Be Careful: Personal Injuries Can Happen During New Year’s Eve Parties

Whether the party is at the local bar or at a friend or family member’s home, accidents can occur on the premises – especially when there’s a combination of fun and drinking. Still, when individuals visit a restaurant, bar or any other type of establishment, they expect the premises to be safe. However, as your Boca Raton injury lawyer will tell you, there are times when the location will not be safe enough for those in attendance, and as such, they may face situations that can result in injuries.

Such situations can include defective stairways, escalators and/or elevators; debris on floors; poor building security and overcrowded conditions, to name a few. In such situations, individuals are at risk of injuries that most likely could have been avoided, which in turn would help the victim avoid injury or even death.

Depending on who’s sponsoring the New Year’s Eve celebration, there may be a wide variety of fancy decorations, good food and flashy electronic gadgets and gizmos. Unfortunately, there are times when products fail to perform as expected and as a result, they create a risk of injuries. Such occurrences can lead to product liability claims against negligent manufacturers by those individuals who have sustained physical and emotional injuries.

Guns and fireworks are often an integral part of many New Year’s celebrations. Some people congregate in area roadways, parks and front yards to watch local firework spectacles, while others may choose to simply fire their own guns into the air to ring in the new year. In Florida, you should be aware that firing a gun into the air is not only illegal, but it also puts others at risk of injury that may be caused by flying bullets.

Welcoming in the new year with the ones you love should be top priority, as should maintaining everyone’s safety during this time of celebration and gathering. However, if you or someone you love sustains an injury due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness, you are encouraged to find out about your legal rights and options under the law. Contact The Shiner Law Group as soon as possible to discuss the specifics of your case.

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