Why is the Government Pushing the Covid-19 Vaccine?

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This is all speculative, but questions must be asked?

Coronavirus Vaccinations (Covid-19) – Why is the Government Pushing this Vaccine so hard?We are continuing to monitor the current coronavirus as well as the media reporting of the virus and the vaccines, we currently have an ongoing series into the injuries surrounding the vaccination process such as blood clotting injuries from taking the Johnson and Johnson and the AstraZeneca vaccines, anaphylaxis and myocarditis issues reported after taking the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines as well as the Guillain-Barre Syndrome from the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

However, today we wanted to discuss the questions being raised by many and what is not being told to us. Our jobs, as lawyers, are to examine the facts, to ensure justice for our clients is served, and to ask pertinent questions. This article is meant to be informative, not to take sides, and most importantly to start a conversation. We are extremely interested in listening to you as well, as hearing your stories, we are also interested in knowing your thoughts or any issues you think we may be able to help you with. This is a very continuous topic that has certainly been politicized.

Virus Mutations or Variants

It was well known that viruses typically mutate as time progresses, in fact as concerning as the word “mutation” sounds, most mutations are minor and, in some cases, have a positive impact because they help make the virus less infectious.

As the virus spreads, the virus gene goes through a process where it replicates and there may be “copying errors” (take an original letter, copy it, then take the copy and copy that, and repeat, as time progresses the letter will be harder to view due to the copying errors associated with the process – this would be a similar process). These changes as well as the way our bodies react to these changes lead the virus to alter or mutate.

Our bodies use our immune systems to recognize the virus in order to fight it, which is very similar to the two technologies used to develop the vaccine, in the mRNA vaccine, the vaccine creates an instruction manual, if you will, which tells your body how to react if it sees the virus, whereas the Johnson and Johnson vaccine uses the technology which takes a small part of the virus and introduces it into your system which then teaches the body to fight the virus and then when a larger load of the virus is introduced the body knows how to react (these are very elementary explanations and not one which would be used by a scientist to explain the vaccines).

We have seen that when a new novel coronavirus virus is introduced, mutations occur slowly, as an example the MERS virus, which mutated at a rate of 4 times slower than the influenza virus. The Covid-19 virus is mutating much quicker. In some cases, variants of the Coronavirus may create a new wave of infections, yet are not dramatically different, genetically speaking, from the initial variants. However, others such as the Delta and the Lambda variant are worrisome, as they are more contagious and dangerous than the original strain.

The Delta strain overwhelmed hospitals in India and was estimated to be 55% more transmissible than the Alpha variant, and almost two times more infectious than the original Covid-19 strain first discovered in Wuhan, China. It certainly appears to be a distinct pattern that as each “new strain” develops, it becomes more infectious.

The Lambda variant maybe more infectious than the Delta variant, however additional research is needed before the Lambda makes the WHO’s Variant of Interest (VOC) list.

Do the Governments around the world know something more than what they are relaying to the general public?

Dr. Fauci has flip-flopped more than the pancakes at IHOP. Fauchi first pushed masks for sick people, then everyone must wear a mask, then Fauchi suggested “double masking”, and today, only not vaccinated people should not wear a mask. He has gone on record telling us one thing then the very next day on the same channel said something completely different. One time just after he was caught wearing his mask under his chin at a baseball game. This is a man who can not make up his mind and who has lied to congress about if the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) pay for research at the Wuhan, China infections disease lab. In addition, Dr. Fauchi does make money outside of his government salary.

Why are the Governments around the world pushing so hard to get the Vaccine?

Coronavirus Vaccinations (Covid-19) – Why is the Government Pushing this Vaccine so hard?Back in early May and April we brought up concerns about Guillain-Barre Syndrome (“GBS”) and we were met with skepticism, however, several months later the FDA releases a warning that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine potentially can cause older men (men over 50) to get GBS. In fact, we know from newspaper articles and research papers that some taking the Jand J trail did get GBS, so they knew about it during the trials but failed to properly warn us about it until it became noticeable.

The same could be said about the blood clotting issues with AstraZeneca and the Johnson and Johnson vaccinations. It was identified during the trial but we were never warned about these risks beforehand, only after it became too noticeable with the AstraZeneca vaccine and the European pause hit the newspapers did the media and Fauci start to back peddle, then they had to pause the Jand J vaccine for the same issues, which again, they knew about but failed to warn us of the risks. Even Eric Clapton came out publicly with injuries he sustained that affected his hands.

When Social Media companies and Mega-Media companies overtly all work together to suppress information they do not like or agree with, then you know they have an ulterior motive. What Social media and the mainstream media fail to realize is that when they try and control the news, all they do is make people trust them less. Especially, after everything certain segments of the population have been saying finally comes out.

As an example, the Wuhan Lab theory, which has been around since the beginning (early 2020) has been suppressed by both the media and the social media networks for months. Now after not reporting the obvious links to the Wuhan Lab, or suppressing social media posts about these theories are people finally starting to openly discuss the lab link as a serious theory. Fauci still is attempting to hide the truth, because again his agency paid for testing at the lab.

Why the strong push for the vaccines?

To save lives, prior to the Delta variant that would have been impractical, since the virus only had a 10% infection rate and less than a 1% mortality rate, however since the mutations have become more infectious and more dangerous we can understand the urgency of everyone receiving the vaccine, even with the risks, listed above, associated taking the vaccine. We still believe it to be a personal choice but one that should receive serious thought now that we are learning more about the variants. However, if the world governments – including ours – had trusted the American people, and those in office had not politicized the virus and the vaccine, and those in the media and running the social media companies had not tried to suppress the freedom of ideas, things may have been different – and they may be more trust in what the message is.

What if the government is not telling us something which would create a mad rush to take the vaccine because they know it would create social unrest as well. Perhaps the slow walk to finally admit that the virus was man-made in a lab in Wuhan China is intentional, perhaps if this had come out sooner, there would be mass demonstrations and a demand to hold China accountable for their actions, if the American people found out that this virus was a biological weapon developed in China with funds from the NIAID, essentially US tax dollars, the American people would not stand for this, they would want action and officials would be behind bars and anyone with knowledge would be there and people would be fighting in the streets over food rather than toilet paper. Perhaps that is what the government is afraid of and that is why there has been this massive push to suppress information and the massive push to vaccinate.

In fact, most people do not know but there is already a significant number of variants/mutations that have been discovered in less than a year and a half. The different variants include a.) Alpha b.) Beta, c.) Gamma, D.) Delta, and lastly, e.) Lambda! And, the point of this piece is to discuss whether – as reported – each “mutation” gets stronger and more “infectious.” Is there any concern that some people know that this version of Covid-19 was “created” to quickly mutate, and each time become more resilient to anti-bodies, and become more “deadly”?

I do think at this point these are valid questions since the amount of damage the world governments caused to the public by closing small businesses, forcing restaurants to close, making our children miss an entire year of in-person socialization, and the trillions of dollars in losses…

Just some questions to think about…

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