Personal Injury Lawyer FAQ

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Have you suffered a serious injury at a store or other location? If so, you are entitled to receive compensation from the guilty party. Here are commonly asked questions about personal injury cases in Florida.

1. How Can I Avoid Potential Personal Injury Lawsuits?

Personal injury lawsuits can result in serious financial problems for firms. Taking precautions is important to avoid a personal injury lawsuit. Make sure that the floors are clean and clear of any potential hazards. Proper signage should be placed in case there is a risk of slip and fall or trip and fall, electrocution, or other hazards.

Employees should be trained to use a proper protective device such as safety goggles, gloves, and other equipment. Moreover, stairs and floors should be properly maintained. Broken tiles or stairs should be repaired immediately. All areas around the premises should be properly lit to avoid any risk of an injury. Taking these precautionary measures will minimize the risk of an injury.

2. What Should I Do Immediately After a Personal Injury?

If you get injured in an accident, you need to immediately report the incident to the property owner or manager. You should also consider taking pictures of the accident scene with your smartphone. The pictures will serve as a vital piece of evidence in case of a personal injury lawsuit.

Make sure that you request a medical checkup right after an accident. Getting a medical checkup is important even if the injuries seem less serious. Some injuries such as head, neck, and back injuries take a few days to become apparent. The report prepared by a medical expert will help determine the extent of the injury during a personal injury lawsuit.

3. Why Should I Contact a Personal Injury Attorney?

You should contact a personal injury attorney right after you sustain a personal injury lawsuit. The help of a professional attorney will save a lot of headaches in filing a personal injury claim. You will know about the correct procedure in making a claim. The attorney will help you prepare the required legal documents in the proper format. Moreover, the attorney will help you file all the documents within the deadline to avoid any delay or worse rejection of your claim.

4. What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer can help you make a successful personal injury claim. Utilizing years of experience and local legal knowledge, a personal injury attorney will create a strong case on your behalf. With the help of the attorney, you will be able to meet the court requirements for successfully filing a case. You will know about the deadlines and the correct format to file legal documents. Not submitting the documents on time or in the prescribed format will result in a delay, or worse an outright rejection of your case.

5. When Should I Get Help From a Personal Injury Lawyer?

The sooner you contact a personal injury attorney, the better. Contacting the personal injury attorney soon after an accident will increase the likelihood of a successful personal injury case. Make sure that you file the lawsuit within the time specified in the Statute of Limitation. As per Florida’s law, you need to file a case within two years of the injury. Not filing a case within the specified time will bar you from making any claim against the at-fault party.

6. How Can I Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me?

You should confirm that the lawyer you select for a personal injury case is licensed. You can confirm that the lawyer is licensed by searching in the local bar association directory. You should also ensure that the lawyer that you hire for your personal injury case has the required experience in handling personal injury cases. An experienced lawyer has the required knowledge of local laws relating to the case that will help in successfully filing a case.

Read reviews of past clients to know whether the lawyer is thorough in preparing personal injury cases. You should hire a lawyer with a good reputation for handling personal injury cases. Hiring experienced and reputable lawyers will increase your chances of a successful outcome of the case.

7. What Is the Statute of Limitation Regarding Personal Injury Cases?

Statute of Limitation in Florida sets the time limit within which you can file a personal injury case. Florida Statue 95.11 has fixed the time limit as two years from the date of the accident or when the injury was discovered. If injuries are severe enough and result in death the statute of limitations for a wrongful death lawsuit is 2 years.

8. How Much Is a Personal Injury Case Worth?

Individuals who are injured due to negligent actions or wrongful acts of another have the right to receive compensation for monetary losses from the guilty party. In addition, you may be entitled to fair compensation for non-economic or general damages that include psychological suffering, physical pain, and reduce in quality of life due to the injury.

A lot of factors determine the exact value of a personal injury case. The nature of the injury, the extent of pain and monetary losses, and whether the injured person contributed to the accident affect the worth of a personal injury case. Contact a personal injury attorney for a free, initial assessment of your case.

Personal Injury Lawyer FAQ

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