Self-Driving Shopping Carts In Near Future?

Self Driving Shopping Carts

First, self-driving cars. Now shopping carts!

Walmart wants to literally roll out new high-tech shopping carts. Yes, carts that drive by themselves. Apparently all you need is your smartphone to hail this cart to your side.

The federal government granted Walmart a patent on the carts last week. According to the patent request obtained by CNN, the carts will be equipped with detachable motors that have sensors and video cameras. The report says customers would use an “user interface device” (possibly your smart phone) to fetch the cart when they walk through the door.

Since these shopping carts are unmanned, what happens when an unsuspecting customer gets hit by one?

Our Palm Beach county personal injury lawyers handle a wide range of product liability cases. As self-driving vehicles become the wave of the future, product liability and negligence claims may increase. In Florida, the driver of a self-driving Telsa was killed in June when his electric sedan struck a tractor-trailer while operating in self-driving mode.

The self-driving shopping cart being explored by Walmart may be the solution to retrieve abandoned shopping carts in parking lots but what happens if the cart hits an oncoming car as it makes its way back to the store? Drivers on alert for pedestrians darting out in front of them must add wayward shopping carts to their worries. And what if that cart causes damage to your car? It’s a lawsuit just waiting to happen.

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