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West Palm Beach Mass Tort LawyerDid you suffer an injury as a result of an defective product accident in West Palm Beach, FL? Our experienced West Palm Beach mass tort lawyers at Shiner Law Group are ready to help fight for your legal rights and get the compensation you deserve. Call us today at (561) 777-7700 to speak with an attorney for a 100% free consultation.

You may be entitled to seek compensation for medical bills, loss of income, pain, and suffering, and more. Contact our West Palm Beach, FL law offices to discuss the legal options that might be available to you following your mass tort injury accident. The next steps are very important. Let Shiner Law Group help you with your mass tort accident case today.

Are You Seeking a Mass Tort Lawyer For Your Case?

There are cases in which someone’s negligence or reckless behavior can cause individuals to sustain injuries, for instance, bridge collapse, dangerous drugs, or defective products. Mass torts are the kind of lawsuits in which a group of individuals, injured because of the same organization or individual, files a claim in the same court. Mass tort litigation is also known as multidistrict litigation. This means that all the victims belong to the same, nearby districts or even far away can file the claim against the defendant before the judge.

Our West Palm Beach mass tort lawyers is what it takes to manage a mass tort successfully. If you are wondering whether to start or become a part of a mass tort case then it is best to understand more about mass torts before proceeding further.

Types of Mass Torts Claims in West Palm Beach

Typically, mass torts deal with defective products in Florida and other states. Some of the most common types of mass torts claims are as follows:

Toxins or Environmental Exposure

Environmental exposure including exposure to toxins paint lead or other chemical and dangerous substances that cause disease, illness or injuries can lead to a mass tort claim. These cases typically involve one organization or company responsible for exposing the environment to harmful substances, causing harm to a large group of individuals. This can also include exposure to harmful substances at workplaces or harmful pharmaceutical products.

Contaminated Products

Consumer products like drinks, food items, playground equipment, electrical tools, household appliances, auto parts, toys, and others may contain defects or might be contaminated, which makes them dangerous for anyone who uses them. The manufacturer of the products could have made a similar error in a range of products which means you might not be the only one injured or harmed after using their product. This can result in a mass tort claim.

Defects in Medical Devices

Numerous patients rely on medical staff to provide them with the best possible care. Sometimes, even when they try their best, some complications occur due to the defective medical tools or devices they utilized in treating their patients. Defective tools and devices in medical processes, especially life-saving ones, can result in deadly consequences. The injured individual or the loved ones of the deceased victim, due to complications from the defective device, can file a lawsuit against the hospital or the manufacturers. Some of the recent defects have been found in the following medical devices or products:

  • Vaginal Mesh
  • Stryker Hip Replacement
  • Agent Orange
  • Dioxin and DDT
  • Asbestos

Defective devices or products are not limited to the above-mentioned list. Other defective medical devices and products might also result in injuries, complications, and even death.

Defective Drugs

Just like defective medical devices, defective drugs can also result in mass injuries and complications that can lead to a mass tort claim.

These torts enable the victims to get their justice and recover the compensation they deserve for the injuries caused without tying up numerous courts around the country for the same case.

West Palm Beach Mass Tort Lawyer

Mass Tort vs. Class Action Lawsuits

Mass tort and class action lawsuits are the types of litigations that offer similar kinds of judicial relief to the victims of the negligent incident. However, due to numerous similarities between the two, many people confuse these two litigations. It is important to understand the difference between these two in order to ensure you get the proper legal aid.

The major difference between class actions and mass torts is the manner in which the big plaintiff group is treated. When it comes to class action cases, the legal team files a suit on behalf of the plaintiffs who sustained injuries due to the negligent actions of the defendant. This indicates that the plaintiffs involved in the lawsuit are considered single plaintiffs in this class action suit. One of the plaintiffs among the group sues the defendant on behalf of everyone.

However, when it comes to mass torts, all the plaintiffs are considered as individuals. This indicates that all the facts must be established for every plaintiff, including ways in which each of them sustained injuries because of the defendant’s behavior. The number of plaintiffs in the mass tort cases is typically smaller as compared to the class action cases. This is because mass torts cases include injuries cases to a distinct group of individuals residing in a similar geographical area.

Moreover, mass torts include numerous kinds of injuries caused as a result of the inaction or action of the defendant and are generally broader as compared to class action cases. Class action suits are specific and all plaintiffs in the group are supposed to share common characteristics.

Legal Action Needed

If you have suffered an injury after using a defective product, device, drug, or some environmental causes then you can file for a mass tort under the guidance of a West Palm Beach personal injury attorney. Mass torts are suitable when the defendant has caused injuries to individuals on a larger scale. Bad drugs, environmental causes, defective devices, or products can result in a number of different problems for different individuals, which is why mass tort case is the most appropriate for such incidents. A qualified injury lawyer can guide you throughout the process and help you understand what is needed to be done in order to recover compensation for the damages you suffered.

Why is West Palm Beach Mass Tort Important to You?

After suffering an injury from a defective product, device, or drug, you might think a mass tort claim isn’t right for you. However, you need to keep in mind that mass tort cases are a highly useful and beneficial legal process for injured individuals. When you start or join a mass tort claim, it can prove to be a more efficient, faster, and stronger way of recovering compensation for the injuries you and other victims suffered because of the defendant. It is a means of combining your voice with the other victims going through the same pain, and then benefiting from mass action.

If you or a loved one is among a larger group of individuals wanting to sue one defendant, filing a mass tort case would be the best legal move. You can consult Shiner Law Group to get a free consultation on your case. Our team of legal experts might already be working on the relevant case, which can be merged to make it stronger. It is best to have a compassionate team of injury lawyers to help you in recovering the best possible compensation for your devastating experience.

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West Palm Beach Mass Tort Lawyer Review

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