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Stay Focused: Distracted Driving Kills

by | Last updated Mar 2, 2022

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Distracted Driving Kills

If you ask personal injury lawyer David Shiner he will tell you that often people who call our law firm for legal advice let us know they found our contact information by searching for a wrongful death attorney near me and the results serve up our local attorneys. The wrongful death attorneys who work at the WPB office of Shiner Law Group are local and represent families throughout South Florida for injury claims that result in catastrophic injury or death. Wrongful death attorney David Shiner and the injury attorneys at our firm have the experience you are looking for to file your wrongful death lawsuit and to win the best possible recovery.

It’s no secret that technology completely revolutionized the communications industry over the last 25 years. People are never alone and they are never lost. This can be problematic when one is behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Distractions are constantly pouring into the mind of the driver. Twenty years ago drivers did not have to deal with text messages and phone calls while driving. Now an individual is subject to phone calls, social media alerts, and text messages constantly.

An interesting fact, when driving on the highway at 60 mph an individual is traveling approximately 25 meters a second. That means that in the 8 seconds it takes you to read and respond to a text you have driven the length of two football fields essentially blindfolded.

Here at Shiner Law Group we encourage commuters to travel safely. We have put together a few pointers to help you become a less distracted driver.

Driving distracted is not the only way to live dangerously behind the wheel, driving intoxicated can be just as dangerous and fatal. It is important to celebrate responsibly. So, plan your evening rides before you go out. Several options outside of driving under the influence exist. One designate a sober driver.

If you cannot secure a designated driver you should have a backup plan. In this case call a taxi or an Uber. The fare is much less expensive than driving while intoxicated. Driving while intoxicated can cost your life. A DUI conviction can cost you your freedom. A DUI charge can cost thousands of dollars in attorney fees. The point is that a taxi fare is much cheaper in the long run. So this summer make sure to plan your night before you embark.

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