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Cut and Abrasion Injuries

Majority of cuts and abrasions sustained are usually minor and can be healed at home. However, in some cases, cuts and abrasion injuries can be severe resulting in scars or deformities. Moreover, these cuts and abrasions can become cause swelling and scarring if not treated properly or due to complications. There are numerous types of surgeries to treat cuts and abrasions to prevent or to treat scarring or other deformities.

Complications from Cuts and Abrasions

Minor cuts and abrasions can be cleaned and treated at home with soap, water, antiseptic creams, and bandages. However, complications might arise if these injuries are not treated with care, infections occur, or if these injuries are severe. Following are some complications that require medical attention:

  • Increased pain or unusual sensation or movement in the wound
  • Drainage of fluid or pus, pungent smell, redness, swelling, fever or other symptoms of infections
  • Foreign object embedded in these injuries like chemicals, metal, glass or dirt
  • Open cuts, jagged or deep wound
  • Signs of broken bone
  • Cuts or abrasion caused by puncture wound or metal object
  • Skin layers are sliced off
  • Causing impair functioning of body part like lip or eyelid
  • Caused by human or animal bite
  • Deep or long cuts

Cuts and Abrasion Injury Attorney

It is best to get medical attention in these scenarios as soon as possible. However, you must get emergency care in case of:

  • Severe pain
  • Injury is near eyeball
  • Shortness of breath due to cuts or abrasion on the chest or neck
  • Shock signs occur
  • Continuous bleeding even after pressure applied with a bandage or cloth

There might be a need for a tetanus shot in case you haven’t had one in the past ten years or unsure when you last had the shot. A tetanus shot helps in preventing tetanus infection which can impact your nervous system and become fatal in many cases. While many are aware that tetanus infection can be caused by a puncture wound or if you step on a rusty nail, a majority don’t know that this infection can easily seep into your body through a minor burn, bug bite, splinter, scratch or a small cut.

Some cuts and abrasions might seem minor but might result in infections that can cause scarring or other permanent spots. The signs or symptoms of infections include:

  • Pus or discharge from the abrasion or cut
  • Constant fever
  • Severe pain
  • Unusual odor
  • Warmth, swelling or redness

If you experience these signs then it is essential to immediately seek medical attention.

Types of Treatment for Cuts and Abrasions

Following are the major types of treatments for cuts and abrasions:

Complex Scar Reconstruction

If the cuts or abrasion is severe and leave behind scars then it can result in both functional and cosmetic concerns for the individual and they might seek for surgery. The type of scarring can be dependent on various factors which include age of the individual, direction of the scar, location of the scar, as well as the way the cut or abrasion was healed.

Depending on the type of the scar, the surgeon will determine the right way of scar reconstruction. There are various options for the treatment of unappealing scars from minimally invasive surgery to scar excision.


This is an exfoliation method which removes your skin’s outer layer with the help of a rotating instrument. This is typically done on facial skin. This treatment is an effective option for individuals wanting to enhance their skin appearance and/or diminish the presence of scarring or other spots. Dermabrasion treats various conditions like the uneven texture of the skin, acne scars, sun damage, fine lines, and scarring caused by cuts and abrasions.

If you opt for this process then it would be conducted in your dermatologist office. The surgeon will begin by numbing the skin using anesthesia and process to remove the outermost skin layer. Being an outpatient process, after the treatment, you would spend the recovery period at home.


This is a minimally invasive process that is utilized for renewing the overall texture and skin tone. It helps in enhancing skin appearance. Microdermabrasion treats your treat for melasma, acne scarring, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, cuts and abrasion scars and other related conditions and issues.

During this process, the expert utilizes a special applicator which has an abrasive surface that sands away gently the thicker outer skin layer in order to rejuvenate it. Another microdermabrasion method is spraying fine particles of sodium bicarbonate and aluminum oxide with a suction or vacuum in order to attain similar results as that with the abrasive surface.

Skin Resurfacing

This process refers to the techniques that are utilized to enhance various imperfections on the facial skin by removal of skin layers to leave the skin healthier looking. As per the needs and requirements of the individual, the expert recommends either a non-ablative or ablative laser.
The non-ablative lasers don’t involve skin layer removal. These are utilized to treat acne-related concerns, spider veins and rosacea with the help of fractional lasers, pulsed dye lasers, and pulse light lasers.

The ablative lasers include erbium or carbon dioxide. Erbium is utilized for treatments of wrinkles and fine lines as well as other superficial concerns. Carbon dioxide is utilized for treatments of deep wrinkles, warts, and scars. Both lasers include removal of the skin’s outer layer.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a treatment in which body or facial defects are reconstructed, including defects caused by disease, burns, traumas, birth disorders or injuries like cuts and abrasions. A reconstructive process, this surgery helps in correcting the dysfunctional body areas.

Permanent scarring or spots resulting from cuts and abrasions can be frustrating. If you need assistance of a personal injury lawyer, then contact Shiner Law Group and get a free case evaluation of your case.

Cut and Abrasion Injuries

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