on the road, and especially in South Miami or Dade County – then make sure you are safe, pull-over and get rest, take a nap, and grab a cup of coffee.

Drunk Driving

Families and friends traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving by making a toast and enjoying multiple drinks throughout the day. However, this can put you at a high risk of an accident if you plan to drive back. It is risky to get behind the wheel after excessive drinking. So, you must avoid drinking too much or wait to get sober before you hit the road.

Miami Car Accident Lawyers

How A Miami Car Accident Attorney Can Help

In order to minimize the risk of a car accident during Thanksgiving, here are some of the tips shared by our experienced Miami car accident lawyers for people to follow:

Buckle up For Safety

Studies reveal that 50 percent of the fatalities in car accidents involve unsecured occupants. This means that when you sit behind the wheel, you must buckle up and wear your seatbelt. Also, make sure that all the passengers traveling with you do the same.

Stay Sober

Although it may be attempting for you to celebrate the holiday with multiple drinks, you need to avoid this temptation so that you can stay sober and drive back home safely. Drunk driving is dangerous for you and others sharing the road with you. If you are intoxicated or just had a few drinks, call a taxi or ride-share service since drinking and driving is one of the biggest causes of Miami automobile accidents and often leads to the need to hire a lawyer for the injuries and property damage that could have been avoided.

Avoid Distractions

During long-distance travels, you may want to keep your family updated about where you are and when you will reach via phone call and texting. However, if you want to reach your destination safely, you must avoid such distractions while driving. Distractions like texting and attending calls can take your attention off the road and lead to an accident.

If you drive on the roads in South Florida then you know that there seems like there is always construction on the roadway, and construction projects are no stranger to Miami. It seems that there is always a Florida Department of Transportation project going on Interstate 95 (a.k.a. I-95), The Dolfin Expressway (a.k.a. I-395), Florida’s Turnpike, and the east-west interstate road of I-595. These construction and improvement projects result in significant driver distractions. If you travel these busy, and dangerous, highways then are aware of distractions and road debris that frequently contributes to auto accidents and injuries.

Be Mindful of the Weather

As mentioned above, inclement weather can be dangerous for drivers. Therefore, be mindful of the weather before you start your journey. Check the weather reports beforehand to select the best day for your road trip and avoid poor weather conditions. However, sometimes the weather can be unpredictable. In such a scenario, you need to drive safely, such as avoid speeding, drive slowly, make sure the tires of your car are properly inflated and that your windshield wipers work seamlessly. Also, carry road flares, a flashlight and an ice scraper in your car’s trunk in case of an emergency situation.

Speak With A Miami Car Accident Lawyers

Regardless of how careful you may be while sitting behind the wheel, you cannot predict or control the actions of other motorists sharing the road with you. This means that the risk of a collision can be minimized, but cannot be avoided fully.

In case you get injured in a car accident due to the negligence or reckless behavior of another motorist, you have the legal right to sue them and seek compensation. This is where our team of Miami car accident lawyers can help you.

At Shiner Law Group, we can help you file your claim and help you get the compensation that you deserve for your losses and injuries related to the car accident. For case evaluation and consultation call (855) 462-6878 or fill out our free online form evaluation, get in touch with our team today.

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