What Florida Cities Have the Most Car Crashes

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Between residents and tourists who find Florida a favorable place to be, the roadways in many areas are congested. There are a lot of car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents every year throughout the state. However, vehicle crashes are more common in certain cities. Although some of the most populated cities have the most car crashes, other cities that do not rank in the top 10 in terms of population also make the list for more crashes. So, what Florida cities have the most car crashes? This guide will provide some crash statistics and cover the top 10 cities with the most car accidents in Florida.

Car Crash Statistics in Florida

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were 401,496 crashes in the state in 2021. There were 3,731 fatalities from those accidents, and 252,938 people sustained injuries. In 2020, there were 341,399 crashes and 3,332 fatalities. As of the third quarter of 2022, there have been 266,239 crashes and 2,331 fatalities reported.

10 Florida Cities With the Most Car Crashes

Although there is not an exhaustive list of accident totals by city from the FLHSMV, the agency provides a list of vehicle accident totals, fatalities, injuries and other data for every Florida county in its annual Traffic Crash Report. Additional information for specific cities within counties comes from Signal Four Analytics, which is an interactive system used by traffic engineers, law enforcement agencies and other related entities for reporting traffic incidents.

When reading the data, it is important to note that the FLHSMV reports may not reflect the same totals from city law enforcement agencies. Some city agencies may include all types of reported accidents and minor collisions where no injuries or complaints of pain are involved. However, according to the FLHSMV, it only includes the following types of accidents in its reports:

  • Accidents that result in personal injury or wrongful death.
  • Accidents that involve complaints of discomfort or pain.
  • Accidents that involve substances, someone leaving the scene, severe vehicle damage or commercial vehicles.

These are the top 10 cities in Florida with the most vehicle-involved accidents in 2020.

Broward County, FL Car Accidents

1. Fort Lauderdale

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department reported 7,989 accidents in 2020. There were 131 serious injuries and 30 fatalities reported in the city of Fort Lauderdale that year. According to a report from 2020, the A1A and Las Olas intersection in Fort Lauderdale was among the top five deadliest intersections in South Florida that year.

Ford Lauderdale is part of Broward County. According to the FLHSMV’s 2020 report, there were 34,050 significant vehicle accidents in Broward County. From that number, there were 18,984 injuries and 268 fatalities recorded. Of the total crashes, 166 were related to alcohol use, 21 were related to drug use and 11 were related to both drugs and alcohol.

2. Hollywood

The Hollywood Police Department reported 4,674 crashes in the city in 2020. There were 64 serious injuries and 18 fatalities. For several years, drivers in South Florida have especially been complaining about the intersection of Highway 441 and Pembroke Road near Hollywood, which has been the site of many crashes over the years and sometimes multiple crashes in a day.

Hollywood is part of Broward County, which was covered in the earlier section about Fort Lauderdale. Another city in the county that often has a high number of accidents in comparison with its population is Pembroke Pines. However, the county has been taking steps to reduce accidents since the Broward County intersection of Pines Boulevard and Flamingo Road was named one of the deadliest in the nation a couple decades ago.

Duval County, FL Car Accidents

3. Jacksonville

Jacksonville sits on the Atlantic coast and is the most populous city in Florida. In 2020, there were 26,765 total accidents reported by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department throughout the city and the parts of the metro area that the agency serves. 93 fatalities and at least 319 serious injuries were reported in the city in 2020. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department is the primary law enforcement agency for the city and the county. A local news agency investigated some of the most dangerous intersections in Jacksonville. Most were located along Blanding Boulevard.

Jacksonville is part of Duval County, and the FLHSMV reported 21,211 significant accidents in 2020. There were 12,024 significant injuries and 187 fatalities reported in Duval County in 2020. Of those crashes, 244 were related to alcohol use, 46 were related to drug use and 41 were related to both drugs and alcohol.

Hillsborough County, FL Car Accidents

4. Tampa

In 2020, the Tampa Police Department reported 13,352 crashes. There were 238 serious injuries, and 56 fatalities reported. A study found that several of the most dangerous intersections in the county were in Town N’ Country. However, some of the intersections that made a list were located in Tampa.

Tampa is part of Hillsborough County. According to the FLHSMV’s report, there were 24,168 crashes in the county in 2020. There were 16,450 injuries, and 213 fatalities reported. A surprising 419 crashes were tied to alcohol use. There were 59 connected to drug use and 21 related to both alcohol and drug use.

Leon County, FL Car Accidents

5. Tallahassee

In 2020, the Tallahassee Police Department reported 6,322 accidents, 59 serious injuries, and 22 fatalities. According to data collected from common Tallahassee accident locations, one of the most dangerous intersections is Orange Avenue and Springhill Road. Monroe Street and Orange Avenue is another dangerous intersection, and Capital Circle and West Tennessee Street is also common site for accidents.

Tallahassee is in Leon County. Although the city ranks among the top 10 for the number of city crashes, Leon County is not high on the list of counties with the most accidents. During the FLHSMV reporting period for 2020, there were 5,596 crashes in Leon County. There were 3,208 injuries, and 35 fatalities reported. Of the total crashes reported, 62 were linked to alcohol use. There were eight crashes related to drug use, and both alcohol and drug use was confirmed in four of the crashes.

Miami-Dade County, FL Car Accidents

6. Miami

In addition to ranking as one of the top Florida cities for the most car accidents, Miami often ranks among one of the top cities in the United States for the most car accidents. However, there was a drop in accidents in the city in 2020. According to 2020 reports from the Miami Police Department, there were 17,282 car accidents. There were at least 175 serious injuries, and 48 fatalities reported. Those numbers are only for the city of Miami itself and do not include smaller cities in the metro area with significant crash totals, which is why it ranks above the second city on this list. Police reports showed that 16 fatalities included criminal actions, and there were three cases of DUI manslaughter that year in Miami.

Miami is part of Miami-Dade County, the leading county in the state for the highest number of vehicle accidents. In 2020, the FLHSMV reported 51,543 accidents in the county. There were 314 fatalities and 24,228 injuries. Of those accidents, there 191 were related to alcohol, 13 were related to drugs, and 14 were related to drugs and alcohol.

7. Hialeah

In 2020, the Hialeah Police Department reported 9,179 crashes with 76 serious injuries and 20 fatalities. According to data from Time, the intersection of North Okeechobee Road and Hialeah Gardens Boulevard in neighboring Hialeah Gardens is one of the five most dangerous intersections in Florida. Hialeah is part of Miami-Dade County, which was covered in the first point on this list.

Orange County, FL Car Accidents

8. Orlando

The Orlando Police Department reported 11,697 crashes in the city in 2020. Those crashes led to 43 fatalities and 182 serious injuries. There are several parts of each district of Orlando that have more crashes than other parts. Of all six districts, three of the leading Orlando roads for crashes are North Semoran Boulevard, Orange Blossom Trail and Curry Ford Road.

Orlando is part of Orange County. In 2020, the FLHSMV reported 23,268 crashes throughout Orange County. There were 18,318 injuries, and 174 fatalities reported. Of those crashes, 228 were connected to alcohol. There were 24 drug-confirmed crashes and 20 incidents involving alcohol and drugs.

Palm Beach County, FL Car Accidents

9. West Palm Beach

In 2020, the West Palm Beach Police Department reported 4,517 accidents, 59 serious injuries, and 23 fatalities in the city. One of the most common intersections for accidents in the city is Military Trail and Okeechobee Boulevard. In 2018, there were 123 crashes in that intersection. That marked the fifth year in a row the intersection had the most crashes of any intersection in the county.

West Palm Beach is in Palm Beach County. In 2020, the FLHSMV reported 22,106 crashes throughout all cities in Palm Beach County. There were 12,832 injuries, and 185 fatalities reported. Of the total crashes, 265 were related to alcohol use. There were 30 crashes related to drug use, and there were eight crashes related to both drug and alcohol use.

Pinellas County, FL Car Accidents

10. St. Petersburg

The St. Petersburg Police Department reported 7,531 crashes in 2020. There were 255 serious injuries, and 28 fatalities reported. According to recent reports from the local police department, one of the most dangerous St. Petersburg intersections for crashes is 66th Street and Tyrone Boulevard. Additionally, the agency said that the 38th Avenue and 66th Street intersection is dangerous, and the 34th Street and 54th Avenue intersection is a common location for deadly or serious accidents.

St. Petersburg is in Pinellas County. According to the FLHSMV report from 2020, there were 14,313 significant crashes in Pinellas County. The agency reported 8,412 injuries and 108 fatalities during the period. The county had a significant number of alcohol-related crashes, totaling 339. There were 36 crashes related to drug use and 20 related to drugs and alcohol.

Other Cities Where Accidents Are Common

Cape Coral, Gainesville, and Fort Myers reported more than 4,000 accidents in 2020 by their city police departments. Port Saint Lucie and Pembroke Pines each had more than 3,500 reported accidents. Lakeland, Miami Gardens, Miami Beach, and Davie each had more than 3,000 reported accidents in 2020.

What Florida Cities Have the Most Car Crashes

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