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Pembroke Pines Truck Accident Lawyers

For many Pembroke Pines drivers, being involved in a Florida truck accident is a traumatizing and sobering ordeal.

As many truck companies are owned by third parties that operate on the national stage, the legal responsibilities and insurance complications can leave victims feeling unaware of how to pursue recovery without jeopardizing their rights.

At the Shiner Law Group, we understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll associated with these cases, so we aggressively advocate on our clients’ behalf to safeguard their interests and secure the financial relief they deserve.

If you or your loved one has been involved in a Florida truck accident, contact our experienced Pembroke Pines truck accident attorneys to discuss your legal rights and options, as you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Pembroke Pines Truck Accident Attorney

Pursuing a Florida Truck Accident Claim

Truck companies, as well as the drivers they employ, have a legal and civic responsibility to observe state and federal trucking regulations designed to reduce the risk of bodily injury to passengers of other vehicles.

When these regulations are ignored, severe and debilitating accidents can occur.

Florida truck accident victims may suffer a broad range of injuries, from severe whiplash and broken bones to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and wrongful death.

Medical treatment and rehabilitation can quickly exhaust personal injury protection (PIP) benefits, which makes securing the legal representation of a seasoned truck accident attorney vital to maximizing a personal injury claim’s financial recovery potential.

When a truck driver’s negligence resulted in bodily injury and financial loss, claimants can pursue a personal injury legal cause of action within four years in the state of Florida, or two years in cases of wrongful death, for damages including, but not limited to, pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost income, reduced earning capacity, periods of disability, or a permanent inability to engage in gainful employment.

The Shiner Law Group identifies the following parties that can be held liable in a Florida truck accident legal proceeding:

  • The truck company, its employee(s), and the owner of the truck.
  • The truck’s leasing company (if applicable).
  • The owner or leaser of the truck’s trailer.
  • The company and employees responsible for loading and securing cargo.
  • The manufacturer of the truck’s components if product liability contributed to the accident.

Understanding Commercial Liability Coverage

Truck companies offer several coverage options for damage to your vehicle as opposed to compensation for bodily injury. As a truck accident victim can incur medical expenses exceeding $100,000, anything not insured by PIP benefits will be considered out-of-pocket expenses and covered by the at-fault party’s insurance company.

How A Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

With over 15 years’ experience representing truck accident victims and their families in Pembroke Pines, our award-winning truck accident attorneys at the Shiner Law Group have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts because we employ innovative litigation strategies to obtain favorable and substantial results.

Our trial lawyers use the discovery process to recover video footage, police, medical, and accident reports, as well as other critical evidence to help our clients build the strongest and most compelling personal injury claim. We conduct a thorough and independent evaluation of the crash site, consult a network of accident reconstructionists, and facilitate insurance negotiations to ensure your legal rights are protected.

We focus on the legal complexities, so you can focus on getting your life back.

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