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Chiropractic Care: The Advantage of Prevention from Injury

by | Last updated Mar 2, 2022

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Traditional western medicine has reigned supreme for many years, but recently people are seeking alternatives. Pharmaceuticals and surgeries play a key role in dealing with health issues. However, people are now exploring different methods for prevention of health problems instead of waiting until they occur. One such alternative medicine that concentrates on prevention is chiropractic care. Our Florida personal injury attorneys work closely with only a handful of chiropractors that are trusted by us and our clients in various cities throughout Florida.

Chiropractic Care The Advantage To Injury Prevention

Gaining Respect

Public perception of chiropractic care has been negative in the past. Chiropractic practitioners have been viewed as quacks practicing a “fake” medicine. Now, chiropractors are gaining more respect in the eyes of patients and the medical community. As an alternative to surgery and another method of pain therapy, this form of medicine has become a legitimate option. Increased insurance benefits and the growing number of recommendations from doctors of other types of medicine encourage patients to try chiropractic care

Not Just the Spine

The foundation of chiropractic care is realignment of the vertebrae or backbone of patients. While some people may have major conditions like a slipped disc or injuries, even small misalignments can put pressure on nerves. This pressure can interfere with signals from all parts of the body. Decreased nerve conduction can affect more systems than just the musculoskeletal system. Research has shown that misalignments affect many organ systems, such as the heart and GI tract, and correction of these misalignments improves overall health as well as specific points of discomfort.

Optimal Function

Once a realignment puts the body back into its optimal functional state, this can reduce illnesses as minor as the common cold or as major as heart disease. While chiropractic care is beneficial in healing already occurring issues, its real advantage lies in prevention. Getting regular alignments has the potential to prevent health issues from occurring by insuring the best nerve conduction and therefore the best functional state for the body.

The Prevention Advantage

Often people think of chiropractic medicine as a one-time treatment–once their spine is adjusted, all is well. However, people are always causing misalignments and/or injuries to their spine, large or small, with even the most normal, everyday activities. Sitting at a computer for long periods, standing on one hip, always carrying objects such as a purse or backpack on the same shoulder, and walking with feet turned out or in are all common activities that cause misalignment. Vigorous activities such as sports or heavy labor are even more hazardous for spinal alignment. Regular adjustments will correct such misalignments and keep them from becoming larger health issues.

The term regular adjustment doesn’t mean patients need to visit their chiropractor every other day, though some with specific conditions may require it. Each individual will have a differing need for chiropractic care, as frequent as a few times a week to as infrequent as twice a year. Depending on their unique health needs and physical abilities, patients who perform regular strength, flexibility, and balance activities like yoga or relaxation activities like massage find their spines realign more naturally. This can decrease the need for chiropractic intervention and increase time between adjustments.

With healthier activities and lifestyles plus chiropractic care, many people are discovering the advantage of prevention. If you or a loved one is looking for a licensed, trusted and results oriented chiropractors in your area, please contact your injury lawyers at Shiner Law Group at 561-777-7700.