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Hazard Lights in the Rain? It’s Dangerous & Illegal

by | Last updated Mar 2, 2022

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If you live in South Florida, it’s a given that there will be severe weather and flash storm. You see it on I-95 from Miami all the way through Palm Beach County, when rain falls in sheets and everyone is crawling, there they are: those drivers with their hazard lights flashing just ahead of you. Sure, they may think it’s helpful to alert other drivers with their flashing beacon, “Watch out. I’m here.” Safety first, right? Well, no. It’s dangerous and illegal in Florida and here’s why…

According Florida law, flashers should only be used in emergency situations when your vehicle is stopped. If you use them while the vehicle is moving, especially in low visibility conditions like a thunder storm, other drivers may think you’re tapping your brake lights or trying to make a turn. It’s confusing and could lead to injury or even be deadly.

That’s why driving with your hazard lights could land you a $116 citation in Palm Beach county. There is one exception: if you’re part of a funeral procession escorted by a police officer. That’s safe.

To help us all, here’s a nifty little diagram that spells out the right way versus the wrong way to drive in the rain.

Hazards Lights Dangerous in the Rain

The right way: turn on your low beam headlights and windshield wipers. If low visibility makes it too difficult to see the road or other cars, pull over into a parking lot and wait out the storm.

And one important side note. Don’t use your hazards in other circumstances when your vehicle is moving slowly. Sometimes it’s a mattress. Really.

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