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Stuart Car Accident LawyerWere you recently injured in a car accident in Stuart, FL? Our experienced Stuart car accident lawyers at Shiner Law Group are ready to help fight for your legal rights and get the compensation you deserve. Call us today at (772) 777-7700 to speak with an attorney for a 100% free consultation.

You may be entitled to seek compensation for medical bills, loss of income, pain and suffering, and more. Contact our Stuart, FL law offices to discuss the legal options that might be available to you following your car accident. The next steps are very important. Let Shiner Law Group help you with your car accident case today.

Were You Injured In A Car Accident in Stuart?

If you or someone you know was hurt in a car accident that happened in Stuart, Florida or anywhere on the treasure Coast then you need to hire a top-notch Stuart car accident lawyer. One of the primary public safety issues we see each year is car accidents that were caused by negligent driver’s of trucks, motorcycles, 18-wheelers, and trains. These traffic accidents are a major cause of property damage as well as injury and, unfortunately, sometimes death. For over 20 years, the lawyers at Shiner Law Group have been working with families in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits throughout Stuart and the Treasure Coast to help our clients recover just compensation. In fact, David Shiner is a native Floridian who chose to remain in the great state of Florida, raise his family here, and use his lawyering skills to help injured victims, and maintain a law office in Stuart to best help his clients.

As part of the community here in Stuart, Florida, we look out for you and your interests. You are not fighting the other party that may have caused injury and damage; you are really fighting with their insurance companies and their rooms full of adjusters and high-priced legal attorneys. Our highly regarded team of Stuart personal injury attorneys are on your side and will fight for you.

Auto accidents happen all the time in Stuart, Florida, leaving those injured with substantial medical bills due to the serious injuries sustained in these accidents. The State of Florida sees on average 30,000 automobile crashes each and every month within the State, that is according to statistics from the State of Florida’s Department of Motor Vehicle database. Residents and visitors who are unfortunately injured in accidents in Stuart, Florida, are looking to partner with a dedicated and experienced team of personal injury attorneys to represent them and to ensure their rights are protected and fair compensation is recovered.

Our experienced team at Shiner Law Group is dedicated to fighting for victim rights. Our firm wants to earn your trust and business. Call us today to talk to one of our personal injury attorneys and let us evaluate your case and walk you through this difficult process. We strive to do what is right and what is good for our clients.

Stuart Car Accident Lawyer

You may be entitled to certain damages after an injury

Florida law permits victims of car crashes to seek damages from negligent parties in the event the victims sustain serious or permanent injuries. In the State of Florida, the other party must be found to be acting in a negligent manner in order for them to be found liable. Additionally, the negligence caused by the other party must have directly caused the accident.

Florida is a comparative fault state, meaning you need to prove that the other driver was negligent and that you did not contribute or nominally contributed to the accident. If a distinction cannot be made, then you would be legally barred from recovering damages from the other party.

Therefore in order to file a personal injury claim against an induvial or their insurance carrier after an accident, you will need to be able to prove that the driver’s behavior was negligent and thus the behavior caused the accident, which directly led to your injuries if a court rules that you were injured by a negligent driver you may be entitled to reimbursement of your medical bills and treatments as well as compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages and future medical treatments.

Pursuant to Florida Statutes, you have ten days to file a car accident report of any collision resulting in likely injury, death, or property damage that exceeds $500.00.

Common Types of Stuart Car Accident Negligence

Common types of negligence identified in Stuart, Florida, for drivers who have been found to have caused serious injury are:

  • Driving above the speed limit,
  • Failing to yield,
  • Tailgating,
  • Reckless driving, or
  • DUIs.

These are all avoidable mistakes; however, they happen all too often in Stuart, Florida. In fact, according to the 2021 Florida Highway Safety Traffic Crash Facts Motor Vehicle statistics, there were 138,278 total crashes in Martin County, with 1,187 fatal crashes and 88,603 injuries.

30 of these crashes were a direct result of a driver being under the influence (either alcohol or drugs), leading to 25 fatalities and 16 injuries.

Data provided by

Considerations Following A Car Accident in Stuart

  • Remain at the scene of the traffic accident unless you need immediate medical treatment.
  • Check on the condition of all those involved in the traffic accident.
  • Call the police and provide the location and description, including the number of injured in the call.
  • Exchange all pertinent information such as driver’s license and insurance information with all parties involved.
  • Gather contact information from all the witnesses at the scene.
  • Notify your insurance company.
  • Seek medical treatment immediately, maintain and track the details of your treatment. Additionally, keep track of all the days off of work and the time you missed for medical appointments for your injuries. Request your medical professionals to keep detailed documentation of your injuries in your medical file.
  • Take photos and videos of vehicle damage, property damage, and injuries, obtain copies of photos and video from witnesses and others at the scene.
  • Hire the personal injury lawyers at Shiner Law Group.
  • The insurance companies may call you requesting certain information about the traffic accident and your medical treatment; they may also try and persuade you to take a financial settlement. Before speaking to them or accepting their offer, talk to your lawyer at Shiner Law Group; we will make sure that you are no longer pressured into making decisions that may go against your best interests.

What to Do After a Stuart Car Accident

Four tips for Cars Sharing the road with Pedestrians

  1. Pedestrians have the right of way; if you see pedestrians around, slow down and yield for those looking to cross the street, do not pass stopped vehicles, stopped at crosswalks waiting for pedestrians to clear the road.
  2. Play it safe while in parking lots or near schools and parks to avoid dangerous situations.
  3. However, Pedestrians have an obligation too; they are required to stay alert, follow the rules, and obey traffic signs and signals.
  4. Pedestrians should utilize sidewalks; however, if there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic so cars and trucks can see you while driving.

How to Obtain a Stuart Car Accident Police Report

The Stuart Police Department provides an easy online process for requesting a police report. You can call to obtain your records or go in person to the Police Department, or simply click on the following link Stuart Public Records Portal.

Follow these easy steps to complete your online record request:

  • 1 – Go to the bottom left corner of the website and click on the “Police Records Request” box o initiate a request.
  • 2 – Fill in as many details regarding the police report as you can and include your email address and phone number in order to receive a response from the county clerk.
  • 3 – In order to request the police report during the 60-day confidential period, you must be an involved party as well as show proof of involvement by uploading a copy of your driver’s license.
  • 4 – In Addition to your driver’s license, all Involved parties must provide a notarized sworn statement. You can download a copy of the required form by downloading the following link fillable form, which you will download, fill out, print, and then upload back to the request site.
  • 5 – After the 60-day confidential period, police reports become public records, and therefore you are not required to upload a copy of your driver’s license or complete a notarized sworn statement to obtain the records.

Stuart Car Accident Attorney

Type of Stuart Car Accident Cases

If you are reading this, you may have conducted a search for a personal injury attorney new me after an accident in Stuart, Florida, and our firm came up in your search; there is a reason for that, our clients trust and respect our team for the five-star customer service we provide. Call us today at 772-777-7700, and we will help you through this challenging time.

While this is not an extensive list of all that we do, you at least have an idea of our firm and what we can do for you if you or a loved one has been injured in an accident. Call one of our Stuart Florida attorneys at 772-777-7700 today.

Stuart Car Accident Attorney Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does the term “damages” mean in an injury lawsuit?

The term “damages” when discussing a lawsuit can refer to a variety of different things. However, it boils down to your claims for injuries or damages and what you are seeking in compensation. For example, if injured in an accident, the damages would be the dollar amount you are claiming. If there was property damage, car, structure, it would be the replacement value.

The other party did not have insurance and was at fault; what can I do?

Unfortunately, if the other party was at fault and did not have insurance, you may be liable to cover your own medical expenses and car repairs; however, if you have a separate Uninsured Motorist (“UM”) policy attached to your insurance, then you would be covered. Either way, fighting with insurance companies for compensation may be difficult; however, you do not have to go through this process alone; our experts will fight for you and help protect your rights.

I was a pedestrian and involved in a motor vehicle accident; what can I do?

You do not have to be driving in a car to be involved in an accident; you may wind up being in an accident just by walking around your neighborhood, exercising, or even walking home from the store. If you were a pedestrian and injured by a car, you still have rights. Call our office today to find out more on how to recover from being hit by a car or truck.

I was involved in a traffic crash, and the other party left the scene of the accident; what can I do?

It is certainly a traumatic experience to be injured in an accident; it can be more so if you were involved in a hit-and-run accident, where the other driver flees the scene of the accident. Do not try and pursue them; this could place you or other drivers in a precarious position; rather, pull over and call the police immediately. Once you file an accident report with the police, call us and speak to one of our attorneys so we can walk you through your next steps.

Is distracted driving extremely dangerous?

Distracted drivers are a common cause of traffic accidents in Florida; in fact, it is now illegal to drive while holding and talking on your phone; additionally, it is illegal to text and drive. However, those are not the only causes of distracted driving; other forms of distracted driving are cognitive distractions, where your mind wanders, or visual distractions where you take your eyes off of the road, or even a manual distraction where you take your hands off the steering wheel to fidget with the radio or grab a bite to drink.

What are the chances of getting into a car accident in Stuart, Florida?

With the technologies we rely upon every day to run our lives, there is always the potential for distractions while we are on the roads. With Satellite radio and the hundreds of channels available, to finding the right location using our GPS systems to text and driving, the chances drivers get distracted goes up. Additionally, the chances of being involved in a traffic accident also are reliant upon where you live and how often you drive. Florida, unfortunately, is one of the leading states in the US for traffic accidents, so the chance of getting into an accident is slightly higher than traveling in Georgia or South Dakota.

I was involved in a traffic crash, and the other party was a drunk driver; what can I do?

Driving Under the Influence in the State of Florida is a major problem, and there are stiff penalties for those driving under the influence, however no matter the consequences, individuals will still knowingly get behind the wheel and may cause severe injuries in a traffic accident. These drivers intentionally put others at great risk. If you have been involved in a traffic accident caused by someone under the influence, call and speak to one of our personal injury attorneys.

I was a passenger in an Uber, Lyft, or other rideshare company and was injured in an accident; what are my options?

Due in large part to modern technology and the gig economy, more and more residents and visitors will decide to take one of the ridesharing companies, such as Uber or Lyft, to get places, sometimes it is more economical to do so or easier, especially when considering traffic and parking, also taking a rideshare company while going out for a night on the town is more responsible if you plan on drinking. Due to the popularity, there are more rideshare vehicles on the roads, and because of this, there is more of an opportunity to be involved in a traffic accident with a rideshare vehicle or being in a rideshare vehicle when an accident occurs. If you were injured in a rideshare vehicle or injured by a rideshare vehicle, call our lawyers and discuss your injuries with one of our personal injury attorneys today.

I was involved in a car accident and now am experiencing neck and back pain; what should I do?

Often one is involved in a traffic accident and does not feel any pain immediately after, for a variety of reasons, such as shock or an adrenaline rush, however after a few hours or a day or two, the pain becomes apparent. That is when we are called to inquiry about the injuries sustained in a car crash. If you have not done so, you should immediately seek medical treatment. Pain felt after an accident should not be ignored because it can lead to dangerous conditions if left untreated. Keep track of all visits to medical professionals and contact the attorneys at Shiner Law Group immediately to discuss your automobile accident injuries and to seek compensation for your medical bills.

How can I keep myself and others safe while on the roads?

Drive responsibly, keep your eyes on the road, do not text and drive and use hands-free equipment while on the phone, do not speed, obey traffic signals and laws and maintain a safe distance from the vehicles in front of you; however, unfortunately, trying and being your best on the roads is not always going to keep you safe. To help mitigate the dangers on the road, make sure you use your safety belt, even if you are in the back seat, and always make sure your children are buckled in. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, our lawyers are here to help guide you through the process of seeking compensation for your injuries.

What type of Auto insurance policy am I required to carry in the State of Florida?

Florida state law requires every vehicle owner to carry Personal Injury Protection insurance or PIP in the amount of $10,000. PIP coverage pays for most costs of medical treatment after an automobile accident, regardless of fault. Not carrying PIP can complicate the inured ability to pursue a bodily injury liability claim from the at-fault party’s insurance carrier. However, if you have been injured in a traffic accident and do not have PIP coverage, you can still discuss your legal options in obtaining possible damages by contacting the personal injury attorneys at Shiner Law Group.

What is PIP, and how does it work?

PIP insurance is a form of coverage that applies to a variety of claims regardless of the type of accident you were involved with, as well as if you were the driver, passenger, or victim. Even if you are a member of a PIP policy holder’s household, you can typically file a claim under that policy if you were injured in an accident. In some circumstances where there is no PIP policy available, the injured party may be able to file under the at-fault party’s policy. A PIP policy acts as the “first payer” for recovery of damages even if you need to file additional claims under other policies such as the at-fault party’s third-party Bodily Injury Insurance coverage or your own medical insurance. PIP insurance mandates that you have two weeks from the date of the accident to file a PIP claim; the provider then has 60 days to investigate the claims and then another 30 days to pay those claims. If you used your own health insurance to cover your medical treatments after an accident, there might be a possibility that your PIP policy will reimburse your health insurance provider, which will then compensate you directly for the value paid.

Why is it taking so long for the Insurance Carrier to payout?

One of the reasons it takes so long to receive a payout is that the insurance carrier will investigate the accident and determine the value of the damages based on their internal actuarial formulas. However, the most important reason for an insurance company to hold off on any payouts is to make the victim accept a lower payout, which is why their first offer is typically lower than the total damages of your accident. The Shiner Law Group recommends that no matter how long it takes for the insurance carrier to offer a payout, we urge you to keep track of your expenses and be aware of the total damages associated with your accident and take into account future medical expenses tied to your recovery. Do not accept a lower settlement which ties you to pay out a large percentage of your treatment from your own pocket. With the help of the lawyers at Shiner Law Group, we can help negotiate a settlement on your behalf so you can concentrate on your recovery.

What is the process I should follow after a Car Accident in Stuart, Florida?

Once your report to the police, they will arrive on the scene and conduct a traffic accident investigation. I any of the drivers involved in the traffic accident committed a violation, they will be issued a citation. Drivers suspected of a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) will likely be arrested at the scene. If you were involved in a traffic accident, you should immediately seek medical treatment. The injured parties may seek compensation for the costs of the medical treatments directly linked to the traffic accident from their PIP insurance carrier; if they have a serious qualifying injury or exceed their PIP coverage, the injured party may be eligible to file a third-party bodily injury claim against the at-fault driver and their insurance policy. If your automobile requires repairs due to damages sustained from the traffic accident, your insurance carrier may require you to obtain a repair estimate or take the damaged vehicle into a specific repair shop. You have two options, requesting the insurance company to pay the costs directly to the repair shop or receive a cash settlement for the agreed-upon damages. If the insurance adjuster deems your vehicle to be a total loss, you will be entitled to either the cash value of the vehicle at the time of the accident or the replacement value of the vehicle.

What if I do not report a traffic accident?

According to Florida Statutes, you are obligated to report all traffic accidents in Florida where you know or should have reasonably known that a) someone was injured, b) there was a fatality, or c) there was more than $500 in property damage. Failing to do so may make you liable to be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor which could be a non-moving violation or possibly a hit and run violation. Additionally, failing to report the motor vehicle accident may allow the insurance carrier to deny any coverage for any damages which may have occurred. Almost all insurance carriers have a requirement to report any accidents within a specific time period and provide an official police report in order to apply for coverage.

As a victim, do I have any rights in an insurance claim?

Under Florida Statues, you have certain rights in any traffic accident insurance claim. Rights as the insured are as follows:

  • If the insurance carrier requires you to utilize one of their repair shops, you have the right to have your vehicle restored to the exact same performance and appearance as before the traffic accident. As an example, if your car was blue and the traffic accident caused damage to your door, and the repair shop installed a red door on your vehicle, they must ensure they paint the car to the same specifications as it was before the traffic accident.
  • You have the rights to the same or equivalent quality parts for repairs and replacement; if you had power windows and they replaced that with a manual roll-up window system, that would not be considered equivalent.
  • You have the right to either a cash settlement for the replacement of your vehicle, the equivalent replacement value of your vehicle, or detailed documentation for the insurance companies’ determination for the settlement value offered.
  • You have the right to obtain a detailed and itemized list of the settlement reduction calculations calculated by the insurance carrier.
  • You have the right to receive a copy of the estimation used to determine the settlement value of the partial losses.
  • You have the right to no less than 72 hours to receive notice of cancellation of coverage for storage charges.
  • The insurance carriers do not have the right to force you or recommend you make a third-party insurance claim if “liability and damages” owed under the current policy are “reasonably clear.”
  • You have the right to receive payment for damages covered under your PIP insurance policy within 30 days of filing your claim. However, the insurance companies have a right to continue investigating the insurance claim for 60 days and permitting them to rescind the payment if they have suspicions of fraud or other concerns. If you have received notice that the insurance carrier is investigating your settlement for suspicions of fraud or non-applicable costs, contact our Stuart Florida law office today.

After a car accident, what am I entitled to?

Every victim involved in a traffic accident in the State of Florida is entitled to personal injury coverage from their PIP policy, regardless of fault. PIP coverage will pay costs of up to 80% of eligible medical treatments and may supplement 60% of your reduced wages while you recover from your injuries. All Florida licensed drivers are required to carry $10,000 in property damage liability (“PDL”) coverage. If you are in a traffic accident and the other driver is at fault, then their PDL will cover the costs or repairs to your vehicle. Currently, noncommercial Florida licensed drivers are currently not required to carry Bodily Injury Liability Insurance (“BI”); you may have difficulty in obtaining compensation if your injuries are considered to be serious or if you have exceeded your PIP coverage. However, working with the lawyers at Shiner Law Group will help you identify your options and other potential sources of compensation for bodily injury after being involved in a traffic accident.

Should I seek medical attention after a car accident?

The lawyers at Shiner Law Group recommend that everyone involved in a traffic accident assumes that they may have serious injuries and should immediately seek medical attention. If you have been in a traffic accident and have fractures, blood loss, head injuries, loss of sensation, buzzing in the ears, or dizziness, you should not drive yourself to an emergency room and should be transported by an ambulance. Do not refuse medical treatment if the EMTs are called to the scene, and their recommendation is to seek immediate medical attention at the nearest emergency department. However, if you believe your injuries are minor, you should at least seek medical treatment the following day by scheduling an office visit with your primary care physician or go to an urgent care facility nearby. As with all visits to a medical care provider, report all symptoms in detail and consent to all diagnostic tests recommended and required by the medical professionals in order to make a complete and accurate diagnosis.

Should I hire a personal injury attorney, and when should I do that?

We recommend that you hire a personal injury attorney familiar with the Stuart, Florida community immediately. The Lawyers at Shiner Law Group will provide you with an opportunity to speak to an expert car accident attorney for a free evaluation about your car accident and injuries and will offer you some guidance on your next steps. Unlike other firms, where you may speak to a case manager or a call center, at Shiner Law Group, you will be able to speak to an experienced attorney. During your evaluation, you may realize your injuries are relatively minor and that the insurance adjuster will offer a reasonable settlement for all or most of your damages; however, not every traffic accident is straightforward, and you may be entitled to significant damages, and that is where our experts can help the most. The insurance companies may try and undermine your damages or deny some or all of your claims; they may also allege your injuries were a result of a previous accident or pre-existing condition, worse they may claim that their insured policyholder is not responsible for injuries and damages and this is where an experienced lawyer is needed. Additionally, there may be times where there are significant damages, and the fault of the accident is unclear, the insurance carriers may deny your claims or may threaten you with legal action; if this occurs, we strongly recommend that you call us and discuss this matter with our lawyers.

Why You Should Consider Working With A Stuart Car Accident Attorney

Traffic accidents can be frightening; dealing with the insurance companies and seeking medical advice can be confusing and intimidating; you should be focusing on your medical treatments and recovery and allow our team to focus on handling the complex negotiating with the insurance carriers. We have over 20 years of experience handling traffic accident cases in Florida and are your neighborhood lawyers who know how to document your injuries and present them to the insurance carriers, their adjusters, claim specialists, and, more importantly, to their teams of lawyers. They will not be able to bully us, we will fight for you and your rights, and we will help you recover the compensation deserved for the injuries you sustained.

The skilled personal injury auto accident attorneys at Shiner Law Group will fight for you and provide the support and expertise required to prevail against the insurance companies. Our team will represent you, the victim, with a powerful and persuasive legal strategy; we will negotiate with the team of insurance lawyers on your behalf, we will fight for you.

Call us today to receive a free accident evaluation; our attorneys are waiting to hear from you.

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Hiring A Stuart Car Accident Lawyer Near Me

Suppose you or a loved one has been injured in an accident because of the reckless, negligent, or intentional conduct of another party. In that case, the lawyers at Shiner Law Group welcome you to contact our experienced legal team in order for us to properly evaluate your claims and to better advise you of your rights and options. Our lawyers are fully committed to helping serve our clients and help victims recover the compensation they deserve for the injuries sustained due to the negligent, reckless, or intentional behavior of others; call us today at 772-777-7700 or go to our website for a free case evaluation and see how we can help. The Shiner Law Group represents victims in Stuart, Florida, and throughout the surrounding counties to recover damages.

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