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Have you suffered an injury from a defective product, drug, or device in Boca Raton, Florida? It may be time to talk to the experienced Boca Raton mass tort lawyers from the Shiner Law Group. Our team is ready to help protect your rights and get compensation for your injuries. Call us at 561-368-3363 to schedule a 100% free consultation for your case.

Those injured could be entitled to seek compensation for loss of income and medical bills. Contact our Boca Raton law office to discuss your legal options. Taking those next steps could be critical in your mass tort injury accident claim. Reach out to Shiner Law Group to understand your options and fight for your rights.

Do You Need a Boca Raton Mass Tort Lawyer for Your Case?

A tort is a civil wrong where one individual is injured because of the actions of another individual or company. That injured party is known as the plaintiff, and the other party being sued is the defendant. These mass tort cases stem from the defendant’s reckless or negligent actions that caused a group of individuals to sustain damages or injuries. In many situations, the defendant was responsible for producing dangerous drugs or releasing defective products.

Plaintiffs in mass tort litigation are those who have suffered grave financial or physical injuries as a result of the negligence of a big corporation. In mass tort litigation, that negligent act caused injuries to an entire group of individuals, which is why plaintiffs will take the defendant to court. A guilty defendant is liable for damages. In some cases, these mass tort claims reduce the number of court proceedings. Instead of each individual suing the same defendant, mass torts allow the plaintiffs to make their claim as one group.

This lawsuit makes it easier for the plaintiffs to sue and win against those negligent corporations, such as medication and medical device manufacturers. Usually, one attorney or group usually represents those plaintiffs in a mass tort action. Attorneys can file these tort actions in either state or federal court. Mass tort litigation is also called multidistrict litigation, meaning that the victims can file a claim against the defendant whether they belong to the same district or live far away.

If a corporation or individual negligent action has injured you, you will want to reach out to our Boca Raton mass tort lawyers. We understand what it takes to handle those types of claims successfully. If you wish to become a part of a mass tort case or need to know where to start, you want an experienced Boca Raton mass tort attorney on your side. Talk to a skilled attorney to discuss the next steps in your legal case.

Types of Mass Tort Claims in Boca Raton

Usually, mass torts in Florida involve those defective products. Some of the most common types of mass tort claims in the state include:

Toxins or Environmental Exposure

An environmental pollution mass tort claim involves exposure to paint, lead, toxic chemicals, radioactive materials, or other harmful substances. Typically, these chemicals can cause injuries, illness, disease, and, unfortunately, death to those exposed. Exposure often comes from manufacturing processes that release these dangerous substances into the environment, causing harm to a large number of individuals. These types of mass torts can also include those individuals who were exposed to harmful pharmaceutical products or dangerous workplace substances.

Mass tort cases involving environmental exposure or toxins can be highly complex, requiring a thorough analysis of all the parties to determine responsibility for the incident and compensation for the victim’s injuries. These cases can take years to resolve, but in most situations, the defendant will settle out of court when it is determined they were at fault for their actions.

Contaminated Products

These products may include household appliances, drinks, food items, auto parts, toys, and playground equipment that contain defects, making them extremely dangerous. In some cases, these manufacturers may have known about the danger but released the product to the general public. However, there are times when the manufacturer receives reports of problems but ignores those issues, continuing to manufacture contaminated products. The injured parties can take the manufacturer of the products to court in a mass tort claim.

Medical Device Defects

Patients rely on medical professionals to provide the best care. However, when the hospital or medical staff uses defective medical tools and devices, that can cause issues for thousands of individuals. Many of these faulty devices and tools are considered life-saving materials. When they are defective, these faulty devices have deadly consequences. The injured person or their loved ones can file lawsuits against the device manufacturer and the hospital. Some common devices, such as vaginal mesh and Stryker hip replacement parts, have been deemed defective.

Medical device mass tort cases are brought against the manufacturer and distributor because their products have caused harm to many people. Over the years, mass tort lawsuits have resulted in more than 60,000 lawsuits and billions of dollars in recovered damages. Defective products or devices are not limited to those mentioned above. Other defective products and devices can result in physical injuries, complications, or even death.

These mass tort cases that involve defective items are known as product liability cases. Many of these claims do not depend on negligence. Instead, there is a focus on strict liability, which means that if a defective product causes injuries, the individual can hold the company that designed and manufactured the device responsible without proving they were negligent in their actions.

Defective Drugs

Like defective medical devices and tools, these faulty drugs can cause mass injuries and medical complications, leading those affected to file a mass tort claim. With these torts, the victims can get justice and receive the compensation they deserve from these negligent drug manufacturers.

With these mass tort cases, defective prescription drug cases are the most common claims. These injuries can occur in several ways. A patient may have been prescribed the wrong dosage by a doctor or receive a prescription that caused injuries or death.

Additionally, certain pharmaceutical companies mislead doctors and other medical professionals about their medications’ risks and benefits, known as off-label promotion. In all of these situations, victims of defective drugs can enter into mass tort litigation to seek compensation.

Boca Raton Mass Tort Lawyer

Mass Tort vs. Class Action Lawsuits in Boca Raton

Mass tort and class action may seem similar, but there are differences between those two legal claims. Many people confuse these two types of legal lawsuits. With their similarities, it is crucial to understand their differences to get the proper legal assistance for your claims.

Mass torts and class actions have a group of plaintiffs treated differently in the court system. With class action claims, the attorney will file a lawsuit for those who sustained injuries from the negligent defendant. However, the individuals involved in class action claims are considered the collective plaintiffs in the case, meaning a single plaintiff in the group can sue the defendant on behalf of other victims.

Mass torts are a bit different. With these claims, all of the plaintiffs are considered individuals. That means that every individual plaintiff must establish the facts of the case, including presenting evidence that the individual sustained injuries because of the defendant’s behavior. In many cases, the number of plaintiffs in a mass tort case is smaller than those in a class action lawsuit. These mass tort cases will often involve a distinct group of individuals affected in a similar geographical area.

Generally, these mass tort cases will determine whether the individual injuries result from the defendant’s actions. These claims have a larger reach than those in a class action case. With a class action lawsuit, the plaintiffs need to share a few common characteristics, and the lawsuit will target a specific action of the defendant.

Legal Action In A Mass Tort Claim in Boca Raton

Those who have suffered injuries from a defective drug, device, product, or environmental cause should contact a Boca Raton mass tort lawyer to discuss their claims. These mass tort cases are often a suitable legal path for those injured by a defendant’s negligence.

Environmental causes, harmful drugs, defective devices, and broken products can result in numerous types of injuries for the victim. Therefore, a mass tort case is the most appropriate action for these situations. A qualified personal injury lawyer can discuss the type of lawsuit most suitable for your particular case.

An experienced attorney can help you understand what should be done in your specific case to recover the appropriate compensation for those injuries and damages suffered from these products and items.

Why Is A Boca Raton Mass Tort Lawyer Important for Your Case?

You may be hesitant to file a mass tort claim if you have suffered an injury from a defective drug, product, or device. However, there are reasons why you should consider a mass tort case for your claim. In some cases, starting a mass tort claim is a faster and more efficient way to help recover compensation for your injuries. These cases allow you to combine your claim with other victims who may have experienced the same financial damages and physical injuries from a defective product, drug, or device.

If you are part of a large group of individuals who want to pursue legal action against a single defendant, then filing a mass tort case could be the right move for your claim. Choosing the right filing option may help to settle your case quicker than a class action claim. Make sure to consult with the Shiner Law Group to schedule a free consultation with a Boca Raton mass tort attorney. Our mass tort legal team will help you choose the right option to help recover compensation for your life-changing and devastating experience.

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