More Brain Injuries in Stroller Accidents

by Last updated Mar 2, 2022Injuries to Children

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Each day, about 50 children are rushed to the emergency room for injuries related to strollers and infant carriers. What’s more frightening, brain injuries made up 79% of the carrier-related injuries and 65% of the stroller-related injuries that lead to hospitalization. This is triple the rate of head injuries from these accidents in 1990.

According to a recent study by the Academic Pediatric, nearly 361,000 baby and toddlers were treated in hospitals during a 21-year period for stroller and carrier-related injuries. Most of the injuries were caused by falls and tip-overs.

Your Palm Beach County personal injury and product liability lawyers understand the devastating implications of traumatic brain injuries, especially for infants and toddlers. These injuries could impact their long-term cognitive development. As parents, who want the best for their children, it’s excruciating to know most of these injuries could be prevented.

Child Injuries From Strollers

Remember when using any stroller or carrier:

  1. Children should always be properly buckled in, no matter the age or how short the ride.
  2. Children should never remain unattended in a stroller.
  3. Avoid stroller from tipping over by not allowing children to climb in themselves.
  4. Avoid hanging heavy items, like bags, on the stroller handles. This may cause them to tip over.
  5. Keep the baby carrier lower to the ground to lessen impact to the baby if it falls.
  6. When stroller is “parked,” lock the wheels. Also make sure carriers are secure if they interlock with a stroller.
  7. Check to make sure your stroller or infant carrier has not been recalled. Here’s an updated list from

Parents, be extra careful with carriers. Carrier injuries had a hospitalization rate that tripled stroller injuries – 6.5% compared to 2.4%. Never place a carrier on a table or other elevated surfaces.

If your child has suffered a serious fall from a stroller or infant carrier, see a doctor immediately. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has more information on the symptoms of a concussion or brain injury. When in doubt, it’s always best to visit an urgent care doctor or pediatrician. In any cases of product and premise liability, always contact Shiner Law Group to discuss your legal options. Your health and safety is our utmost concern.

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