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Belle Glade Car Accident LawyerWere you recently injured in a car accident in Belle Glade, FL? Our experienced Belle Glade car accident lawyers at Shiner Law Group are ready to help fight for your legal rights and get the compensation you deserve. Call us today at (561) 981-8338 to speak with an attorney for a 100% free consultation.

You may be entitled to seek compensation for medical bills, loss of income, pain, and suffering, and more. Contact our Belle Glade, FL law offices to discuss the legal options that might be available to you following your car accident. The next steps are very important. Let Shiner Law Group help you with your car accident case today.

Were You Involved in a Car Accident in Belle Glade?

Car Accident Attorney

Vehicular accidents are a common occurrence in Florida and throughout the United States.

According to a study, every year, approximately 38,000 people lose their lives in car accidents in the United States, making it one of the leading causes of accidental death in the country.

This goes to say that car accidents happen every day. While most of them aren’t fatal nevertheless, they can cause severe damage to your car and result in life-altering injuries.

If you or your loved one has suffered injuries in a car accident due to another party’s negligence or carelessness, seeking legal representation from a Belle Glade car accident lawyer is the best course of action.

At Shiner Law Group, we enlighten you about your legal rights and guide you step-by-step until you receive your compensation claim. Our Belle Glade personal injury lawyers are committed and determined to get you justice and ensure that you receive the entitled compensation for the pain, injuries, and suffering you’ve been caused due to another party’s negligence.

We work on a contingency fee basis, so you don’t have to worry about our charges because you’ll pay nothing unless we get you compensated.

Our Belle Glade car accident attorneys at Shiner Law Group will:

  • Get you proper medical treatment
  • Assess the accident
  • Examine and evaluate your injuries
  • Calculate the losses you’ve suffered
  • Help maximize your entitled compensation

Discuss your case with one of our expert car accident attorneys in Belle Grade, Florida.

What to Do After a Belle Glade Car Accident

Common Types of Belle Glade Car Accidents

The fatal outcome of an accident depends on the type of auto accident that occurred. However, regardless of the kind of car accident, there will likely be damages and injuries.

Here are a few common types of car accidents that occur in Florida:

Rear-End Collisions

As the title suggests, this type of accident occurs when a car from behind crashes into the vehicle in front. Rear-end collisions are usually the result of close tailgating, which means that the driver in the oncoming car drives closely behind the car in front. The ideal way to prevent such accidents is to refrain from driving too close to other cars.

T-Bone or Cross-Traffic Accidents

These types of accidents typically occur at traffic intersections. They are mainly caused by negligence and ignorance of traffic rules, such as turning without paying attention or running a stop sign or red light.

Recklessly Changing Lanes

These car accidents occur when drivers switch lanes without checking their mirror for all blind spots, crashing into another vehicle.

Low-Speed Accidents

This kind of accident typically occurs in residential areas or parking lots. In most cases, low-speed accidents happen when a driver is either trying to park or reverse their car, most like injuring a pedestrian in the process.

Note: Car accidents in Florida aren’t limited to the types listed above. Our Belle Grade car accident attorneys have extensive experience handling all types of car accident cases. Consult us to allow us to help you figure out and maneuver through the legalities of the car accident you’ve been involved in.

Belle Glade Car Accident Lawyer

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Belle Glade

Most individuals will be involved in at least one auto accident throughout their lifetime. However, the reasons for the crashes may vary. While a speeding or under-the-influence driver is to blame in some instances, other cases may involve distracted or too-good-for-the-law driving. Either way, there’s at least one at-fault party in most accidents that will face the primary obligation of a car accident lawsuit.

Almost 400,000 traffic crashes occur in Florida each year due to one of the following reasons:


Florida’s speed limits are calculated and set to help drivers safely reach their destinations. By choosing not to follow the given speed limits, drivers significantly increase the chances of being involved in a crash. Speeding makes it difficult for drivers to safely negotiate turns and corners and reduce their expected reaction time.

Failing to Obey Traffic Signals

Running a traffic light or failing to halt at a stop sign is another leading car crash cause. A driver in the right of way may not expect to run into another driver who has ignored the stop sign or signal. Running four-way traffic control increases the chances of a side-impact crash, which can be fatal.

Texting While Driving

It is illegal to text and drive in Florida. However, a law enforcement officer can pull over and issue a ticket to a driver who commits another offense while texting and driving. According to a survey, almost nine Americans lose their lives every day due to texting and driving crashes. Another report by the National Safety Council suggests that while nearly 330,000 car crash injuries occur due to texting while driving.

Distracted Driving

Besides texting, there are many other things, such as eating, drinking, talking to people, or fiddling with the navigation or entertainment system, that can cause a person to get distracted while driving, resulting in a car crash.

Driving Under the Influence

According to Florida law, driving with unlawful bodily alcohol content (0.08% or higher) or driving while high fall under the DUI umbrella. Driving under the influence impairs an individual’s ability to react swiftly to the road’s changing conditions, whether drugs or alcohol. In addition, a person driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs lacks the ability to divert their attention to more than a particular aspect of the road. For instance, it’s difficult for drunk driver to monitor their speed while staying in their lane.

Falling Asleep Behind the Wheel

A busy life can lead to exhaustion, causing a person to fall asleep behind the wheel accidentally. While some drivers don’t get enough sleep, others work long hours, causing them to feel sleepy and tired. Drowsiness impairs one’s decision-making abilities, slowing down their reaction time, causing a car accident.

Bad Weather

Rain, wet roads, and hurricanes are a few natural causes of car accidents in Florida. However, bad weather can impact a vehicle, which causes a chain reaction when the driver isn’t prepared for their car to act unpredictably.

Note: This is an essential list of some of the most common car accident causes; many other factors can cause a car crash, such as a faulty car part. However, whatever the reason may be, an experienced car accident attorney can help investigate your accident to pursue the most beneficial settlement.

Car Accident Injuries in Belle Grade

Belle Glade Car Accident Attorney

Car crashes and accidents can result in varying degrees and intensities of injuries, ranging from minor ones to more life-threatening ones. Even low-speed or low-impact car accidents can result in some severe injuries.

Immediately identifying injuries after a car accident can be challenging because it can take days before symptoms appear. Therefore, our Belle Grade car accident attorneys always advise our clients to visit a doctor immediately regardless of whether they’ve suffered visible injuries or not. Moreover, the documentation of your medical attention is critical in case your claim goes to trial.

Here are some of the physical injuries that passengers may suffer from during a car accident.

  • Brain injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Amputations
  • Fractured bones
  • Spinal damage
  • Dental damage
  • Bruises and lacerations
  • Muscle damage
  • Sprains

A person’s recovery depends on the intensity of the injuries they’ve suffered. Unfortunately, in many cases, the victim has to deal with the long-term consequences of their injuries, including permanent disability.
Besides physical injuries, victims of a car accident also have to cope with:

  • Extensive medical bills
  • Lost wages due to absence from work
  • Long-term physical limitations
  • Mental and emotional repercussions

The physical, financial, mental, and emotional implications of being involved in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence can wreak havoc on one’s life. While no reimbursement for an accident can fully compensate for emotional and mental suffering, our car accident lawyers in belle glade will fight on your behalf to get you the maximum settlement you deserve.

We have some of the best personal injury lawyers at Shiner Law Group that will relentlessly fight your case to ensure that you’re fully compensated for the losses and injuries you’ve suffered.

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Should You Contact Car Accident Lawyer in Belle Glade?

Car accidents account for a considerable portion of Florida’s personal injury and wrongful death claim. While many car accidents have similar characteristics, each has unique details that must be independently and thoroughly investigated to ensure adequate financial recovery.

Car accident lawyers solely focus on getting you remuneration in exchange for the injuries and losses you’ve suffered. They help ensure that you don’t have to experience any more stress after the accident to seek the justice you deserve. Adjusters and insurers take advantage of vulnerable victims who don’t have any representation. So, it’s best to seek an experienced car accident lawyer in Belle Glade to help you out.

What a Car Accident Lawyer Can Do for You

A car accident lawyer aims to get you the best possible financial compensation for the physical, emotional, and mental trauma you’ve suffered in the form of:

  • Medical bills
  • Vehicle repair or replacement
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Here are a few other things you can expect your car accident lawyer to help you with.

Understanding Your Rights

Most people aren’t acquainted with personal injury laws, and in cases such as car accidents, it’s imperative to know what your rights are. A car accident attorney will help you understand your rights and how you can legally protect yourself.

Legal Advice

Car Accident Lawyer Belle Glade

Car accident lawyers are experts who’ve handled multiple car accident cases over their years, along with their schooling, training, and general knowledge at hand. As a result, they can provide you with legal advice that will benefit you and set you on the road to recovery.

Negotiating for a Fair Settlement

A Belle Glade personal injury attorney will help you receive a fair settlement while ensuring that no adjuster or insurer dupes you of the money you rightly deserve.

Investigating Details

A car accident lawyer in Belle Glade will investigate your accident and make sure that it goes into a claim. To build your case, they will gather all required information, such as police reports, pictures, witness statements, etc.

Representing You in Court

Fortunately, most car accident claims reach their resolution before they need to go to court. However, if your case ends up in court, on the off chance, don’t worry. A car accident lawyer will stay by your side throughout the trial ordeal and fight ruthlessly for your compensation rights.

Assessing the Full Extent of Your Damages

A car accident attorney will thoroughly examine all the ways the accident has affected you when building a claim. They will consider all physical, mental, and emotional impacts of the accident and file for damages to ensure that you aren’t left footing your medical bills after suffering from a devastating accident due to another person’s recklessness.

Belle Glade Car Accident FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by car accident victims and their families to our Belle Glade car accident lawyer.

Who covers my car damages cost?

If the car accident occurred due to your fault, you would be liable to pay for the repairs, probably through insurance. However, if another party was responsible for the crash, you can use their insurance to get your car repaired.

What constitutes a bodily injury claim?

Any physical pain and suffering following a car accident is a bodily injury claim. This includes permanent injuries, such as fractures, scars, broken bones, soft tissue injuries, etc.
Should I report a minor car accident to my insurance provider?

Although no Florida law makes accident reporting to your insurance company mandatory, all car insurance policies require you to register and report an accident immediately, regardless of how minor or significant it is.

What amount can I recover in damages incurred?

The compensatory amount relies on the damages and losses that occurred, making it variable from case to case. Our experienced Belle Glade personal injury lawyers will ensure that you get maximum compensation for your troubles.

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Belle Glade Car Accident Lawyer Review

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