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Kissimmee Wrongful Death LawyerIs your loved one dead due to an accident in Kissimmee, FL? The Kissimmee wrongful death lawyers at Shiner Law Group are ready to help you fight for your rights and receive the compensation you deserve. For a free consultation with an attorney, call us at (800) 364-4444 today.

For medical bills, loss of income, pain and suffering, and more, you may be able to seek compensation. Let Shiner Law Group help you with your wrongful death case by contacting our Kissimmee, FL law offices to discuss the legal options that might be available to you after your loved one’s wrongful death. Let Shiner Law Group help you.

Looking for a Wrongful Death Attorney in Kissimmee?

A Kissimmee wrongful death lawyer can offer assistance during this tragedy. When a loved one is lost, medical bills, funeral expenses and the potential loss of income may cause a great burden. Such a trying situation could make looking for legal help an afterthought. Unfortunately, the statute of limitations in Florida to file a wrongful death suit is two years, making it important to gain counsel promptly.

The legal complexities involved in a wrongful death case are numerous, and surviving family members gain a significant advantage when they obtain the legal experience of a Kissimmee wrongful death lawyer who understands the laws governing the underlying causes of injury. As a result of their shifty tactics, insurance companies and their representatives will try to minimize their financial liabilities by reducing, stalling, or deny claims.

In the event that a loved one has been wrongfully killed due to another’s negligence, contact the Shiner Law Group. With over 15 years’ experience representing Kissimmee victims and their families, we have the results-driven acumen to litigate across the full spectrum of wrongful death claims.

Florida’s Wrongful Death Laws: An Overview

According to Florida law, a wrongful death occurs when someone is killed as a result of negligence or misconduct by another party, and is not the same as an accident-related death. As well as car accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, and premises liability, wrongful death can take many forms.

Survivors or the descendant’s estate may file a wrongful death lawsuit under Florida’s Wrongful Death Act if they have lost income, property, or assets as a result of the death. The types and amounts of financial compensation available to survivors are larger than the damages recoverable by the estate when a claimant is both a beneficiary of the estate and a surviving member.

Family members and estates can seek damages for mental pain and suffering, loss of protection, services, and support, loss of instruction, companionship, and guidance for their children, as well as medical bills, funeral costs, and burial expenses if the survivor pays them.

If your loved one’s injuries were not immediately fatal, you may be eligible to file a separate survivorship action. If your loved one had survived, a survivorship action would have allowed him or her to bring a personal injury claim against a negligible party.

In the unfortunate event that you have lost a loved one by recklessness, negligence or intentional or unethical actions of another, you may have a case for wrongful death. If the loss is sudden, a wrongful death claim may help offset any financial burden.

Statutes of Limitations for Wrongful Death

Depending on the state, there is a statute of limitations in which to file a wrongful death claim or lawsuit. In Florida, the statute of limitations is two years.

You can obtain a free, no-obligation case review from one of our experienced wrongful death lawyers if you have lost a loved one.

Kissimmee Wrongful Death Lawyer

Wrongful Death: What is it?

An individual who dies as a result of unethical behavior, carelessness, or negligence is said to have suffered a wrongful death. A claim for emotional and financial damages can be filed by the surviving family members against the responsible party when this happens.

We are currently handling the following wrongful death lawsuits:

  • Accidents involving motorcycles, tractors, trucks, pedestrians, and buses
  • Injury caused by firearms
  • Workplace injuries
  • Components or products with defects
  • Death by manslaughter
  • Neglect or abuse in nursing homes
  • Accidents caused by drugs and alcohol
  • Hazardous conditions on the premises or on the property that cause injuries
  • Negligent Security

Kissimmee Wrongful Death Lawsuits

A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed by either the descendant’s estate or the surviving family members under Florida’s Wrongful Death Act.

A plaintiff may be entitled as both a survivor or beneficiary of the estate. The types and amounts of compensation available to survivors are much greater than damages recoverable by the estate. In essence, survivors receive compensation for the losses they suffer due to the death of a loved one. A number of categories of damages survivors may claim are:

  • Support and protection have been lost
  • Support and services are no longer available
  • Loss of companionship, instruction, and guidance for the child
  • Survivors are responsible for paying medical bills, burial expenses, and funeral costs.

Wrongful Death Compensation For Survivors

As a punishment for the at-fault party, the court may award damages to the surviving family to dissuade or deter future misconduct.

As an attorney, David I. Shiner believes in defending the rights of those who have lost a loved one. At Shiner Law Group, our team of lawyers understand the challenges surviving family members face during these difficult times, and we are committed to obtaining fair and full compensation for your loss.

Find a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Kissimmee Near Me

With years’ experience representing personal injury victims and their families in Kissimmee, Florida, our law office has a proven results-driven approach to overcoming insurance companies’ tactics and getting you the money you deserve. If you are looking for a Kissimmee wrongful death lawyer near you, look no further – the Shiner Law Group has an experienced team of trial attorneys who can handle any personal injury case.

At the Shiner Law Group our Kissimmee personal injury attorneys will provide you with a free consultation to discuss your case with you, and will take the time to answer your questions related to your accident. Several clients have told us that Shiner Law Group ranks at the top of the list for wrongful death lawyers, and our attorneys want to maintain that reputation.

Wrongful Death Attorneys Can Help

To maintain a family’s standard of living, it may be necessary to pursue a wrongful death claim to replace household income. Taking on insurance companies that are denying damage claims will be our mission, so we will fight for your legal and financial interests. The claim will be investigated, research will be conducted, insurance negotiations will be facilitated, industry professionals will be consulted, and the appropriate defendants will be determined.

Our goal is to hold minor parties responsible while you focus on what’s important – recovery – after a wrongful death.

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Kissimmee WRongful Death FAQ’s

Car accident victims’ most frequently asked questions.

How Does Florida Law Define Wrongful Death?

The Florida Statutes section 768.19 defines wrongful death. According to Florida law, wrongful death occurs when another party acts negligently, commits a wrongful act, defaults, or breaches a contract. In order to recover compensation for losses, the estate of the deceased victim can file a civil lawsuit. In most cases, the civil lawsuit is filed by close family members who represent the deceased victim’s state.

Beneficiaries or survivors are those who can file a wrongful death claim in Florida. Florida law allows close family members who depend on the deceased to file a wrongful death claim. A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed by the victim’s spouse, child, siblings, parents, and other blood relatives, as well as adoptive siblings.

How Do I Proceed After a Wrongful Death?

If your loved one has died due to the negligence or malice of another, you need to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the at-fault party. Remember that the burden of proof is on the plaintiff in wrongful death lawsuits. As a result, you need to collect evidence that demonstrates the at-fault party’s guilt.

What Are the Benefits of Filing a Wrongful Death Case?

In a wrongful death lawsuit, compensation can be received from the negligent or malicious party for the losses incurred due to their actions. This compensation can ease the financial burden and stress caused by the death of the family member.

Do I Need a Wrongful Death Lawyer to File a Lawsuit?

Due to the Florida statute of limitation, you need to act early. A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed by surviving family members or beneficiaries within two years of the victim’s death. To file a lawsuit against the guilty party, you should contact a wrongful death lawyer within the prescribed time limit. If the beneficiaries fail to file the case within the time limit, they will not be able to sue the at-fault party.

Where can I find a professional wrongful death lawyer?

A wrongful death lawyer with experience and knowledge of Florida wrongful death laws will be able to present a strong case on your behalf.

A wrongful death lawyer can be found by reading online reviews. Make sure that you select a professional who is courteous and experienced in fighting wrongful death cases. Only choose a reputable wrongful death lawyer who has a successful track record.

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