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Stuart Slip and Fall LawyerWere you recently injured in a slip and fall accident in Stuart, FL? Our experienced Stuart slip and fall lawyers at Shiner Law Group are ready to help fight for your legal rights and get the compensation you deserve. Call us today at (772) 777-7700 to speak with an attorney for a 100% free consultation.

You may be entitled to seek compensation for medical bills, loss of income, pain, and suffering, and more. Contact our Stuart, FL law offices to discuss the legal options that might be available to you following your slip and fall accident. The next steps are very important. Let Shiner Law Group help you with your slip and fall accident case today.

Were You Injured In A Slip And Fall Accident In Stuart?

Do you need a Stuart slip and fall lawyer in Florida to help you get the money you deserve for your injuries, if so, contact our trial attorneys at our law firm today. Our personal injury law firm has a history of success in helping our clients obtain compensation for their injuries.

Negligent property owners, those who own property or businesses, and fail to fix certain conditions which are known or should have been known to the owners as being dangerous can be held liable for these unsafe hazards. The property owners can be held financially responsible for the costs associated with injuries sustained from the poorly maintained facilities and if found to be reckless can be held liable for additional damages, such as pain and suffering.

Our slip and fall injury lawyers at Shiner Law Group are here to help, after being injured in a slip or fall or a trip and fall, call us immediately and let us work for you.

To learn more about your rights, call us today and request a free, no-obligation evaluation of your slip and fall or trip and fall accident.

How to Choose the Right Stuart Personal Injury Lawyer After a Slip and Fall Accident

After a fall accident, you most likely have lost wages due to absences from work during your recovery – not to mention physical injuries and pain. You may be left with a heavy financial burden all because of the negligence of the property owner.

Unfortunately employers and insurance companies look at these type of injuries with suspicion, they may question responsibility, luckily for you after searching for a slip and fall attorney near you, you found us and are interested in learning more.

You need the skills and expertise that our firm brings to the table if you were injured due to the negligence of a property owner.

The reason why you need to hire our Stuart Personal Injury lawyers are as follows:

  • We are part of the community and care about our neighbors.
  • We have a winning track record for Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall cases in Stuart and the Treasure Coast.
  • Our lawyers will devote the time and energy to review and fight your case, because you deserve nothing less than our five-star compassionate service.
  • When you call our Stuart Florida office at 772-777-7700 you will speak to a lawyer, not a call center.
  • Every case in our law firm is assigned to at least one dedicated attorney and several other Shiner law Group team members to assist you and provide personal service throughout your case.

For over 20 years we have fought for those within our community to resolve their injuries, our experienced Stuart personal injury lawyers will listen to you, you will not be a number, just a case you will join our family and we will treat you as such. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service throughout the entire process of working with you during your claim.

Stuart Slip and Fall Attorney

What is a Slip and Fall vs a Trip and Fall Accident?

A Slip and Fall is where someone slips on a wet or slippery floor or in a parking lot, a trip and fall is when someone actually trips over an object. A slip tends to propel the body backward, which injuries your head, neck, shoulders, elbows, arms, and spine. However, when you unfortunately slip, your body could contort in several different ways causing pulled muscles and tendons, broken bones, head injuries, and other types of permanent pain and suffering.

Slip and fall cases tend to be when an item fell on the floor spilling liquid which makes the floors slippery, basically when there is a substance on the floor which makes the surface dangerous, sometimes the floor was wet and the weather turned the water to ice, which is difficult to see and you slip on the ice. However, we have represented people who have slipped on oil left on a gas station floor, spilled drinks at a local restaurant, poorly installed floors that fail to have the proper coefficient of friction materials installed, etc.

You typically fall forwards in tripping instances injuring your arms and hands and knees as you try to steady yourself or catch yourself as you fall. A trip and fall is most common in retail store outlets because items on selves tend to fall into the middle of the aisle, which creates obstacles that shoppers are more easily able to trip over and injure themselves. Additionally, Trip and fall accidents occur on sidewalks or parking lots, outdoor settings where the walking surface is exposed to the elements causing holes or cracks or tree roots upend the paved surface causing an uneven surface.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in Stuart

We are extremely fortunate here in Stuart to avoid snow and ice-related slip and falls accidents, however, these accidents can happen in any number of other ways.

Slip and Fall accidents often happen because of:

Trip and Fall accidents often happen because of:

  • Obstacles in walkways
  • Potholes
  • Damaged railings on staircases
  • Uneven carpeting and mats
  • Broken or uneven steps and curbs
  • Uneven pavement, whether in parking lots or sidewalks

Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall Accidents at Work

Workers or employees may also be at risk for slip and fall or trip and fall-related injuries, especially those who work in the construction industry or in warehouses. If you were hurt in a slip and fall or trip and fall while on the job or at work, you may also be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Negligent third parties may also be held liable for damages in a personal injury lawsuit. Generally, if you suffered injuries from a fall at your work, the law in Florida will allow you to make a recovery from applicable worker’s compensation insurance. However, you may also be able to bring a third-party claim as well – this is why if you were hurt in Stuart Florida or the Treasure Coast you need to contact a personal injury lawyer who has decades of experience representing people in slip and fall or trip and fall insurance claims.

Private Property Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall Accidents in Stuart

Property owners have a duty to take steps to prevent these types of hazards in order to avoid injuries that occur because of slip and falls or trip and fall accidents. If you or someone you know were hurt in a slip and fall or a trip and fall on someone else’s property due to their negligence, don’t hesitate to get a lawyer’s advice about your right to seek damages.

Common Stuart Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall Injuries

At Shiner Law Group we handle all types of slip and fall or trip and fall accident cases. Our goal is to get compensation for expenses related to your injuries, which often include:

Many accident victims recover quickly from their injuries. However, slip and fall or trip and fall accidents are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries in the U.S. which create serious complications for those who are injured and may take an extensive period of time to recover.

Recovering damages in a Stuart Slip and Fall Accident

Florida personal injury laws allow an injured party to recover reimbursement for all expenses you may have sustained from an accident. An injured party may also be entitled to certain financial compensation in order to help the injured make ends meet during recovery, if the injured party is unable to work.

Damages awarded may include:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical care or ongoing medical treatment
  • Physical therapy and other rehabilitation thearapies
  • Medication
  • In-home medical care, including therapy and household help
  • Home modifications, if serious injured
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning potential (future earnings)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Emotional distress

When discussing compensation, keep in mind that the cost of quality medical care is extremely expensive and for severe injuries, long-term recovery should be taken into account. Additionally, you may also be facing a painful recovery. Our expert lawyers will work with the seasoned professionals to properly value your case.

Our team will work to help you get the most compensation possible for your injuries. Having a dedicated personal injury attorney on your side helps to prevent leaving money on the table which could help your recovery. Call us today and speak with an experienced attorney at Shiner Law Group to explore all of your options.

Why Are There So Many Slip and Fall Accidents?

Based on CDC data statistics, there are more than 800,000 fall-related hospitalizations each year leading to more than 28,000 deaths. One in four older adults 65 years and older are affected by fall-related injuries each year. Fall-related injuries are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries in older Americans each year.

Especially in Florida, where there is a larger percentage of older adults, fall-related fatalities for those aged 65 and up are typically higher than the national average. According to the Florida Department of Health fall-related injuries are 4% higher than average for the U.S.

The CDC reported fall related deaths increased over 30% from 2007 to 2016. Additionally:

  • 95% of all hip fractures were caused by fall related injuries (300,000 older adults are hospitalized due to fall related hip fractures).
  • One out of five falls results in serious injury, such as broken bones or head trauma.
  • Fall related injuries are the most common cause of Traumatic Brain Injuries (“TBI”)

How do you Prove Damages in a Stuart Slip and Fall Accident?

Fall-related accident cases are based upon proving negligence on the part of the property owner. The law is called “premises liability and in order to prove premise liability you have to have the following:

  1. Duty of Care: The property owner has a duty of care by keeping the property “reasonably” safe, fixing unsafe conditions, and warning individuals of any known dangers, if you were legally on the premises, however, if you were trespassing, because you did not have permission to be on the property then this may not apply because property owners owe you the lowest form of duty of care.
  2. Breached: If you can establish you were permitted to be on the property you need to prove that the property owner failed the duty of care you were owed, evidence typically practices, manuals, emails, calls, logs all which show that the property owner knew or should have known about the dangers.
  3. Causation: The next step is to prove that your injuries were caused by the dangerous conditions on the property. This is done by detailing the injuries and via medical records, as an example, did you have a broken leg prior to stepping on the property.
  4. Damages: Finally, you need to prove damages, your broken leg, caused certain medical expenses and lost work etc.

In Florida all four elements listed above must be proven by a preponderance of evidence in order to prevail in a litigation case involving a fall-related injury on a premises liability claim. Call an expert slip and fall or trip and fall lawyer to assist you in evaluating the value of your claims.

What Happens if the Insurance Company Blames Me for the Fall Related Injuries?

Insurance adjusters and the companies they work for will often do anything in their power to avoid paying damages, including blaming the victim. This is typically used as a scare tactic to induce the victim to accept a low ball offer. Do not fall for this tactic, in fact, you do not even have to discuss a settlement with them. When you hire our team of personal injury lawyers we will conduct all of the negotiations for you and we will fight for you, in fact, we are always prepared for these types of tactics and we will be ready to respond on your behalf.

Property owners have a duty of care, to be reasonably careful and you have rights as well, and one of those rights is to expect that property owners will do everything in their power to keep you safe. Our team will work to gather the evidence needed to prove your claim and will be able to refute any allegation which may come up during the discovery and negotiation phase of this process.

Even if you may have been partially to blame, Florida has a comparative negligence clause which provides the injured party damages that will be reduced by a specific amount if a partial fault is attributed to you, which is why it is so important to contact us immediately, even if you believe you were partially at fault for your injuries. As an example, if it is determined that you were 30% at fault for your injuries and the property owner was ruled to be 70% at fault, in a $100,000 settlement you would be entitled to $70,000.

Why Do I need a Stuart Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer?

As previously mentioned, property owners and business owners have a legal duty of care to keep their properties safe for others. Yet, we know this is not always the case and we also know that it is not easy to prove that there was negligence, especially when going through this tragic ordeal on your own. This is why hiring the right Stuart personal injury lawyers is very important when seeking damages. Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys understand the legal system, know how to work with the insurance companies as well as gather the evidence needed to make a strong legal argument in order to get you fair compensation for your damages.

When choosing Shiner Law Group, know that your interests will be protected, and our team will:

  • Gather evidence and conduct a thorough investigation by interviewing witnesses, locate video surveillance, investigate past property claims and property history and review the actions of the property owners.
  • We will engage expert witnesses to help establish the value of damages.
  • Work to reconstruct and pinpoint the cause of the injuries.
  • Negotiate with the insurance adjusters and insurance companies.
  • Help prove your claims.

We will back up your claims with the documented evidence we discovered and will present a strong evidence-based claim that will help provide you with the best chance of collecting damages for your injuries.

Stuart Slip and Fall Lawyer

Contact an Experienced Stuart Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer to Discuss Your Case

Have you or a loved one been injured in a fall related injury? Are medical expenses piling up, have you missed work due to your injuries? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, its time you called the personal injury lawyers at Shiner Law Group. Our expert fall related injury attorneys will be able to handle all premises liability litigation cases and are experienced in working with fall related injury cases.

The Statutes of Limitation for personal injury litigation and for filing a claim is two years and some insurance companies may impose shorter timelines, which is why it is extremely important to contact us immediately so we can properly advise you on the best course of action. Our law firm will not charge you more than the standard Florida Bar guidelines which is in the best interests of our clients. And, our law firm’s general policies do not charge attorneys’ fees if you do not make a recovery for your slip and fall and trip and fall case.

Ensuring you get proper medical treatment for your injuries is also extremely important but also making sure we are able to document the dangerous environment before the property owner fixes the dangerous environmental condition which caused your injuries. The sooner you hire our team, the sooner we can document the injures as well as the causation.

Call today to speak to one of our attorneys about your experience. Our Stuart Slip and fall, trip and fall accident lawyers are here to help.

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Stuart Slip and Fall Lawyer Review

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