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If you were injured in a slip and fall accident start a free chat now!


If you were injured in a fall accident start a free chat now!

Were You Injured In A Slip And Fall Accident In Parkland?

Slip and fall injuries are common in industrial settings. A report from the US Department of Labor shows that slips and falls account for most of the injuries at a workplace. The cost of a slip and fall injury could be more than $100,000 per person.

Ways To Prevent Slip And Fall Accidents in Parkland

Fortunately, you can follow guidelines to keep the premises — and your bottom line — safe. Following the guidelines here in this article will help you avoid slip and fall injury cases.

1. Place Signage at Proper Places

Most of the slip and fall injuries are caused due to slippery or wet surfaces. The most commonly reported surfaces where the injuries in the workplace occur include:

  • Sidewalks
  • Parking lots
  • Food preparation areas
  • Shower stalls
  • Toilet

Make sure that the slippery areas within the workplace are properly identified. These areas should be highlighted by placing signage. The signage should warn about the hazard due to the slippery surface. The cleaning staff should be advised to place the sign before cleaning the floor or walls. This will help avoid an injury due to slip and fall.

2. Create a Floor Safety Plan

A floor safety plan can help in identifying areas with potential slip and fall hazard. You should create a comprehensive floor safety plan. The plan should identify areas and also recommend guidelines to prevent injuries in hazardous areas to keep the employees safe.

The safety plan should be given to all the employees. The employees should know about the slippery areas within the workplace and also what actions they should take to prevent an injury. The safety plan could prove invaluable in reducing liability in a personal injury case.

3. Keep the Stairs Safe

Stairs are another commonplace of slip and fall injuries. You should be proactive in keeping the stairs safe for employees. Make sure that the stairs at the workplace have handrails. The top and bottom of the stairs should be marked with reflective tape.

Make sure that the rugs or carpets placed at the stairs and landings are properly secured. The stairs should also be kept clean and well lighted to prevent any injury.

4. Organize Cords

Phone, internet, and wire cables also contribute to slip and fall injury at the workplace. You should ensure that the cables are kept under carpets or behind walls. There should be no loose cables on the floor as it could increase the chances of an injury.

Parkland Slip And Fall Lawyers

5. Indoor and Outdoor Traction Control Measures

You need to pay extra attention to keep indoor and outdoor floors safe for employees during rainy and snowy weather. The sidewalks and floors should be kept clean and repaired promptly. Ice or snow on the outdoor surfaces should be removed.

Anti-skid paint and adhesive stripping materials can also reduce the risk of slip and fall. Moisture-absorbent mats are also recommended in the entrance area to reduce the risk of a slip and fall injury. Mats and rugs should also be placed in food preparation areas to prevent injuries.

Consider creating a policy for taking appropriate timely action in case someone spills a drink. Mention in the policy that the worker who spills food or drink needs to report the incident immediately to the cleaning staff.

Make sure that the indoor and outdoor spaces are periodically inspected. The working space should be vacuumed daily. A clean and organized work environment will not just make the work environment pleasant for everyone, but also reduce the risk of injuries.

6. Keep Walkways Clutter-Free

The walkways including corridors and aisles should not contain any clutter. Regular cleaning of these areas is important to reduce the risk of an accident. You should create policies for cleaning and keeping the place free of clutter.

The employees should be informed that they should avoid leaving any files, boxes, or briefcases in the walkways. The storerooms, passageways, and services areas should be kept dry at all times. Proper signage should be placed to warn about any spills in the area. Make sure that there is no stringing cables, hoses, or cords in of the walkways.

7. Ask Employees to Wear Proper Shoes

Shoes should be appropriate for the workplace. Employees who work around machinery should not wear strappy or high heels. They should wear steel-toed boots when working near machinery. When buying shoes, workers should be encouraged to buy a sole that is suitable for the floor. Wearing proper shoes will greatly reduce the risk of an accident.

8. Proper Lighting at the Workplace

A lot of slip and fall accidents at the workplace occur due to poor lighting. To reduce the risk of injuries, the workplace should be properly illuminated.

Make sure staircases, walkways, ramps, basements, hallways, dock and construction areas are well-lit. Ask employees to always turn on the light when entering a dark room. The light switches should be easily accessible. Moreover, light fixtures, cords, and switches should be repaired immediately.

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Slip and fall injuries at the workplace can lead to costly lawsuits. The tips mentioned here will help reduce the risk of a slip and fall lawsuit. Consider regular slip and fall audit to ensure that the workplace remains safe for all employees.

You should contact an experienced Parkland slip and fall lawyer to minimize legal liabilities in the event of an injury at the workplace. An experienced Parkland personal injury attorney will provide you with expert counsel on the best way to defend the case. The help of the attorney will help increase the likelihood of a successful court outcome in your favor.

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