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Have you been injured in an Uber accident and don’t know what to do? Our Fort Lauderdale Uber Accident Attorney is here to help guide you through every step of the process.

Unfortunately, motor vehicles happen to the best of us, regardless of driving skill and ability. Most individuals injured in accidents were in the wrong place at the wrong time. You may already know what steps to take when involved in a typical car accident with another driver, but Uber accidents are another ballgame altogether.

Uber Rideshare in Fort Lauderdale

On the off chance you are unaware, Uber is best known as a ridesharing company that provides ridesharing and delivery services to individuals who utilize their mobile applications. They also offer food delivery through restaurants in your area. Prone to controversy, Uber has received continuous criticism for how they choose to maintain and manage its company, drivers, vehicles, and services. The company is often perceived similarly to a Taxi company, but there are stark differences to pay attention to if you are to use their services now or in the future.

If you’ve been injured in an Uber accident, our Fort Lauderdale Uber Accident Lawyer is ready to fight solely for you. Here’s what you need to know to get the compensation to deserve.

Uber Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

In a typical and minor motor vehicle accident, you would exchange insurance and contact information and be on your way. Add a multi-million dollar ridesharing corporation, injuries, and severe damages to the equation, and the matter is only complicated further. That’s why contacting a Uber accident attorney is always a good idea.

Regarding Uber or other ridesharing accidents, proving liability and knowing where to collect compensation can be difficult. Accident victims, injured or not, deserve to have a Fort Lauderdale Uber accident lawyer fighting for their rights throughout every step of this complex situation.

Liability in a Fort Lauderdale Uber Accident

Unlike taxi companies, the driver of a ridesharing vehicle is an independent contractor not technically employed by Uber, no matter how long that driver has been working for Uber or another company. This is where Uber accident liability and accident compensation issues intersect to create a perfect storm for accident and injury victims in Florida.

In some cases, the driver may have been utilizing another vehicle, such as a rental car or a vehicle owned by a family member. This distinction between employer and independent contractor is vital to determining where you will receive your compensation as an accident and injury victim.

Whatever confusion these technicalities cause, an experienced and knowledgeable Uber Accident Attorney is prepared and ready to stand firmly by your side to help you fully recover from your accident. Our team of Uber accident experts knows what to do and is here and willing to fight for you.

Uber Regulations

Although some legal regulations can be frustrating, they are often in place for a reason, usually to protect individuals from unfair or unsafe practices. While Taxi companies are highly regulated, Uber is not considered a Taxi company, although the services are similar.

This is why regulations are relaxed for Uber, possibly leaving riders and drivers open to liability that would otherwise be passed to the company itself. This is part of why Uber can keep its prices reasonable, even with higher gasoline prices.

Uber Vehicles

Uber contracts drivers and their vehicles. For you, that means you are riding in a private vehicle driven by someone Uber does not know very well, not a commercial vehicle owned by the company itself. Consequently, when you ride in a vehicle driven by an Uber driver, there is no way to know what condition the vehicle is in, and there is no way to know what kind of person is behind the wheel.

Taxi companies must legally maintain their vehicles for public safety. Additionally, Taxi companies perform in-depth background checks on their drivers to verify criminal and driving history. Uber drivers are only held to vehicle cleanliness and condition standards upon hiring and renewing their driving contract, potentially leading to malfunctioning vehicles and vehicle equipment. It seems Uber drivers are also held to similar standards to drive for Uber, but they are not strict regarding credit checks whatsoever.

When it comes to Uber accidents, having an attorney who understands these regulations is mandatory to get maximum compensation for your vehicle’s damages or personal injuries.

How Uber and Ridesharing Can Help Accident Victims in Fort Lauderdale

Uber and other ridesharing services utilize mobile applications to track the locations of their vehicles and that of their passengers. While this location tracking is excellent, technology is only as good so long as it works as it should. Some drivers may also utilize dashboard cameras to log their daily activities and driving habits in case of an accident or incident within their vehicle.

However, there are a few instances where Uber drivers have turned off the app or camera, thus causing location tracking and recording to stop completely. If they have a passenger, the driver is not maintaining their required duties as part of their Uber contract, and you may not have visual confirmation of the accident details.

If the driver was in motion and using their vehicle as a personal vehicle off the clock or waiting for another passenger to pick up, this can complicate records. From this point forward, it may be your word against theirs, but an Uber accident lawyer will know where to start.

If you are an accident victim, an Uber accident attorney may be able to obtain these records and videos to provide ample support for your case should a lawsuit be necessary.

Uber Ridesharing Laws in Fort Lauderdale

Ridesharing is a relatively new practice and not heavily regulated in most states. However, lawmakers are taking notice. Florida law now requires ridesharing contractors to purchase insurance coverages above a certain level to help protect themselves against hefty claims and help cover their riders. Unfortunately, Uber doesn’t always recognize when a driver changes coverages to their policy, and drivers may do so if it means their approach is cheaper.

Uber is supposed to pick up the slack for insurance coverage gaps, but there is usually a battle between Uber and the Insurance company on who should be held liable. That’s where our team of Fort Lauderdale Uber accident attorneys comes in. We will look at the specifics of your accident and injuries to determine potential loopholes and gaps to litigate with the right party. After all, Uber has millions of dollars to spend on attorneys. You might as well have someone in your corner, too.

Fort Lauderdale Uber Accident Lawyer

What To Do After Fort Lauderdale Uber Accident

If you are involved in any vehicle mishap, the steps are similar to that of a traditional accident. Here are a few tips from our accident and injury professionals to help.

Call the Police or Emergency Medical Services

Depending on the damages, calling authorities may help. If you are in danger or injured, do your best to remove yourself from the vehicle and get yourself to a safe place. Even if you are not injured, dial 911 if you feel endangered or if the damages are above a certain level. Reporting an accident is always wise, particularly if possible intoxication, Uber, or other ridesharing services are involved.

Document Everything

Take photos or video recordings, if possible post-accident, as this can help build your case and determine fault if you choose to file an insurance claim. Be sure to take photos of your injuries and the scene if it is safe.

Talk to Witnesses

Speaking to witnesses and gathering their contact information can also prove beneficial in the worst-case scenario. If you opt to contact authorities, providing them with written statements, photographs, and other relevant information can help establish a solid background for what happened with legal documentation to back you up.

Seek Medical Attention

Head to the doctor immediately after your accident to assess potential damage or injury. That way, if required, you’ll have a record, and your condition can be treated and sufficiently monitored immediately. If your injury is visible, have your doctor take photos to keep on record. If the documents are required for litigation or claims reasons, you’ll have everything prepared to hand over to your Uber accident lawyer and the claims representative handling your insurance claim.

Track Your Injuries

Even if your injuries or damages seem minor in comparison to those who experience a familial loss, it’s imperative that you track your injury as closely as possible daily. Consider keeping a written or electronic journal or asking a family member to do so. Writing your injury progress down can help if your injury is severe. Keeping track of your injury and any post-accident difficulty will help keep your medical team in the loop and add credibility to your personal injury claim.

Speak With a Fort Lauderdale Uber Accident Lawyer

Whatever you decide to do post-accident, do not go on this journey alone. As aforementioned, Uber is a million-dollar company with legal know-how and a well-paid legal team who do its best to protect them from lawsuits. It is within your rights and duty to provide equal protection from a legal team who understands what you are up against if you are involved in any ridesharing accident.

Reach out to an experienced Uber accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale once you are well enough to do so. Regardless of your accident’s circumstances, you cannot help that you were injured in the process, and you deserve to have your claim handled adequately by any and all parties. If you are up against Uber or another ridesharing company, you want to have someone with your best interest in mind. That’s why working with a member of our Uber accident team is your best bet. We’ll not only fight within the constraints of Florida ridesharing and accident law; we’ll fight to get what you deserve.

Depending on the severity of damages, our team can help determine the direction you should go with your claim and seek compensation for your injury. If you’re ready to get the compensation you deserve after your Uber accident, reach out to our team to work with a skilled and knowledgeable Uber accident lawyer. We’re always here and happy to help fight for our clients every step of the way. Go here to schedule your free consultation today.

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