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Were You Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident?

The inconvenience of a slip and fall is often portrayed as just that – an inconvenience. Unfortunately, as these injuries may take several days to become apparent, minor medical concerns can become much more serious.

At the Shiner Law Group, we understand slip and falls are among the leading causes of death in the United States, which is why our law firm has dedicated over 15 years to advocating for slip and fall victims and their families throughout Florida. Our experienced and award-winning attorneys have the legal knowledge to help victims secure the financial relief they deserve and hold negligible property owners accountable.

If you or your loved one has been injured in a Florida slip and fall accident stemming from premises liability, contact us by phone or visit us online to review your legal rights and options, as you may be entitled to financial compensation. The Shiner Law Group customizes its legal services on a contingency-fee basis, which means that you do not pay unless we win your case.

The Anatomy of a Slip and Fall Accident

While moving forward, your foot meets a resistance by an object causing you to lose your balance and forward momentum.

Our law firm’s experienced and focused on obtaining the most amount of money for your fall injuries. Different injuries may result in different settlement amounts, however, generally, if you hurt your foot, knee, hip, hit your head, or have other injuries that require medical treatment, then you may have a case our fall accident lawyers what to help you with.

Slip and fall injuries are unpredictable and may occur frequently because of store employees and owners not paying attention or neglecting potential fall hazards. Inadequate building maintenance, bad lighting, poor management and lack of warning signage are a few reasons these hazards take place.

Florida Slip and Fall Lawyers

Take photos of the area that you fell. Pictures where you fell and what caused you to fall will impact how much money your slip and fall case is worth.

Though an immediate fall is surprising, you must try and gather as much detailed information about the accident. These details are very important to seeking a settlement for a slip and fall against those responsible.

Actions To Take After A Slip And Fall

Images are critical to your injury claim. Pictures will help document the area where the fall happened and show negligence on the guilty parties premises. Document any items on the ground such as water, rocks, liquids, anything that has contributed to your accident.

Typical Injuries From A Slip and Fall Accident

Losing friction with the surface below your footing can cause you to slip in a forward, backward or sideways motion. Your center of mass moves outside and away from directly above your feet.

Some injuries associated with a slip and fall injury are neck injuries, back injuries, and even broken bones. Some other common injuries are:

  • Injuries to the back of the head
  • Spine injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Hip injuries
  • Arm and wrist injuries
  • Trip And Fall

Typical causes for trip and fall injuries involve a fixed or uneven surface that causes someone to slip or stagger.

Examples would be a broken or uneven sidewalk, as well as items placed incorrectly or loosely on the floor. We’ve also worked on client’s cases that involved uneven sidewalks, broken tile, and even falls at construction sites.

What To Do After A Slip and Fall Accident

Being able to prove injuries from a fall becomes stronger with a witness from the scene of the accident.

Gather the witnesses name and contact information so that you may speak to them later.

If the property owner, or manager, files an accident report where the fall took place, ask for a copy along with the contact information of the person filing the report.

Do not wait for the pain to increase further. The longer you wait to see a doctor or medical professional, difficulties can arise is proving injuries occurred as a result of a fall.

While seeking treatment, keep a log of all complaints. Try not to let pains heal themselves over time. Though you may feel fine, the potential for delayed symptoms to present themselves later can happen, so document all damages.

Finding A Slip and Fall Injury Attorney

A local slip and fall lawyer will understand the statute of limitations of your injury claim.

There is a statute of limitations to file a slip and fall lawsuit in the state Florida. These limitations govern the time frame to bring a negligent lawsuit against those at fault.

Generally, the statute of limitations in Florida is 4 years, however, in your particular slip and fall accident, the statute of limitations may be even shorter in time.

For instance, if someone fall and died as a result of their injuries, the person’s estate would only have 2 years to bring the wrongful death lawsuit. Because of these legal issues, it is important to hire a local accident lawyer nearby to assist you in seeking the most money for your claim.

Thus, if you’re injured in a fall accident it’s important to immediately seek legal help from experienced injury lawyers.

The top injury lawyers at Shiner Law Groupwill seek justice for your injuries and cover your bills, lost wages, and other losses. The following are suggestions if you happen to find yourself injured in a slip and fall accident.

Maximizing the Value of Your Slip and Fall Accident

While reputable law firms may not be able to quantify your damages at the onset of your claim, there are steps victims can follow to minimize an insurance company’s capacity to reduce, stall, or deny liability. Indeed, slip and fall injuries can occur to anyone at any place; however, protecting your legal and financial interests is paramount in a personal injury claim.

Receive medical attention. Personal injury victims are recommended to seek medical attention within 14 days of the incident to determine the extent of injuries caused by a property owner’s negligence. Medical professionals can keep records of your treatment, as well as any expenses incurred; however, forgoing medical treatment allows insurance companies to downplay your injuries or attribute medical concerns to preexisting conditions.

Obtain an accident report. Whether you fall on a residential or commercial property, it is important for slip and fall victims to alert the property owner and obtain an accident report, if applicable. Emergency services can also be summoned to document the incident. Be sure to request a copy of any records prior to leaving the premises.

Maintain medical records. By keeping track of medical bills and other expenses relating to your fall, an experienced personal injury lawyer can better evaluate your claim and quantify any past and future damages. Victims should also retain any documentation received from insurance companies.

Decline to comment. Many insurance companies will take advantage of slip and fall victims, particularly those who lack the benefit of legal representation, in the aftermath of an accident. Do not give any statements, written or oral, and decline to sign any documentation without first consulting legal counsel.

Understand the impact of your social media activity. In a personal injury lawsuit, insurance companies are motivated to resolve the incident by paying as little money to satisfy the claim, which means an insurance company will look for any opportunity to avoid financial liability. Adjusters may actively view an injury victim’s social media presence to undermine the legitimacy of the injuries sustained.

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