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A West Palm Beach wrongful death attorney is someone who represents estates in their pursuit of seeking justice for those who have died as a result of someone’s actions. Perhaps one of the most physically, emotionally, and financially devastating events a Florida driver can experience is the wrongful death of a loved one caused by the reckless and negligible behavior of another motorist. If you searched for a wrongful death lawyer near me and injury attorney David Shiner came up in the search results then you found the right law firm.

That is when you need an experienced local West Palm Beach car accident attorney who can provide aggressive legal representation to hold at-fault parties accountable and secure the financial compensation you deserve.

While efforts have been made in recent years to prevent car accident fatalities, statistics indicate that a driver or passenger is killed every 15 minutes in a car accident, with victims below the age of 33 more likely to perish than from any other cause. What’s more, it appears that wrongful death claims being filed in West Palm Beach are increasing and it may be a result of more drivers on our roads and more car accidents.

If your loved one has been wrongfully killed in a Palm Beach car accident, our compassionate and award-winning attorneys at the Shiner Law Group are standing by to assist you in your time of need.

We provide an in-depth knowledge of Florida’s complex litigation process, identify the appropriate defendants, and facilitate insurance negotiations so you can have peace of mind. When life happens, we’re here to help.

Common Causes of Wrongful Death Car Accidents

Indeed, most car accidents are avoidable by following driving best practices; however, when carelessness and poor judgment persists, the health and safety of other motorists sharing the roadway are ultimately jeopardized.

The West Palm Beach car accident attorneys at the Shiner Law Group identify some of the most common causes of car accidents frequently associated with wrongful death claims:

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim in Florida

When a car accident victim is wrongfully killed as a result of negligence, surviving family members of estate beneficiaries may bring a legal cause of action against at-fault parties who breached their legal duty of care. And bringing a wrongful death lawsuit in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County is no different.

Successfully litigating a wrongful death lawsuit is based on the preponderance of the evidence: the negligible driver caused the victim’s injuries.

The statute of limitations permits claimants to pursue financial recovery for a broad range of damages within two years from the incident, including, but not limited to:

  • pain and suffering
  • medical expenses
  • funeral and burial costs
  • lost income and benefits
  • lost inheritance lost guidance and security
  • lost consortium

In instances of gross negligence, a judge may award punitive damages to prevent further accidents from occurring.
What’s the difference between a Personal Injury Claim and a Wrongful Death Claim?

Personal Injury Claims After A Car Accident

A personal injury claim is based upon an injury that occurs to an individual. A typical personal injury case requires the injured party to received medical treatment for a period of time to address the injuries received.

How a Local Wrongful Death Car Accident Attorney near me Can Help

If you were hurt in an accident and live in West Palm Beach then you should hire a local car accident lawyer that is near you who can assist you in seeking the most financial recovery possible.

West Palm wrongful death lawyer David Shiner handles the law firm’s cases in which someone died along with his team of personal injury lawyers. Insurance companies handle thousands of cases daily and will not prioritize your recovery efforts. However, the death attorneys at Shiner Law Group are familiar with the insurance companies tactics and know how to represent your interests in court.

While some insurance adjusters may appear amicable in a wrongful death case, the insurance company is focused on avoiding financial liability.

With the benefit of a wrongful death car accident attorney, you will have the resources to gather key evidence to substantiate your claim, obtain eyewitness testimony, and consult expert witnesses who can determine the party and cause responsible.

The top wrongful death attorneys typically come up on the first page of local search results. Thus, if you are searching for the best wrongful death lawyer in West Palm Beach you came to the right law office.

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