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5 Reasons to Buy Roadside Assistance Coverage

by Last updated Mar 2, 2022Frequently Asked Questions

Roadside assistance is type of insurance coverage designed to help motorists who break down along the road. Roadside assistance coverage is offered by most major insurers and some other companies. Known by a number of different names such as breakdown insurance or emergency assistance, depending on the insurance company, roadside assistance insurance typically provides free or low-cost towing, tire changes, light automotive repair, fuel delivery or other basic services. Those considering whether or not to buy roadside assistance coverage should understand when this type of coverage is most beneficial in order to make an informed buying decision. You can always reach our automobile accident attorneys at Shiner Law Group with any questions regarding roadside assistance coverage and/or insurance coverages.

Why You Should Purchase Roadside Assistance

Work Commute

Most drivers log the majority of their miles driving back and forth to work. As people generally spend more time commuting to work than driving for pleasure, they are more likely to break down while commuting. People who have long commutes may reap the most benefit from roadside assistance insurance as they are more likely to break down far from home. Emergency roadside services can even help a commuter to get back on the road quickly after a breakdown so little work time is lost.


Though breaking down along the road during daylight hours can be an inconvenience for an adult, it can be an extremely stressful and potentially dangerous event when children are in the vehicle. Bad weather can add to the stress and danger of being broken down with children in the vehicle. Shiner Law Groups accident attorneys stress to all parents and caregivers to ensure safety keep your children safe from being stranded along the road, parents and caregivers should consider adding roadside assistance to their coverage. Parents with teenage children may also want to consider adding roadside assistance to protect their young drivers.

Late Night Travel

People who frequently travel late at night for work or pleasure should consider obtaining roadside assistance insurance. Breaking down at night often has more risk than breaking down in the daytime. Being a pedestrian on the side of a road at night can be dangerous due potentially being struck by passing vehicles and by becoming a target for criminals. Many criminals drive the roads at night looking for an easy target such as a stranded motorist or abandoned car. In addition, it is more difficult to find roadside services at night than in the day.

Finding Service

Determining what service provider to use can be difficult, especially when traveling in an unfamiliar area. However, motorists who have roadside assistance coverage will typically be able to obtain referrals from their insurance company. Simply having a company to help find towing companies and related service providers can be a valuable asset which can work to reduce the amount of stress caused by a breakdown. In addition to helping to find services, many roadside assistance insurance plans also provide guarantees on work performed by approved businesses.

Peace of Mind

In this modern world, there are plenty of things for people to worry about. For those who would simply feel better knowing that they have roadside assistance coverage in the event of a vehicle breakdown, buying this relatively inexpensive insurance may be a good investment. After all, it is hard to put a price on peace of mind. Your auto accident law firm is always here to help you in case of an emergency, call us at 561-777-7700 with any questions on coverages and/or legal needs.

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