RayGo: New Technology Allows You To Text and Drive

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Raygo Device Allows Text and Drive

A recent IndieGoGo campaign has raised over $30,000 in just one month for a new product called RayGo. RayGo was developed by Project Ray, a leading developer of smartphone technology for the blind, and has been heralded as the solution to safely using your smartphone while driving. It even has a feature that automatically pauses the app if you’re busy, for example when turning, so drivers can focus on their driving during these moments, rather than their smartphones. The device is being celebrated as a safe way to use your smartphone, eyes-free, while driving and claims to make driving and using a smartphone less dangerous.

The RayGo controller and smartphone app, currently available only for Android users, lets you use popular apps such as texting, phone, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Spotify, Pandora, WhatsApp, and others, while driving without needing to look at your smartphone. The controller attaches to the steering wheel of a car and consists of five buttons operated by the driver’s thumb allowing him or her to select different options in a menu, or activate the voice control feature. It connects to your car’s Bluetooth feature, and a Siri-like voice reads received messages and guides the user through the different usage options.

When a message is received, RayGo alerts the driver and reads the message aloud. The driver then has the option to reply with a voice-dictated message, go to the next message, or send a quick response from a list of pre-programmed messages.

The promotional video on the product’s website shows an individual sending a quick response to a friend informing them that she is driving and will call him later.

The device also features optional “easy-to-glance screens” for users who choose to have their phone mounted on their dashboard.The device asserts itself as the safe way to use a smartphone while driving; however, there is concern the device still provides a distraction from driving, even if it’s just for a moment. While using this device is undoubtedly a safer option than using your hands to operate your smartphone in a traditional manner while driving, it’s important to remember that it still requires the user to divert some of their attention away from the road, and any device that removes the driver’s focus from the road is a distraction that puts the driver at an increased risk of an accident.

The device is scheduled to begin shipping in October 2015, and will cost $79 for anyone interested in purchasing a RayGo.

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