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The sunny weather and beautiful scenery in and around Hialeah beckon motorcyclists. If you have ever ridden on the open road on a beautiful day, you know how amazing it can be.

However, unlike those riding in traditional passenger vehicles, motorcyclists have minimal protection from the elements; if an accident occurs, motorcycle accident injuries are often severe or fatal.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, contact a Hialeah motorcycle accident lawyer for help. Our legal team can investigate the cause of your accident and provide you with the legal representation you need to recover compensation for your injuries and losses.

Common Locations for Hialeah Motorcycle Accidents

All types of traffic accidents occur in the Hialeah area. Many of them involve motorcyclists. Motorcycle accidents are common on roads that connect to Interstate 75 and State Road 826. There are intersections throughout the area that pose risks for motorcyclist, too, such as West 12th Avenue.

With 228,000 residents in Hialeah, people are always coming and going. Also, with Miami nearby, visitors always go in and out of the area. All the traffic in the area increases the potential of a motorcycle accident.

The fact is, though, that a motorcycle accident can occur anywhere. Whether driving in your neighborhood or on the highway, our Hialeah motorcycle accident lawyers are here to help.

Common Types of Hialeah Motorcycle Accidents

There are more than 620,000 people with registered motorcycles in the state of Florida. With so many motorcycles on the road, there is a high possibility of an accident. Usually, people on motorcycles aren’t as visible to large vehicles or traditional passenger vehicles. Because of this, there is a higher likelihood they will be involved in an accident.

Some of the most common motorcycle accidents that occur in the area include:

Head-on Collisions

Sometimes, a driver may veer into the opposite lane and hit a motorcycle in the other direction. Usually, head-on collisions are more dangerous for riders because there are fewer barriers to help prevent them from happening. Some victims experience devastating and catastrophic injuries after this type of accident.

Left-Hand Turn Accidents

Sometimes, a motorcyclist collides with a turning driver. An accident at an intersection makes up about 42% of all fatal motorcycle collisions. Any vehicle in the left-hand turn lane should yield to all oncoming traffic. Sometimes, negligence can result in another driver crashing into a motorcyclist.

Rear-End Collisions

Some motorcycle collisions involve vehicles tailgating the rider in front of them. If a motorist is riding too close behind another vehicle, and the vehicle in front stops suddenly, they may cause an accident. The person in a passenger vehicle may experience minor injuries; however, motorcyclists may fall off their bike and suffer more serious injuries, like a TBI or internal injuries.

Sideswipe Accidents

During a sideswipe collision, the sides of a motorcycle and another vehicle come in contact. This usually occurs when someone changes lanes and doesn’t see someone in the other lane. The liable driver may have failed to look in their mirrors or check their blind spot before they crash into you.

Single Vehicle Accidents

Several motorcycle accidents don’t involve another vehicle. Slippery roads or fallen debris may cause a rider to run off the road or even fall off their bike. While no other person was involved in the accident, someone else may still be liable.

Motorcycle accidents can happen in many ways. Our Hialeah motorcycle accident attorneys are ready to help you with your case and ensure you recover the compensation you deserve.

Hialeah Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Potential Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Hialeah

If someone else is responsible for your accident and injuries, you have the right to file a lawsuit against them. However, one step is to prove that the person’s actions led to your accident. Your attorney can work to determine the underlying cause and gather evidence related to your case.

Some of the reasons that motorcycle accidents occur include:

Unsafe Road Conditions

Several streets in Hialeah may be uneven or full of potholes. Dips and bumps in the road may cause riders to lose control of their motorcycles. Also, stormy weather moves through the area regularly during the summer, and heavy rainfall can reduce traction on the pavement.


All motorists should pay attention to what’s around them. Unfortunately, many people are distracted when behind the wheel due to passengers, electronics, and more. If someone tries to do several things at once, their brain isn’t focused on driving. This means they may not see a motorcycle moving in front of them or if they suddenly hit the brakes.


When someone speeds or drives over the speed limit, their vehicle will need more space to stop. At just 30 miles per hour, a car needs around 90 feet to brake and stop safely. If someone goes over the speed limit and tailgates, they may be liable if an accident occurs.

Mechanical Errors

In some situations, motorcycle accidents aren’t caused by driver error. A problem with the equipment on a motorcycle may cause injuries. When a driver crashes into you, they may lose control because of faulty brakes.


After someone has had a few drinks, they shouldn’t drive. Most states will punish drivers that have a BAC that is 0.08 or higher. Motorcycle accident victims can hold drunk motorists accountable for their reckless actions while behind the wheel.

Some crashes occur because of someone else’s negligence. Liability isn’t always clear in each case. Our legal team knows what needs to be done to find the facts and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Liability in Hialeah Motorcycle Accidents

Determining liability in motorcycle accidents is essential to hold someone responsible and recover compensation. Some of the parties who may be liable for this type of accident include:


Negligence requires that you prove several things. The liable party will be negligent; however, this must be proven. Each party that could be liable for the accident will owe the victim compensation for the damages they experienced. Usually, a motorcyclist can file a claim against a driver.

Usually, motorists are the ones who exhibit careless actions by failing to yield to traffic or speeding. The person may have been on their phone or distracted in some other way. Drivers have many ways that they can endanger motorcycle riders.

A Government Agency

You may be able to file a motorcycle accident claim against some government department. The city could be liable if an employee crashed into a motorcycle rider. To have a successful claim, a government worker would have had to cause the collision while working and clocked in.

A government agency can also be liable for road design issues. The layout of an intersection, highway, or street can be dangerous for motorcycles. For example, a road may block the view of vehicles coming when someone tries to make a left-hand turn.

Also, the government may be negligent if the road isn’t properly maintained. For example, if a department was aware of a pothole and didn’t fix it, the victim can file a claim.

A Manufacturer

If a defective motorcycle part caused your accident, it might be possible to seek legal action against the part manufacturer. It’s required, by law, that manufacturers create reliable designs and conduct various safety tests. Many companies cut corners during the production and assembly stages, resulting in defects and other issues.

Minor defects can cause significant issues. However, the issue isn’t always easy to identify. Our legal team is ready to help uncover any underlying issue and ensure the liable party is held responsible.

How an Insurance Company May Try to Mislead You After a Motorcycle Accident

The role of a motorcycle accident lawyer is to help pursue a legal claim on your behalf. Hire a motorcycle accident attorney to ensure you aren’t deceived or manipulated by the insurance company representing the other party. When an adjuster contacts you, they may act concerned and friendly, but this isn’t the case.

Some of the ways an insurance company may try to do this include:

Ask You to Release Medical Documents

An insurance adjuster’s tone is intentional and designed to catch an accident victim off guard. Because of this, the representative will work to convince a victim to release their medical information. The insurance adjuster may claim they need the documents to settle your claim; however, their goal is to examine your records and work to find a reason to pay you less or nothing at all.

Request Recorded Statements About the Accident

Insurers will request that victims provide a recorded statement about the accident. The adjuster may make you feel like you must tell your side of what happened. However, they are trained to ask leading questions to alter the narrative for their benefit. They may use what you say to reduce the value of your claim or deny payment completely.

They Claim Lawyers Aren’t Necessary

Another way an insurance company may work to mislead you is by saying you don’t need an attorney. Some insurers may also argue that hiring a lawyer is more expensive than you can afford. These statements aren’t based on facts. Adjusters know that once you hire an attorney, they will pursue the maximum compensation possible for your claim. Your attorney will also shield you from the pressure the insurance company may put on you to settle and work to protect your rights.

Most attorneys will provide services on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t have to pay unless you recover compensation.

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Our Hialeah motorcycle accident attorneys have years of experience handling these cases and will work to help you fully recover from the damages and injuries you sustained due to an accident caused by a negligent party.

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