Hernia-related injuries can cause victims to experience significant pain and discomfort, especially when left untreated. Of the five million people that suffer from hernia injuries each year, it is estimated that only 700,000 cases are medically diagnosed and treated.

Restorative and preventative methods to expedite the recovery process may include the use of surgical hernia mesh, which provides support for the damaged area; however, some mesh products fail due to inherent defects, resulting in infection, allergic reactions, or further internal organ damage. That is when you need an experienced hernia mesh injury lawyer who can aggressively fight for your economic and non-economic losses.

If you or your loved one has been injured by hernia mesh after undergoing surgery, contact David Shiner and the award-winning personal injury lawyers at the Shiner Law Group to review your legal options in a free, confidential case review. We customize our legal services on a contingency-fee basis to ensure you obtain the favorable results you deserve.

Understanding Hernia Mesh Applications

Synthetic, biologic, or composite mesh can be used in medical procedures to prevent organs from pushing through damaged tissue. Synthetic mesh consists of polyester and polypropylene; biologic mesh is constructed from natural tissue, such as skin or pig intestines; and composite mesh is a synthetic and biologic combination.

Surgical mesh may be used in place of stitches to reduce the possibility of a hernia reoccurrence; however, the personal injury attorneys at the Shiner Law Group identify the negative side effects commonly associated with mesh applications:

  • Abdominal swelling, pain, or discomfort;
  • Increased risk of infection or complications;
  • Surgical mesh adherence, deterioration, folding, migration, or hardening;
  • Bowel obstruction;
  • Organ perforation;
  • Fluid buildup (seroma);
  • Additional surgery necessitated by removal or need for revision.

Florida Hernia Mesh Injury Lawyers

How a Hernia Mesh Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you or your loved one has experienced a complication resulting from a mesh application, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you pursue recovery for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, periods of disability, and even wrongful death.

The Shiner Law Group provides victims with the legal resources to build a compelling claim against medical manufacturers that produce and distribute defective devices. We will help you recognize the extent of your medical injuries, work within Florida’s legal timeframes, gather your medical records (accounting for past and future expenses), identify the appropriate defendants, and initiate the lawsuit.

Medical manufacturers can be held liable for producing faulty products, failing to perform adequate test trials, failure to warn consumers of the possible health risks, concealment of information, false advertising, and negligible design.

In 2018, a court order established the legal requirements for preserving mesh as medical evidence. Patients must inform their surgeon to preserve the mesh and tissue during surgery, which must then be sent to Steelgate Inc., located in Florida, where the samples will be stored and preserved.

Types of Medical Hernia Mesh Being Investigated

The personal injury attorneys at the Shiner Law Group provide several types of mesh products under investigation:

  • Physiomesh;
  • C-QUR;
  • Bard Davol;
  • Ventralex ST;
  • Kugel;
  • Sepramesh 3D Max;
  • Ventralight;
  • Ventrio;
  • Perfix.

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