Top Questions to Ask A West Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorney

Top Questions to Ask A West Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorney Shiner Law Group

Protecting your legal and financial interests in a personal injury case is often dependent on the quality of legal representation retained; however, many victims of personal injury tend to believe that hiring an attorney results in their claim going to trial. Indeed, while some claimants may have stronger success in court, others secure the financial relief they need via out-of-court settlement negotiations.

That is why it is important to understand how an experienced attorney can help you build a compelling case and move beyond your accident. The Shiner Law Group provides a list of key questions to ask during or before your consultation:

What materials do I need to strengthen my claim?

Your attorney will help you quantify your economic and non-economic damages based on the quality of evidence available. You can obtain a significant advantage by documenting detailed medical records and compiling evidence, such as accident reports, photos, video, and clothing.

Will I Be Charged for a Consultation?

Many personal injury law firms provide a free initial consultation and will handle the claim on a contingency fee basis, which means you owe nothing unless the firm gets you a recovery; however, some firms may charge an initial consultation fee and will expect payment at the time of the case review. It is important to ask what type of fees you can expect prior to hiring your attorney.

How Long Is the Consultation, and with Whom Will I Be Meeting?

Generally, consultations may last from 30 minutes to an hour. Claimants will have the opportunity to meet with a paralegal, an associate attorney, or a partner in the law firm.

Is It Appropriate to Arrive with a Friend or Family Member?

Some law firms may have specific concerns regarding attorney-client privilege, so it is recommended that you contact the firm ahead of time to determine if bringing others is an issue; however, most attorneys will not mind if you bring another person to your appointment.

Who Will Be Responsible for My Case, and How Soon Will My Case Get Started?

Each law firm has a unique structure, so the person responsible for your case may vary. For example, the attorney who will work on your case may be different than the attorney you meet. These details, including how long before the firm can begin work on your case, should be available during your initial consultations. Attorneys will ensure they are able to represent you prior to meeting with them.

How Large Is the Staff, and What Percentage Is Involved with Personal Injury Cases?

Not all law firms are equipped to handle complex cases, and not all attorneys have the experience to litigate your claim. You should ask determining questions to verify if the firm handles a large percentage of personal injury claims and what the attorney’s success rate is with respect to personal injury litigation.

What Are the Best Communication Methods with the Law Firm?

Each law firm will have different communication preferences for when you have a question, concern, or need to provide an update. Some lawyers may recommend sending an email over a phone call, or request that you leave a message with a paralegal.

What Will Be My Involvement with the Case?

Personal injury victims may become frustrated when they do not know what to expect, so staying informed can help provide peace of mind. Successfully pursuing a personal injury claim involves the client’s input and the attorney’s assistance. Understanding your involvement will help you avoid common traps and pitfalls.

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