Common Injuries That Occur During the Thanksgiving Holiday

Common Injuries At Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is often a time of family gatherings and group celebrations. For many, that means spending the day at home eating a good meal and watching hours and hours of football. Others may decide to go out and party with individuals away from home. Whatever the situation, it is important to know that Thanksgiving week is a busy time of year and sadly, a wide variety of accidents can take place that can lead to injuries and put a damper on your holiday celebration.

Depending on where you will celebrate the holiday this year, you may face treacherous roads filled with ice and snow, along with wall-to-wall traffic. In Florida, the snow and ice will likely not to be a factor, but the traffic most certainly will. More people on the road means there is a greater opportunity for accidents to occur. Automobile accidents are one of the most common types of accidents that happen during the week of Thanksgiving and the injuries that accident victims can sustain vary from minor bumps and bruises to serious, catastrophic injuries, broken bones and even death.

Unfortunately, some individuals may face injuries related to a slip and fall incident in someone’s home, a restaurant or a retail location. Many people love to get a jump on holiday shopping and sales that usually occur the week of Thanksgiving. But whether you’re picking up more potatoes to make your famous mashed potatoes or looking for that prize Christmas gift for your son, if you are shopping during the Thanksgiving holiday, you run the risk of slipping and falling on a wet or slick floor that wasn’t properly cleaned after a spill, or tripping over a piece of carpet that should have been tacked down. Slip and fall injuries can range from bruised legs to broken wrists and arms — or even severe back and head injuries, depending on the nature of the fall.

Burn injuries are also common during the Thanksgiving holiday. Burns can stem from a house fire or cooking fire, but some individuals may suffer burns from scalds as well. That said, it is important for everyone to steer clear of distractions when in the kitchen or near open flames.

There can be a number of food-related injuries in addition to the burns discussed above. For example, kids and adults may experience a choking incident while laughing and chatting with loved ones. Choking can happen when a person eats too quickly or, in the case of a child, when he or she attempts to eat food that hasn’t been properly cut into small enough pieces. It is crucial for individuals to understand that choking is a very serious, life-threatening incident that can ultimately lead to death.

Additionally, food poisoning can be an issue during the holiday season. This can occur when raw meats are not handled properly or certain food items are not stored appropriately. Children, elderly individuals and pregnant women are particularly at risk if they get food poisoning, primarily because it could result in more serious conditions, such as kidney failure.

We at the Shiner Law Group want you and your loved ones to remain safe and injury-free this Thanksgiving. However, if you sustain an injury while celebrating or at any other time of the year, contact a personal injury lawyer at our firm right away.

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