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Were You Injured in an Accident in West Palm Beach?

West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer David Shiner and his team of injury trial attorneys have been representing personal injury victims in West Palm Beach for many years. Common personal injury claims we handle are car or auto-related accidents such as multiple vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, accidents involving semi and commercial trucks, slip and fall injuries, wrongful death as a result of an auto accident or medical malpractice or mass shootings or criminal activities. If you, someone you know or a loved one has been injured by another’s reckless actions, call West Palm injury lawyer David Shiner for a free consultation at 561-777-7700.

West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyer

Types of Personal Injury Accidents in West Palm Beach

It may surprise you that there are many ways and circumstances under which you or your loved one can be injured. In fact, any time another person’s careless or reckless conduct results in you or your loved one suffering an injury, you have suffered a “personal injury” and may be entitled to compensation. Common circumstances under which individuals are injured include:

  • Slip And Fall Injuries

    Slips and falls: Property owners in West Palm Beach are required to maintain their properties in a reasonably safe condition. This means that owners of shops and retail establishments must keep their floors clean and free from water or other debris that can make the floors slippery. It also means that owners of public or private swimming pools need to take appropriate measures (such as constructing a fence with a locking gate) to keep others from using the pool without authorization and/or without someone present who is able to help in the event of an emergency. If you were injured due to this type of accident contact our West Palm Beach slip and fall lawyers today to discuss your accident.

  • Car Accident Injuries

    Motor vehicle wrecks: South Florida is one of the leading states in the country for the number of motor vehicle wrecks that occur in any given year in the Sunshine State. A considerable number of such crashes result in little more than damage to the vehicles involved; however, some of these crashes can leave drivers and passengers with catastrophic injuries and permanent disabilities. If you were involved in a car accident and you or another was injured speak with our West Palm Beach car accident lawyers today.

  • Truck Accident Injuries

    18-Wheeler and Semi-Truck Accidents: Truck accidents are the single most deadly type of accidents that happen on south Florida’s highways. Each year over 50,000 accident involve some type of larger sized trucks with more than 4 wheels. Almost 20% of these incidences end up in some type of wrongful death. Our West Palm Beach truck accident lawyers can help you seek compensations for injuries involving trucks.

  • Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

    Nursing Home Abuse: South Florida has a large population of elderly being cared for by facilities that have the means to provide proper care and attention aging adults require. Not always does the nursing home live up to the expectations we expect when our loved ones are being watched after. Unfortunately, elderly abuse is a growing epidemic that has resulted in older adults being bruised, beaten, neglected, and in some cases causing death through wrongful negligence. If your loved one has been subjected to any form of neglect contact our West Palm Beach nursing abuse lawyers to discuss your loved ones case.

  • Wrongful Death

    Wrongful Death: in West Palm Beach the wrongful death statistics for car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and all other roadway vehicles has doubled in the last 10 years. Elements of most wrongful death lawsuits include: someone dying, someones negligence, medical malpractice, auto accidents, criminal behaviour or hazardous conditions or climates. If this unfortunate event has happened to someone close to you talk with our West Palm Beach wrongful death attorneys to discuss your legal options.

  • Motorcycle Accident Injuries

    Motorcycle Collisions: Unfortunately, in West Palm Beach we see a lot of motorcycle accidents ending in severe injury and many deaths. The even more regrettable part is these types of accidents are highly preventable. Justice starts with Shiner Law Group and a discussion with our West Palm Beach motorcycle accident lawyer if you or a loved one has been injured in a negligent drivers accident.

  • Pedestrian Accident Injuries

    Pedestrian Accidents: Pedestrian accidents in West Palm Beach occur for many reasons ranging from poorly maintained sidewalks, parking lots, construction areas, and walkways. Recovering damages for injuries due to another person’s negligence can occur when the negligent failed to reasonably fail to protect others from forseeable risks. If you are injured as a pedestrian whether from a car, truck, motorcycle or bike, contact our West Palm Beach pedestrian accident lawyers to discuss your accident details and determine if you may be able to file an accident claim.

4 Things To Avoid Prior To Filing a Personal Injury Claim in West Palm Beach

If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, you have every right to pursue a personal injury claim for compensation. However, there are some common mistakes first time filers make that you should avoid. Here are some of them a personal injury lawyer will warn you about:

1. Refusing Prompt Medical Treatment

Just because you got back on your feet after getting injured before doesn’t mean you can do the same thing after every accident. Some take a couple of days to become apparent but a doctor will be able to determine it before it worsens. You will have two weeks to the date of the accident to seek medical aid for your injuries before the insurance company denies your claim for coverage so make sure you do so promptly.

2. Signing A Document without an Attorney Present

No matter how nice the insurance adjuster seems, the agency they work for is NOT on your side. They are well trained to prevent the company from losing money and will do what it takes to meet that goal. This includes trying to convince you to sign documents that can refute your claim or reduce the compensation amount.

To prevent this from happening, refuse to sign anything till you have your personal injury lawyer present. He/she will determine whether the documents prioritize your best interests and cover the cost of all medical procedures you underwent after the accident.

3. Leaving the Scene of the Accident

No matter how minor your injuries seem, the worst thing you can do is leave the scene of the accident early. If you do that you will miss the opportunity to collect witness accounts of the incident so of who may also have video footage you can use to strengthen your case.

Plus, you will also miss your chance of contacting the police who will file a report for you. In such circumstances, the insurance company will have grounds to refuse your claim legally even if you do hire a lawyer later.

4. Refusing To Hire an Attorney

One of the most tragic mistakes you can make before making a claim is refusing to hire a personal injury lawyer. Most give free consultations so that their clients can have a clear understanding of the injuries they sustained and the amount they should claim.

Besides this, they have a vast vault of knowledge and experience which will increase your chances of winning your case. They know the complexities of the law and are not intimidated easily no matter who they are facing. Do you really want to face the other party’s defense trial attorney without legal representation while you are in pain? Do the smart thing and hire your own lawyer to strengthen your claim.

Different Types of West Palm Beach Personal Injury Claims

Our experienced injury attorneys handle a multitude of different types of claims for our clients. These claims range from simple accidents slip and fall cases to complex wrongful death medical malpractice lawsuits. Below is a list of some of the most common types of accidents that cause injury:

  1. Crashes and collisions between different types of objects. These types of accidents can usually lead to crushed limbs, amputations, and cuts or lacerations. Besides these injuries causing serious pain and discomfort, these injuries also led to significant medical bills, surgery, scarring, and long-term necessary medical care and treatment.
  2. Repetitive injuries such as constant typing,sewing, or other activities that are repeated over-and-over. If you were hurt at work that occurred from a repetitive task, then you may have a case that involves worker’s compensation against your employer.
  3. Injuries from falling objects. Believe it or not, people are hurt and killed daily by objects falling and hitting them. In south Florida, injuries can typically occur from falling objects when a landowner fails to remove dead or rotting vegetation from their trees – such a tree limbs or fruit falling and hitting a passerby.
  4. Inhalation of toxic or poisonous fumes and gases. Our local personal injury law firm handles multiple types of accident cases that resulted from someone inhaling noxious fumes and other types of gases. In addition, because south Florida is a humid place, mold is a real problem. Our law firm has been involved in handling mold cases for years.
  5. Muscle strains and sprains. If you were hurt in a personal injury case then you may have suffered a strain or sprain of a ligament or tendon. In some cases, a sprain of a ligament, such as an ankle sprain or knee sprain, can be worse than an actual fracture or broken bone.
  6. Broken bones or fractures. The definition of a fracture is the same as a broken bone. Broken bones occur often in insurance claims and are what lawyers call “objective” evidence of injury. Unfortunately, because bones can heal improperly it is critical that a person who was hurt seek immediate medical attention – in cases where the patient waits for treatment, it may become necessary to end up needing surgery or other invasive medical treatment.

Often one of the questions asked of our law firm’s employees is why does someone need to hire a top west palm beach injury attorney for their case. Although you can certainly represent yourself for injuries you suffered from an incident, it is not necessarily advisable. If you are reading this information, then you probably have been doing a little research on whether hiring a west palm beach law firm to handle your injury case is important. The truth is, people who have a lawyer work for them in handling their insurance claim are three times more likely to secure a more favorable settlement. So, if you found the Shiner Law Group after searching for the best personal injury lawyers in Palm Beach county Florida then you landed on the right site. Call our experienced and dedicated trial attorneys for a free case consultation.

Seeking Compensation For Injuries in West Palm Beach

Suffering a personal injury in West Palm Beach can be a life-altering experience and recovering financial compensation can be a complex and daunting process. At the Shiner Law Group, our award-winning personal injury lawyers understand that personal injury can cause undue physical, emotional, and financial hardship, which is why we are committed to fostering positive client experiences and providing victims with the resources they need to build the most compelling claim.

If you or your loved one has been injured in a south Florida personal injury accident, contact our experienced West Palm Beach personal injury lawyers to discuss your legal rights and options, as you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim in West Palm Beach

Each personal injury case is vastly unique, as negligence associated with these types of cases can assume many forms; however, insurance companies have virtually unlimited litigation resources at their disposal and will employ defensive strategies to significantly weaken or dismiss a personal injury victim’s claim:

  • Suggest victims have stronger financial recovery potential in the absence of legal representation.
  • Offer premature allegations settlement to avoid significant liability.
  • Prolong the civil litigation process to encourage early and reduced settlement.
  • Misrepresent recorded statements to shift fault.
  • Contest the existence or severity of a sustained injury and attribute it to a preexisting medical condition.
  • Mislead or confuse injury victims with respect to insurance policies and coverage.
  • Place victims under surveillance and monitor social media presence to invalidate a personal injury claim.

What A West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawsuit Looks Like

Claimants can obtain a significant advantage over legally sound defendants by obtaining the legal services of an experienced personal injury attorney who can facilitate insurance negotiations and handle the details of your case. The statute of limitations for pursuing a personal injury legal cause of action against an at-fault party is four years in the state of Florida, and two years in cases of wrongful death, which makes legal representation vital to securing the maximum financial recovery package available under Florida law.

How A West Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

For over 15 years, the experienced personal injury lawyers at the Shiner Law Group have represented thousands of personal injury victims and their families in West Palm Beach, recovering millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts, because we pursue a broad range of damages across the full spectrum of personal injury litigation to hold negligible parties accountable and secure the financial compensation our clients deserve.

Our law firm holds itself to the highest standards of legal ethics, so we aggressively pursue the best results to safeguard your legal and financial interests. We employ innovative litigation strategies to recover pecuniary losses including, but not limited to, medical treatment and rehabilitation, pain and suffering, lost wages and benefits, reduced earning capacity, periods of disability, and a permanent inability to engage in gainful employment. Our seasoned team handles the legal complexities, so you can focus on what’s most important – recovery.

Speaking With A West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me

Although the situations under which you and others may be injured can differ, this principle remains: A person who behaves negligently or recklessly and in so doing causes injury to another person may be held responsible for paying that injury victim monetary damages to address the victim’s injuries, expenses, and losses.

Do not delay: you only have a limited amount of time following a West Palm Beach personal injury accident within which to file a claim for compensation and seek damages. Contact the Shiner Law Group today by calling 561-777-7700 or by completing our firm’s online case evaluation contact form and enlist our help in obtaining justice in your case.


Commonly asked questions from victims injured in car accidents

What Should I Do if I Have Sustained an Injury from an Accident?

You need to report the accident to the police. This is important since the police report will serve as evidence in the court against the at-fault driver. Moreover, you should get the names, phone numbers, and addresses of any witnesses to the accident.

Getting immediate medical help is also important right after an accident. You should get a medical checkup even if the injuries don’t seem serious. This is important since the symptoms of some injuries, such as back and neck injuries, become evident after a few weeks. A delay in seeking treatment won’t work in your favor when you file a personal injury lawsuit.

When and Why Should I Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?

You should hire a personal injury lawyer if you have been seriously injured in an accident caused due to the fault of another. The injury should be serious enough to have caused significant financial or psychological distress. Contacting a personal injury lawyer will allow you to successfully navigate through the court procedures for filing a lawsuit in Florida.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

Personal accident injuries generally occur due to negligence or reckless action of another. These accidents can occur due to slip and falls, dog bites, vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, and defective products. A personal injury lawyer specializes in different types of accident injury cases.

Getting the help of a personal injury lawyer will maximize the chances of a successful case outcome. The assistance of a legal expert will help you save the time and effort required in filing a personal injury case. The attorney will go to great lengths to gather evidence that implicates the at-fault party beyond any reasonable doubt.

How Do I Look for a Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me?

Many lawyers claim to be expert in personal injury cases, but may have never been successful. You need to make sure that you hire a local personal injury lawyer with a track record of success. The lawyer should specialize in court cases that relate to personal injuries. Consider reading online reviews about the trial attorney to ensure that you handle your case to a qualified professional.


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