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Accidents Involving Out-Of-State Drivers

by | Last updated May 9, 2023

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For many families across the United States, Florida remains a beloved destination for rest and relaxation, with ~113 million people taking advantage of the state’s beautiful weather, world-class resorts, and major commercial hubs in 2016, according to the Orlando Sentinel; however, as Florida’s attractions experience high-tourist volumes, the risk for car accidents, particularly those involving out-of-state drivers, also increases.

What makes accidents with out-of-state driver’s unique is that, in most cases, the insurance coverage is far different than what is required in Florida. Still, this does not mean an accident victim cannot bring a claim against an out-of-state driver and his or her insurance company.

It is important for car accident victims to know that insurance coverage is provided by national and international companies, and while the level of coverage may vary depending on the state the driver resides in, the coverage is generally valid in any state the driver travels. All car accident victims are entitled to view a copy of an out-of-state driver’s insurance policy to assess the level of coverage provided.

Accidents Involving Out-of-state Drivers

What Happens If I Am Injured in an Accident with an Out-Of-State Driver?

If you or a loved one is injured in a car accident involving an out-of-state driver, the out-of-state driver can be made to appear in a Florida court, regardless if the driver travels across state borders. Florida’s Long-Arm Statute (48.193) states that all drivers who cross Florida’s border automatically consent to appear in a Florida court in the event of a car accident.

Car accident victims are strongly encouraged to obtain as much information as possible in the event of a collision, including the driver’s name, address, vehicle make, and model, as well as the license plate number and state. Never leave the scene of an accident without seeking the assistance of a law enforcement professional, who can properly document and maintain records of the accident.

Seeking Legal Advice for Car Accident Injuries

While an auto repair shop can estimate the value of damage done to a vehicle, personal injuries sustained in an accident are not always clear. Most car accident victims experience a range of debilitating or even permanent injuries, including, but not limited to, sciatica, back, shoulder, joint, and knee pain, as well as concussions and traumatic brain injury, all of which can lead to significant medical bills and rehabilitation. More so, the effects of these injuries may not manifest in the immediate aftermath of an accident.

Insurance companies will take advantage of unrepresented parties by employing tactics to reduce, stall, or outright deny damage claims to mitigate any financial liability, making it imperative for car accident victims to seek the legal counsel of an experienced car accident attorney.

Our award-winning law firm will immediately conduct a detailed investigation to acquire the information needed to identify all responsible parties, including manufacturers, if applicable. Our investigative services do not stop at the Florida border, and we will exhaust all efforts to locate out-of-state drivers to ensure that you receive the financial compensation you deserve.

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