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Injuries That Occur in Accidents

There are accidents that occur that may cause permanent lifestyle changes, job losses, financial burdens, and emotional struggles. The emotional side of being injured can equate to a trauma that is relived for many years to come. These mental struggles can affect ones ability to function as usual long past any physical limitations has been regained. These circumstances are considered serious or catastrophic injuries, meaning injuries that are life altering for the remainder of life. The cost to treat someone with serious injuries in a lifetime can range in the hundreds of thousands, into the millions. This value does not even include diminshing earning capacity or lost wages by any survivors.

Some Examples of Serious Injuries Include:

Cuts and Abrasions

Spinal Cord Injuries

Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries

Sprained ankles or wrists

Knee Damage

Shoulder dislocations or muscle strains

Nerve Damage

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Machine Entanglement

Vehicle Accidents

Walking Into Injurie

Falling Object Injuries

Reaction Injuries

Falling from Heights


Hip Injuries

Amputation and Loss of Limbs

Heavy Machinery Injuries

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