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Tips For Staying Safe This Memorial Day Weekend

by Last updated Apr 14, 2022Safety Tips

The National Coalition for Safer Roads released a study that found that Memorial Day weekend is the most dangerous holiday for road and highway accidents. This is likely due to drivers’ eagerness to get out of town for the first long weekend of summer. The increase in traffic feeds their frustrations resulting in more aggressive driving and accidents, thus adding to the traffic.

The roadways aren’t the only safety hazard. Memorial Day marks the beginning of the grilling season and pool season. Here are a few tips to staying safe during Memorial Day weekend.

Tips For Staying Safe this Memorial Day

Travel Safety

It is important to arrive safely at your destination. If planning a road trip, make sure your car can make this journey. You should know the times that is the highest accident risk. Moments like Friday afternoon, when people are tired from work and scrambling to get out of town. Allow extra travel time, so that you aren’t rushing to get there. Make sure you get out of your vehicle and stretch, taking breaks is important, a tired driver is a reckless driver.

Grilling and Fire Safety

Memorial Day is the holiday in which grill masters flex their grilling muscles. While this is a tasty tradition, it has a potential for danger. Always make sure your grill is up for the task at hand. Decrease the grill and check all propane lines if using a gas grill. Move the grill away from structures such as your house, trees or high traffic areas. Never leave a lit Grill unattended, and keep children and animals away from the hot surfaces. Make sure you keep a fire extinguisher nearby. After the party is over, make sure the charcoal is completely extinguished, and the propane line is off.

Food Safety

Eating outside can be a potential calling card for food poisoning. Handling the food can save you from having a bad night. Take precaution during the preparation of the food. Do not cross-contaminate and wash your hands frequently. Keep the foods at safe temperatures. Cold foods should be stored in a cooler, and never be left out longer than an hour. Warm food should remain heated at least 140 degrees until served. Keep the food covered to keep bugs out. Stay hydrated if you do get sick from the food and get medical health if you have severe symptoms.

Swimming Safety

Memorial Day weekend brings people across the country to swimming pools in droves.< In Florida, water safety is the norm, so you should always follow the tips. Wear sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, drink water to stay hydrated. Supervise weaker swimmers and children around the pools and beaches. Appoint a lifeguard, and never drink alcohol while swimming or supervising swimmers. Also, keep an eye on coolers with melting ice. It is a draw to curious toddlers, they may become trapped within the cooler, and there is a drowning risk.

Firework Safety

Though more of a 4th of July thing, Memorial Day may bring out some fireworks. Follow local firework laws. Light them outside in an open area without dry grass or branches. Have water readily available to extinguish leftover sparks. After you light a firework, get a safe distance away, do not hold it, or light it into a container.

Drink Responsibly

Alcohol is usually a big part of the Memorial Day celebrations. If so, designate a sober driver, and stick to that plan. Don’t overdo it the danger of alcohol poisoning is very real. Stay hydrated. Alcohol dehydrates the body, which can be exacerbated by the sun at an outdoor barbecue. Never drink on an empty stomach.

Shiner Law group wishes you an enjoyable and safe Memorial Day weekend. Our Florida personal injury attorneys see the devastating consequences experienced by victims of drunk drivers, so we encourage you to drink responsibly. Should you get injured by a negligent motorist, or any other negligent and unsafe acts, we invite you to talk to our lawyers about your legal matter.

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