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Car Accident Lawyer FAQ

by | Last updated Aug 29, 2023

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Have you been injured in a car accident? Do you need information about filing a car accident insurance claim? If yes, then the following frequently asked questions will prove useful.

1. How Can I Prevent a Potential Car Accident?

Most car accidents happen due to the reckless behavior of the drivers. Car accidents can be avoided by taking preventive measures. Distractions, while driving?, are one of the common reasons for accidents. To prevent an accident, avoid using mobile phones or performing other activities while driving.

Low or overinflated car pressures can lead to tire bursts, resulting in an accident. You should keep the air pressure at 30psi in all the four tires. Moreover, improper wheel alignment can also lead to accidents on the road. Get your wheels checked and aligned after every 3000 miles to keep accidents at bay.

2. What Should I Do Immediately After a Car Accident?

Taking certain actions right after a car accident can increase the chances of a successful car accident claim. You should report the accident to the police. The police report prepared will serve as valuable evidence in a car accident lawsuit.

You should also take pictures of the accident scene using your smartphone. Photographs of the accident scene can serve as solid evidence in the court. Talking to the witnesses and noting down their contact details is also important as it can have a favorable impact on your auto accident case.

3. How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help Me After an Accident?

Hiring the services of the auto accident lawyer will greatly increase the chances of a successful outcome of a car accident case. A car accident attorney will guide you meet the court requirements. Moreover, the attorney will gather the required evidence, interview the witnesses, and assess the damage caused by the accident.

With the help of a professional attorney, you will be able to prove the guilt of the at-fault driver beyond any reasonable doubt. The attorney will make sure that you get the highest possible compensation amount that eases the financial burden due to car accident injuries.

4. When Should I Contact a Vehicle Accident Lawyer?

You should contact an experienced vehicle accident attorney as soon as possible. Consider hiring a lawyer right after the accident to increase the chances of a successful car accident claim. Make sure that you hire the lawyer before the time period mentioned in the Florida Statute of Limitation. According to the Florida Statute of Limitation, you can file a lawsuit two years after the accident. Not contacting a vehicle accident attorney before the specified time period will prevent you from getting compensation from the guilty party.

5. How Can I Find a Car Accident Lawyer Near Me?

Make sure that you contact a local car accident lawyer. Find out whether the attorney will handle the case personally or assign it to an associate. You should read online reviews about a car accident attorney. Reading online reviews will help you gauge the quality of legal services provided by the attorney.

6. Why and When Should I Hire a Vehicle Accident Lawyer?

Getting the help of an expert car accident lawyer will help you in obtaining the required compensation from the at-fault driver. An experienced lawyer will collect all the evidence that can implicate the driver in court. The lawyer will try to obtain video footage of the scene and contact witnesses. A professional attorney can also advise you when to negotiate with the guilty party and when to take the party to court.

7. What Is the Statute of Limitation Regarding Car Accidents?

Make sure that you file a car accident case within the period specified in the statute of limitations. In Florida, you can file a car accident case within two years from the date of the accident. You can’t file a claim against the guilty party once the specified time period has elapsed.

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