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Tamarac Wrongful Death Lawyers

The wrongful death of a loved one is profoundly devastating for Tamarac families, particularly if the incident was caused by the reckless, negligent, or willful misconduct of another.

At the Shiner Law Group, our seasoned team of attorneys understands the unique challenges surviving family members and estate beneficiaries face, and we are prepared to take sizable national insurance chains and their policyholders to court to fight on behalf of your legal and financial interests.

While financial recovery cannot wholly remedy a family’s bereavement, it can alleviate the slate of hardships left in the victim’s absence.

If your loved one has been wrongfully killed due to the negligence of another person, business, or entity, contact our experienced wrongful death lawyers to discuss your legal rights and options, as you may be entitled to financial compensation.


Pursuing a Wrongful Death Claim in Florida

When a person is wrongfully killed as a result of negligence, surviving family members and beneficiaries of the estate can pursue a wrongful death claim; however, this type of civil action is won on the preponderance of evidence.

Claimants must show the at-fault party owed a reasonable duty of care to the victim, the duty of care was breached, and the resulting injuries directly caused the wrongful death.

The statute of limitations for bringing a legal cause of action against a negligible party is two years within the state of Florida for pecuniary loss:

  • Pain and suffering, which can be pursued in a separate survivorship action that allows surviving family members or estate beneficiaries to file a personal injury claim on behalf of the victim had he or she survived the incident of negligence.
  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Lost income, benefits, and services
  • Lost inheritance
  • Lost companionship, guidance, and security
  • Lost consortium

Claimants can recover damages as both a surviving family member and beneficiary of the estate, though the type and amount of compensation available is more substantial for family members.

Much of the legal maneuvering involved in a wrongful death case occurs outside of the courtroom, where experienced wrongful death lawyers meticulously craft documents and gather evidence to build a compelling claim and maximize a victim’s financial recovery potential.

How Wrongful Death Lawyer Can Help

For over 15 years, our award-winning wrongful death lawyers at the Shiner Law Group have successfully recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for Tamarac wrongful death victims and their families, because we are committed to holding negligible parties responsible while securing the financial compensation our clients deserve.

We conduct a thorough investigation of the facts, perform pre-trial research, consult a body of case law, negotiate with insurance companies, initiate the wrongful death lawsuit, and use the discovery process to obtain key evidence and bolster your claim. While hardly an exhaustive list, the Shiner Law Group provides common examples of the cases we manage:

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