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Fort Pierce Motorcycle Accident LawyerWere you recently injured in a motorcycle accident in Fort Pierce, FL? Our experienced Fort Pierce motorcycle accident lawyers at Shiner Law Group are ready to help fight for your legal rights and get the compensation you deserve. Call us today at (772) 979-6626 to speak with an attorney for a 100% free consultation.

You may be entitled to seek compensation for medical bills, loss of income, pain, and suffering, and more. Contact our Fort Pierce, FL law offices to discuss the legal options that might be available to you following your motorcycle accident. The next steps are very important. Let Shiner Law Group help you with your motorcycle accident case today.

Were You Injured In A Motorcycle Accident In Fort Pierce?

Florida is known as the beautiful Sunshine State and is a frequent destination for Northeasterners seeking warm weather. Thousands of snowbirds retreat to Florida from the cold Northern States every winter.

With regular riding activity, accidents are bound to happen. Following a motorcycle accident, you may not feel your injuries are severe; however, when the shock wears off your injuries may become more apparent. Our Fort Pierce motorcycle accident lawyers are here to assist you.

After A Motorcycle Accident In Fort Pierce

We encourage injured clients to seek medical attention and contact a motorcycle injury attorney who specializes in motorcycle injury cases. A genuinely seasoned motorcycle lawyer understands the complexities of a motorcycle accident, how to assess the damages, guide you to seek treatment, and secure the maximum compensation you deserve.

Attorney David I. Shiner and our team of attorneys are advocates for motorcyclists and share the same roads as you do. The reputable motorcycle injury lawyers at Shiner Law Group will ensure that your case is evaluated correctly and handled with the utmost care from the beginning.

Motorcycle Safety Laws

The motorcycle accident attorneys at Shiner Law Group encourage all riders to understand and comply with Florida Motorcycle Safety Laws. The AMA or American Motorcyclist Association and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the Florida Safety laws state that:

  • Florida funds all first-time rider’s education, which is mandatory when obtaining a license.
  • For riders over 21 years of age, helmets are not required if they can show proof of medical insurance coverage of $10,000. However, helmets are highly recommended for riders including passengers.
  • Eye protection is always required.
  • Helmet speakers are permitted and should not have earphones.
  • Using the headlights during the day is mandatory.
  • Age does not restrict passengers. However, the law does require that there is a passenger seat and passenger footrest.
  • Turn signals are required.
  • Handlebars cannot be higher than the driver’s shoulder.

Fort Pierce Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If An Injury Occurs Due to a Motorcycle Accident

If you or a loved one is hurt and are searching for an injury using the term lawyer near me, and you found our law firm, then you are like several of our clients – all Now. Call a Fort Pierce injury law firm now to discuss your issues immediately and ask to speak with David Shiner today. Give Shiner Law Group a call today!

Perhaps best known for their fusion of form and function, motorcycles are among the most attractive vehicles on Florida’s roads. The state’s beautiful natural landscapes, warm climate, and miles of coastal highways create a picturesque ride that attracts motorcyclists from across the nation year-round; however, the vehicle’s inherent safety and stability limitations point toward a sobering reality: According to a 2016 report published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Florida leads the nation in motorcycle-related deaths.

Failure to observe local road laws, distracted driving, and lack of awareness are principal causes of motorcycle-related accidents. If you or a loved one have been injured due to the reckless negligence of another, contact a seasoned Fort Pierce motorcycle accident attorney, as you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Florida’s Motorcycle Accident Laws

Motorcycle accident lawsuits are pursued under the theory of negligence. While claimants must prove that any injury sustained was a direct result of a traffic safety law violation, they do not need to prove that the defendant owed a legal duty of care or that a deviation from that duty of care existed.

For instance, if a vehicle made an illegal left turn at an intersection and struck an oncoming motorcyclist, the motorcyclist can argue the damages were sustained as a direct result of the vehicle’s illegal turn.

Florida law does not require a motorcyclist and his or her passengers over the age of 21 to wear a helmet; however, Florida is also a comparative negligence state: a percentage of fault can be attributed to both drivers depending on the severity of the breach. A negligible party’s insurance company will argue that forgoing a helmet is comparatively negligible, despite a motorcyclist operating within the confines of the law. Additionally, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance benefits will not cover motorcycle drivers or passengers.

Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

A motorcycle’s design inherently exposes a driver – and his or her passengers – to increased risks of personal injury:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI).
  • Broken bones, disfigurement, scarring, and/or internal bleeding.
  • Loss of limbs.
  • Lacerations.

How A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

Insurance companies representing negligible parties are prepared for litigation with a legal team of adjusters, investigators, attorneys, and experts (among other litigation resources) in order to minimize their financial liability, which makes it imperative to secure legal representation in a motorcycle accident proceeding.

The award-winning motorcycle accident attorneys at the Shiner Law Group have over 15 years’ experience serving Fort Pierce victims and their families, recovering financial compensation for a broad range of damages: medical treat and rehabilitation, periods of disability, loss of wages, or a permanent inability to engage in gainful employment. We are committed to overcoming insurance tactics that seek to shift fault, stall claims, or misrepresent evidence. In the event of an accident, our team will build the most compelling claim by evaluating and reconstructing the crash site, reviewing any relevant documentation, questioning witnesses, and contacting a network of industry professionals.

All drivers share the roadway and have an obligation to other motorists. Our law firm advocates safe riding practices, which means always wearing a helmet that is approved by Snell or the Department of Transportation (DOT). Drive sober, adhere to local road laws, and observe local weather reports.

Fort Pierce Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Searching For A Fort Pierce Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Near Me

With years’ experience representing personal injury victims and their families in Fort Pierce, Florida, our law office has a proven results-driven approach to overcoming insurance companies’ tactics and getting you the most money our clients deserve. Did you search for a Fort Pierce motorcycle accident lawyer near me, if so, look no further – at the Shiner Law Group our experienced trial attorneys know how to handle your personal injury case.

At the Shiner Law Group our Fort Pierce personal injury attorneys will provide a free consultation to discuss your case with you and will spend the time you deserve to answer your questions related to your accident. Our clients have told us that when they searched for a motorcycle accident lawyer the law firm of Shiner Law Group is at the top of the list and our attorneys want to keep up our reputation.

Speak with a Fort Pierce Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Have you or someone you love been injured because of the negligent, reckless, or intentional conduct of another?

We welcome you to contact our experienced legal team so we can evaluate your personal injury claim and advise you of your rights and options.

Fort Pierce Motorcycle FAQ’S

Commonly asked questions from victims injured in car accidents

What Should I Do Right After a Motorcycle Accident?

In case you get injured in a motorcycle accident, you need to report the incident to a police officer. This is important since the police report will serve as an official account of the accident. You must also try to note down the names and phone numbers of any witnesses at the accident scene. The witnesses’ testimonies can also prove an invaluable source of evidence in case of a motorcycle accident lawsuit.

Make sure that you get a medical checkup right after a motorcycle accident. You should get a checkup even if you the injuries are not visible. Certain injuries, such as back and neck injuries, may take a few days to become visible.

Why Should I Get Help from a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Getting help from a motorcycle accident attorney is important to successfully file a lawsuit against the guilty party. An experienced attorney will know what evidence to collect that will prove the guilt of the at-fault driver. The attorney will go to great length to collect evidence by interviewing witnesses, reviewing surveillance video footage, reviewing officer’s report, and taking other measures that can help them build a strong case.

With the help of the attorney, you can also meet court formalities for filing a motorcycle accident case. Getting the help of a professional attorney will greatly increase the chances of a successful outcome of a motorcycle accident case.

When Should I File a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit in Florida?

You should file a motorcycle accident lawsuit with the time period specified in the Florida Statute of Limitation. As per the Florida law, you can file a motorcycle accident case within three years of an accident. Make sure that you file a case within the time period specified in the Statute of Limitation. You won’t be able to file a case after the expiry of the specified time. Consider filing a case a few days after the accident as it will increase the chances of a successful outcome of the case.

How Can I Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Near Me?

To find an experienced motorcycle accident attorney, you should read reviews of past clients. Find out whether the attorney has received generally positive reviews about from the customers. In addition, you should find out whether the attorney has a high success rate in dealing with motorcycle accident cases.

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Fort Pierce Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Review

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