Firefighters: More Die In Crashes Than Fires

For firefighters, battling fires is a dangerous part of the job but not as dangerous as rushing to the scene. In fact, firefighters are more likely to die in a motor vehicle-related incident than injuries sustained by fire.

More firefighters die in crashes than fires

The National Fire Protection Association reported that in the past decade, about 20 percent of U.S. firefighter deaths happened while firefighters were responding or returning from emergency calls. According to the NFPA, traffic accidents usually cause more firefighter deaths than flame, smoke inhalation or building collapses. Crashes account for the second-highest cause of death for firefighters, second to sudden cardiac deaths.

Next time you see a firetruck, or any emergency vehicle with its sirens on in Palm Beach County, you are advised to slow down by 20 miles per hour and yield the right of way to the emergency vehicle. Pull over to the right as close to the curb as possible. Before pulling back into traffic, be alert for additional emergency vehicles following behind.

Florida’s “Move Over Law” requires drivers to yield to emergency vehicles or face penalties, which could include more than $100 in fines and three points on your driver’s license.

Traffic accidents not only risk the lives of emergency personnel, it harms the fire victims they’re rushing to save when every second matters. Drivers can be more alert by lowering the volume of their radio to hear sirens and limiting distractions behind the wheel.

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