Who Pays for Medical Bills after A Motorcycle Accident?

by Last updated Aug 29, 2023Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Involvement in a motorcycle accident can be a traumatic experience, particularly if the incident resulted in severe injury; however, by hiring an experienced motorcycle accident attorney, you can avoid the costly mistakes that all too often cripple the best recovery efforts.

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Who Pays for Medical Bills after A Motorcycle Accident?

Pursuing Economic Recovery

Unlike other law firms, the Shiner Law Group advocates for you – not the insurance company. We understand the misconceptions and unique hardships motorcycle accident victims face, so we provide our clients with the knowledge to avoid traps and pitfalls and maximize their financial recovery potential.

As a no-fault state, Florida requires accident victims to pursue pecuniary compensation from their respective insurance provider via personal injury protection, or PIP insurance. Unfortunately, motorcycle drivers are not entitled to these benefits, even if the driver owns a vehicle insured with a personal injury protection policy. Victims, then, must pursue economic and non-economic damages from the at-fault party’s insurance companies for injuries after a scooter accident.

Filing early will increase your success, as critical evidence and eyewitness testimonies may degrade over time. Additionally, Florida’s statute of limitations only permits victims to recover compensation within two years from the incident or two years in cases of wrongful death. Once these legal thresholds have been passed, victims are no longer able to pursue legal action.

Other Coverage Options

Motorcycle accident victims may also recover damages from medical payments benefits coverage, or Med Pay, which is a supplementary policy that can cover physical injury regardless of who was responsible for the accident.

Avoiding Insurance Pitfalls

As with most personal injury cases, insurance companies will employ tactics to reduce, stall, or deny financial payout to satisfy the terms of the victim’s claim with minimal financial liability. Some incidents may also result in an insurance adjuster obfuscating insurance benefits or coverage limits. Therefore, it is important for motorcycle accident victims, particularly those who are unable to obtain legal representation, to not take the insurance company at its word. Verify the insurance policy’s coverage limits, that other providers received sufficient payment, and that the insurance company did not issue gratuitous or unauthorized payments.

If an insurance company is found liable for payments of any amount, the company is responsible for satisfying the victim’s legal expenses. Motorcycle accident victims are encouraged to submit a demand letter to determine the accuracy of their insurance policy’s balance activity, as liability can be discovered via a demand letter or filing a claim against the insurance company.

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