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Who Pays Your Car Accident Claim?

by | Last updated May 9, 2023

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Who Pays For An Accident Claim

We are often asked by clients about who pays for their claim after their case settles, either in or out of the courtroom. Some clients even have expressed some remorse, thinking their case may have caused financial ruin of someone else. Let’s take a look at this important question and discuss the answer, it may surprise you who actually is on the hook for the bill once your case ends. By the end, you will hopefully see why having a skilled car accident attorney on your side is crucial to ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve after your injuries.

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Car Insurance in Accident Cases

Get Compensated For An Accident Claim

The reason why many people feel bad after their court case concludes is that they have either forgotten or never been told about the other party’s liability auto insurance. This is because there is a law that prohibits the plaintiff in a car accident case from discussing, mentioning, or even informing the jury about the defendant’s car accident liability insurance, should they have any. The reason for this law is to prevent jury bias; juries have been known to more frequently award damages if they know the defendant is not going to personally suffer the financial consequences.

The odds are in favor that the other party in your claim has liability insurance coverage. The Insurance Information Institute estimates that while Florida had one of the highest numbers in the country in terms of uninsured drivers, only 23.8% were not covered as of 2012. That’s less than one out of four.

Many people know that auto insurance is compulsory to drive, but do you know what you’re actually paying for? In addition to coverage up to a certain limit for different types of liability, you are also purchasing legal protection should any suits be filed against you. When you face a liability suit, your insurance company is required to either provide you with legal representation or help you find representation and then pay the bill for your defense. For this reason, most reputable insurance companies will assign you an attorney who is on their legal staff.

Why You Need an Attorney

Refusing To Pay Your Accident Claim

When you are involved in a car accident and the other party’s insurance company refuses to pay your claim when they are obligated to do so (this does happen from time to time), or they attempt to force you to settle for less than what you are actually owed, then you will likely want to hire an attorney to represent you. An attorney can analyze all of the facts and evidence in your case to help you determine the maximum amount of compensation you could be entitled to. An attorney can successfully argue for costs, such as lost income from missed work, pain and suffering, anguish, any lasting or long-term injuries, and even injuries or symptoms that have not yet materialized.

If you do not hire an attorney for your case, you will likely be attempting to convince the court you are deserving of compensation against a trained and experienced professional from the insurance company. Without a background in personal injury law, success will not come easily, and you will more likely find that your case will be thrown out.

If you are on the other side of the courtroom and defending your actions in a suit levied against you, then you cannot afford to go without legal representation. This is especially true if you are uninsured or underinsured. When this is the case, you may be forced to pay for your representation on your own, but a skilled attorney may be able to prevent you from losing everything you own as a result of being successfully sued.

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When you are involved in a car accident and sustain severe injuries, legal representation from a reputable car accident lawyer is just a phone call away. At Shiner Law Group, we have been recognized as one of the premiere choices for personal injury representation in the city, and have accumulated numerous awards and accolades for our services, including a perfect 10.0 Superb rating from Avvo. Our clients have even spoken for themselves, with many of our review sites bosting near-perfect ratings.

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