Long-Term Disability After a Car Accident

Long term disability after a car accident david shiner law group

The impact of a motor vehicle collision goes far beyond the physical accident, as victims are often forced to experience the financial hardships and emotional trauma associated with bodily injury.

Unfortunately, while many drivers and passengers who are involved in a Florida accident are likely to lose wages from missed work due to common pains such as a neck, back, and head discomfort, others may be forced into periods of disability or long-term unemployment, placing their careers and earnings at risk.

If you or your loved one has suffered severe and debilitating injuries as a result of a car crash, contact the award-winning personal injury attorneys at the Shiner Law Group for aggressive and effective legal representation.

We help victims of negligence pursue financial recovery and obtain compensation for lost future wages because we believe physical disability should not be coupled with a financial disability.

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Understanding Lost Earning Potential After A Car Accident

When a victim sustains an injury in a Florida car accident and is unable to perform their regular working duties, that may have grounds to pursue legal action for lost earning potential.

Lost earning potential, or reduced earning capacity, refers to a victim’s inability to engage in gainful employment caused by a disability sustained in a collision; however, bringing a legal claim against an at-fault party for lost earning potential is more complex than recovering damages for lost wages.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help you quantify your damages by determining your decreased earnings, or lost income, over the course of your employment, whether that includes the victim’s inability to fully satisfy the physical demands of the position or victim’s complete loss of wages.

Identifying A Disabling Auto Injury

A disability, as defined by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), is an injury that significantly impairs an individual’s physical or mental capacity to perform common actions, including, but not limited to, movement, communication, manual tasks, or general care.

When only Florida is considered, reports indicate that approximately one in four people will sustain a disabling injury that could ultimately impact their earning potential.

Individuals who suffer from a disability, however, may be unable to obtain Social Security and Supplement Security Income as the definition of disability must satisfy the following criteria as it pertains to Social Security:

  • Prevents the individual from performing working duties and adjusting to other work.
  • Disability is anticipated to exceed one year or result in the individual’s death.

By hiring a Shiner Law Group Attorney, you will have the legal resources to safeguard your financial interests. As motor vehicle accidents are among the leading causes of disabling injuries in the United States, our experienced legal team understands the complex legal maneuvering required to maximize your claim’s ability to obtain the substantial and favorable results you deserve.

We help victims of long-term disabilities recover from reduced or lost earning potential through sound legal solutions and innovative litigation strategies.

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