How Safe are Mobile Phones for Children?

According to World Health Organization, the radiation caused by cell phones is probably carcinogen. There has not been enough research on this matter because the use of cell phones by kids is a new phenomenon. Therefore, scientists need to study more in order to proof this point. Research conducted by scientists show a pattern in between: the use of cell phone; serious health risk; differences in children’s anatomy.

Children are becoming more vulnerable to health risks like:

Another reason scientist doesn’t have all the answers to their hypothesis is because, like cigarettes, the harmful effect on a person’s health would show in twenty or thirty years. According to mobile-wise, the public health experts can’t wait for the scientific studies to be conclusive because children’s’ health is at risk.

John Wargo, Ph.D., professor of Environmental Risk and Policy at Yale University, said, “The scientific evidence is sufficiently robust showing that cellular devices pose significant health risks to children and pregnant women. The weight of the evidence supports stronger precautionary regulation by the federal government.

The cellular industry should take immediate steps to reduce the emission of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from phones and avoid marketing their products to children.”

This image, which can also be seen at, shows the radiation penetration for an adult, 10-year-old child and 5-year-old child (Gandhi et al 1996). As seen in the diagram, the radiation penetrates the 5-year-old child more due to young age. Children’s nervous system is immature thus making them vulnerable for long-term health effects.

Keeping these in mind, it is necessary to keep the use of cell phones for children at the minimum.

With little solid evidence, the harms of the radiation can be unpredictable. Keeping children safe by omitting the use of cell phones to a minimum could help prevent these radiation effects.

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